Glossary to the Terms in the Voyagers series 06.25.05

Unfinished Work


An in-progress not definitive glossary of some terms in the Voyagers series by Ashayana Deane

11:11/12:12 Frequency Fence 11:11/12:12 Frequency Fence:Guardians altered morphogenetic fields of Earth to create a protective energy "bubble" around the Earth to avert the termination of life on Earth due to solar explosions caused by Zeta manipulation of the sun's Merkaba Fields.

12-Strand Silicate Matrix Silicate Matrix:(Crystal Gene) A recessive gene composite that appears within family lines and remains dormant until it activates via opening of chakra centers 8–15. Found largely in Hebrew, Melchizedek, Aryan, East Indian and Tibetan races.

12:12 Independence Day (12/12/94) The 11:11/12:12 Frequency Fence Releases. The remaining stages of opening the Halls of Amenti is turned over from the custodial care of the ancient Ur-Tarranates and placed into human hands. Humanity's True Graduation Day.

24 transmutations later became 24 cycles of incarnation, or birth and death, through which the DNA would assemble as the consciousness passed from one life to another. 150

3-D third dimension that we are now living in. 3-D also includes dimensions one and two and all three are contained in Harmonic Universe 1. 286

Accretion Level Accretion Level:The amount of frequency Earth has pulled into its morphogenetic field from the dimensional unified fields—its DNA-activation level. Most humans are less than a 3.5-accretion Level, but must reach a 4.5 level to adapt to coming time shifts.

Activation The point of evolution when the contents of a DNA strand begin to physically appear within the perceptual range of the conscious personality.

Activation Codes base tone frequency patterns of the body double in the parallel Earth that allow the DNA particles to merge with their anti-particles, creating transmutation of the matter particles and anti-particles. 149

Aethiens large, white, graceful beings of the Guardian Alliance, of high spiritual development. They look like upright preying mantises. They have chosen to work with the Zeta in order to bring them into spiritual enlightenment. xxxi

Agartha Agartha:The Inner Earth. A reality field that exists between the Earth and her parallel double.

Akhenaton Akhenaton:An avatar, born in 1398 BC in the city of Thebes, Egypt, as the son of a Serres-Egyptian father, Pharaoh Amenophis III, and an Annu-Melchizedek mother, Queen Tiy. Known as Amenophis IV, he changed his name to Akhenaton in 1366 BC.

Akhetaton at Tel-Amarna Akhetaton at Tel-Amarna:Egypt's capital under Akhenaton, where ascension teachings took place.

Alanians Fourth Root Race, which appeared about nine million years ago, red skinned, responsible for assembling DNA strand # 3. 151

Alcyone Alcyone:Earth's Twin sun and sun for the Orion star system.

Amenti Seal the anti-particle “death” seal on DNA strands one, two and three mutation. 239

Ancient Dora-Teura Matrix Dora-Teura Matrix:The complete planetary memory banks of the Hall of Records, stored in the form of crystalline energy substance. They contain the entire living memory of the five Harmonic Universes in one 15-dimensional system.

Ankhi Ankhi:Fourth wife of Pharaoh Akhenaton, high priestess in his ascension schools, and a keeper of the Blue Flame.

Annu Anunnaki-human hybrids. 185

Anunnaki Resistance Anunnaki Resistance:Those who disagreed with the Treaty of El-Annu. Those who continued to threaten Earth were banned from Earth visitation and became known as the Anunnaki Resistance.

Arc of the Covenant First Seal Arc of the Covenant First Seal:A one-way D-5 security seal placed upon the Arc, whereby souls could descend through the passageway but could not return to the Amenti morphogenetic field for ascension unless they had D-5 gene coding.

Arc of the Covenant of Palaidor Arc of the Covenant of Palaidor:(840,000 YA) Portal bridge between the Sphere of Amenti in Andromeda and the Earth's D-2 core through which the souls of the Sphere of Amenti could once again be reseeded on Earth.

Artificial "Christ Consciousness" Grid Artificial Christ Consciousness Grid:Guardian-created multi-layer frequency blanket that buffers Earth life during the Stellar Activation Cycles of 2000-2017, so humanity can temporarily evolve to the level of Christ Consciousness.

Aryans fifth Root Race Ayrians of the Third Seeding, descendants of Aeiran race. 189

ascension the path of order through which consciousness evolves through a structured, multidimensional system. 172

Atlanians Alanian Root Race 4 entered Earth 2,500,000 YA. They became known as the Atlanians. 162

Atlantans residents of Atlanta, Georgia. Not to be confused with Alanians, Atlanians, or Atlanteans. 162

Atlanteans Atlanians of the Third Seeding. 189

Aundanct Cycles cycles of the Soul Matrix. Smaller aspect cycles are called Tauren Cycles. 71

auric field the anti-particle double within the parallel Earth. 157

avatars fully activated 12-strand male souls from the fourth Harmonic Universe. 187

Ayrians 5th Root Race Aeirans, responsible for assembling the fourth DNA strand, which corresponded to the 4-D frequencies, and through them the Earth grid would raise in vibrational rate so the Sphere of Amenti could return to Earth. 162

Black Hole a hole in the fabric of the Time Matrix that magnetically pulls in energy, scrambling its original time sequence organization. Once created, it continues to exist until all energy that passed through it is reclaimed. 67

Black Holes A hole in the fabric of the Time Matrix that magnetically pulls energy into it. The hole will continue to exist until all energy that passed through it is reclaimed and restored to its original time sequence organization.

Blue Flame became known as the Staff of Amenti which is the item referred to in your Bible as the Staff of God, of the “rod and the staff,” the energetic gateway to Tara. 147

Blue Flame Melchizedeks Blue Flame Melchizedeks:A covert Elohim group of Cloister Melchizedeks within the Essene Brotherhood, who worked secretly with the Priests of Ur under the Azurite council and were primarily descendents of the Blue Flame Pure Cloister Family Melchizedeks.

Blue Flame of Amenti Blue Flame of Amenti:(Staff of Amenti, Rod & Staff) A 5-D energy frequency, which, when it is in the Sphere of Amenti, allows Taran ascension portals to remain open, so the races can evolve rapidly and complete their tour of incarnational duty on Earth.

Blues & Browns small, hybrid dwarflike creatures bred specifically to be workers. No high degree of intellectual or intelligence capacity. No large scope of evolutionary probabilities. Often serving as guards or soldiers. 9

Borendt includes the Borentasai and the Borentulisum. 47

Borentasai trustworthy hybrid Zeta/human whites born of egg donation and non-biological insemination. They cannot usually endure interdimensional transport, but can link minds directly with human contactees using Keylonta codes. Highly intelligent. 47

Borentulisum trustworthy, hybrid Zeta/human whites born of fetal transplant. Capable of limited interdimensional transmutation and transmigration. Can link minds directly with human contactees using Keylonta codes, highly intelligent. 47

Breanoua five subraces and 25 families. They entered through the peoples of their first incarnational wave about 12 million years ago. 151

Breneau advanced beings of the Guardian Alliance from the highest dimensional worlds, who manifest as tall, luminescent figures with elongated heads and large eyes. Known as "Solar Lords" and the "Great White Brotherhood." xxxi

Breneau - of the Guardian Alliance (also "Solar Lords" and “The Great White Brotherhood”) advanced beings of the Guardian Alliance, from the highest dimensional worlds, who manifest as tall, luminescent figures with elongated heads and large eyes.

Bridge Zone Continuum Bridge Zone Continuum:An artificial time continuum between D-3 and D-4 into which Earth can pass in 2017, constituting a forced Doreadeshi, in which Earth's accretion level will be raised from its current 2.5 level to a 3.5 level.

Bridge Zone Earth Bridge Zone Earth:One of 3 alternative time tracks in the immediate future. Humans who activate all of the 4th and 5th DNA strands and who complete 1.5 Stellar Activations will be able to pass into the Bridge Zone-Agartha time continuum with Earth in 2017.

Bridge Zone Project Bridge Zone Project: A GA project to shift Earth out of the HU-1 time cycle and beyond the Dracos-Zeta Resistance. Guardians will construct an artificial time continuum between the 3rd and 4th dimensions, into which Earth can pass in 2017.

Celestial Human Celestial Human:A human who now has a full 12-strand DNA Silicate Matrix, through his involvement with the Zionite genetic restructuring programs.

Cellular Absorption 7th Sense (emotion). The ability, on a cellular level, to translate energy imprints and frequency into "packages of perception" that can feed information to the other senses. All body mechanisms are regulated through this facility. 52

Channeling merging one’s personal consciousness with other portions of one’s identity, energy identities of other beings, or direct absorption of electrically encoded data from the Akashic Records. Keylontic Communication is not channeling. xxxiv

Chupacabras see Phalzants

Clear-cut Abductions orchestrated in a straight-forward manner, transmutation and alteration of form through transmigration for those who can withstand its rigors. Others require perceptual interference or holographic inserts. 33

Collective Mind refers to the way in which some beings do not think independently, but rather form their thoughts as a group.

Colored Flames refer to multiple bands of frequency of which morphogenetic fields are composed. 147

Consummation the point of evolution when the full DNA strand is assembled. 296

Cosmic Matrix The Time Matrix and Energy Matrix are collectively referred to as the Cosmic Matrix. 38

Covenant of Palaidor Covenant of Palaidor:A mission to rescue Taran souls that might be lost in HU-1 due to the approaching cataclysm on Tara. Mission allows the souls of Earth to re-evolve back into their original 12-strand DNA Turaneusiam prototype.

Dagos Pleiadian-Sirian hybrid sub-race. See also Europherites. 163

Day of Transcendence Day of Transcendence:When the full D-4 frequency spectrum of the Solar Spiral began to permeate Earth’s D-2 core and elemental particle field on 1/1/2000, an interdimensional Resonant Tone was struck as D-2 overtone and D-4 base tone frequencies merge.

Death Seal Death Seal:See the Seal of Amenti<$nopage>

Descending Earth Descending Earth:see Phantom Earth<$nopage>

Descending Planet Descending Planet: A planet that can no longer evolve out of its Harmonic Time cycle, but continues to evolve within its HU time cycles, expending its core energies until its particle pulsation rhythms slow, it cools and eventually becomes a black hole.

Dimension Dimension: One Dimension contains two time continua (two Octaves). A planet's progression through one dimension creates a 90??q shift (2 shifts of 45??q) in angular rotation of particle spin, or a quarter of a full 360??q rotation.

Dimensional Blending Experiment Dimensional Blending Experiment:A Dracos-Zeta Resistance plan to create a rip in space-time on 8/12/2003 that would connect with those made in 1943 and 1983, in order to broadcast EM pulses of their intended Frequency Fence.

Dimensional Distortion illusionary appearance in our time-space continuum of objects from other dimensions or a parallel systems, when interfaced with our electromagnetic frequency bands. 4

Dimensional Lock System differs from the Time Portal System in that its mechanics use the dimensions and frequency bands themselves to link multi-dimensional universes, not just time zones within the same universe/dimension. xliv

DNA holds the chromosomes that hold the genes that govern biological traits. We have 12 strands of DNA, all but two of which were disconnected as part of "Earth experiments" and now we are reconnecting our strands as part of our spiritual growth. 26

DNA (Diribold sp? Nuclear Acid) DNA: holds the chromosomes that hold the genes that govern the biological traits affecting your mental, emotional and spiritual makeup. For our spiritual growth, we are reconnecting the ten strands that were disconnected as part of "Earth experiments."

Dolar Imprint also referred to as Dolus, double or doppleganger – the "reflection" of you, your "double," your "light body" or your "shadow" or Earth’s double in a "parallel universe" – the antiparticle to your particle. 69

Dora soul family consisting of 12 individuals and each individual has a double in the parallel universe. The Dora moves in cyclic fashion within the Time Matrix. 71

Dora-Teura Original "Scared Teaching" plan for the species, as dictated by the original Turaneusiam creator groups and their Breneau allies. As they comprehend their origins, they could reconnect to their original soul matrix families. 78

Down-grading A process in which the vibrational essence of a race morphogenetic field is “stepped down” to a slower vibrational pattern, by passing a portion of the morphogenetic field through the core of another planet in HU-1. 160

Dracos hybrids with more lizard-like appearance, with body structure more closely resembling humans, but facial features and temperaments characteristic to the Drakon. They claim the Earth as their home. 177

Dracos Race Dracos: a reptilian hybrid race mutation of our human ancestors who evolved within the Orion star system. As human descendents, their objective, along with the Zeta Reticuli, is to claim sovereignty over Earth.

Dracos-Zeta Resistance Dracos-Zeta Resistance:Between 1982–1984, most of the Zetas entered into treaties with the Guardian races and agreed to stop their plan of Earth infiltration. Those that refused became known as the Dracos-Zeta Resistance.

Drakons a sentient, intelligent race of up-right standing, dragon/lizard-like beings with a tendency toward aggression and warlike behavior, a digressive strain of a superior reptile-like race from HU-3 with poor relations with Galactic Council. 177

Dreams Dreams: Represent portions of thoughts and experience that are taking place in both higher/future and lower/past dimensional fields and time continua, entering into the present moment station of awareness.

Earth's Accretion Level Earth's Accretion Level: The amount of frequency Earth has pulled into its morphogenetic field from the dimensional unified fields. Earth is presently at the 2.5-accretion level and has pulled in all of the D-1 and D-2 and half of D-3 frequency patterns.

Earthseeds humans that do not carry the Silicate Matrix within their "junk DNA" and Soul Matrix codes. They have not yet activated the Keylonta Codes that would allow them to begin assembly of their original memory patterns. 86

EBE EBE:Extra-terrestrial Biological Entity. Term used by the covert government for Rutilia (Zeta-Dracos hybids that resemble Zeta Greys), go-betweens in Zeta-Rigelian/Futczhi human relations.

Ego also the lower self, the portions of personal identity manifesting through the lower base tones of the third DNA strands. 213

Elder Race see Turaneusiams

Electric Wars Entities of the higher Universes descended upon Earth, and great battles of pure energy were fought in Earth's local galaxy and within Earth's atmosphere, over humanity’s right to evolve here. 151

Electric Wars, the Electric Wars:wars that broke out 5,509,000 years ago and lasted about 900 years. They began when pro- and anti-human ET factions fought over humanity's continuing right to evolve on Earth.The Breneau were brought in to resolve this drama.

Elohim Elohim:Overseers for the Sirian races in HU-2 and the Turneausiam-1 Experiment who orchestrated the early birthing of Avatar 3 on 6/26/1998. Elohim include a patriarchal group known as the Templar Melchizedeks and the Templar Melchizedek Essenes.

Energy Matrix Non-dimensionalized energy field existing that includes the Time Matrix. Beyond all form manifestation and linear thought process. Pure sentient gestalt energy from the Central Creative Source (God) to perpetually fuel the Cosmic Matrix . 38

Essene Brotherhood Essene Brotherhood:Established in 1240 BC by both the Azurites and the Elohim with the purpose of bringing the undistorted Templar teachings back into manifestation on Earth.

Euanjhechi with the Yunaseti, they are called the Paradisians—the Seventh Root Race that carries DNA strands 1–5, and the base codes for 6-12. They do not die. They breed through through replication of combined energy fields. 176

Euiago a 26,556-year Harmonic Time cycle, through which a planet evolves through the 3-dimensional bands of one Harmonic Universe. A Euiago contains six 4,426-year subcycles called Octaves. 282

Europherites also Euries. Migrated from the HU-1 Pleiadian star system to Sirius B, interbred with the Kantarian race to strengthen the human and Sirian imprint in their genetic code, forming a smaller hybrid race called the Dagos. 162

External Reality Field the screen upon which the thought-forms that are stored within your cellular memory program will be displayed. Your DNA operates as the electromagnetic circuitry through which that memory comes into perceptual manifestation. 298

Fall, the & the Flood Biblical stories about "the fall of man" were stories about the de-evolution of the Turaneusiam. The flood was the rectifying of this "fall" when 12 sub-species of humans were reseeded upon Earth. See Twelve Tribes. 41

False Matrix when an individual is disconnected from the Soul Matrix, all memory within its DNA and cellular pattern is wiped away, and he is then connected to a false matrix that programs the DNA and "downloads" created "memories" into it. 65

fifth races life with fourth-dimensional coding 159

Fifth World Earth's merger with Tara will mark the fulfillment of the Covenant of Palaidor, often referred to as Earth Ascension. 171

Five Cloistered Races Ur-Antrians—brown, Breanoua—red, Hibiru—white, Melchizedeks—yellow, Yunaseti—black. The Cloistered races populated Earth for generations, creating racial mixtures through which lost souls of Tara were able to ascend. 143

Flame Bearer also Staff Holder. A female with the genetic code that allows the Flame to be fully embodied as it passes through the Arc of the Covenant. 187

Flame Bearer or Staff Holder Flame Bearer:(Staff Holder) One who has the genetic code to allow the Flame to be fully embodied. Could activate the 12-strand DNA package within the body and transmit this to the Flame.

Flame Holders Flame Holders:Individuals with a rare recessive gene that allows them to ground UHF from the Stellar Bridge during Ascension Cycles, whose mission is to draw in the Stellar Bridge, absorb its frequency, and transmit it to the Flame Keepers.

Flame Keepers a specialized soul group that carries the Celestial Silicate Matrix gene code, who incarnate during various time periods to assist the Palaidorians of HU-2 with the human evolutionary process. 340

Fly-bys Fly-bys:See mass landings.<$nopage>

Founders See Lyran-Sirian Whites.

Frequency Fence mass "frequency control devices" that have the power to "scramble" selected human brain wave patterns, thereby blocking out frequencies coming from sources outside. 61 determine matter structures from the subatomic to the macro universe. 226

Gaia Earth-Tara's HU-3 counterpart 175

Gates of Ivory In later Egyptian mystery schools the Blue Flame gateway became known as the Gates of Ivory, which became translated in Biblical terms as the Pearly Gates of Heaven. 148

Genetic Time Codes sort and organize electrically coded experiential data into a pattern that your conscious mind can synthesize into linear, sequential reality (cause and effect). 31

Geomancies or Geomantic Entities from an earthly perspective they look like "geometric shapes made of living light." They reside eternally within the Energy Matrix. Geomancies are sometimes referred to as Ultraterrestrials (UTs). 38

Grays Small gray beings with large black eyes who work in subordination to Aethiens—beings that resemble large, upright insects—and the Zephelium. See also Zeta Reticuli.

Greys small gray beings with large black eyes,who work in subordination to the Zephelium and to the Aethiens, who resemble large, upright insects. See also Zeta Reticuli. xxix

Guardian Alliance Guardian Alliance:(GA) a cooperative of interstellar, multi-dimensional and inter-time species and races working together to assist in the evolution of developing cultures throughout the multi-dimensional universe. The GA is a subgroup within the IAFW.

Guardian Alliance (GA) A co-operative organization through which a huge variety of interstellar, multi-dimensional and inter-time species and races work together to assist in the evolution of developing cultures throughout the multi-dimensional universe. xxix

Hall of Records Hall of Records:4th-dimensional portal passage storage area in Giza, Egypt, that connects to the higher-dimensional morphogenetic fields of Earth, Tara and Gaia, where the complete planetary memory banks are stored.

Halls of Amenti Halls of Amenti:Time portals within the morphogenetic field of the Sphere of Amenti, dimensional passageways one must pass through in order to ascend from Earth out of the Time Matrix and dimensionalized reality.

Harmonic Convergence Harmonic Convergence:After the 1987 Harmonic Convergence, the Sirian Council persuaded the Galactic Federation and other groups to allow the human ascension program to be activated. GA was allowed to intervene and begin the Bridge Zone Project.

Harmonic Quadrant One dimension, or two time continua, or two Octaves, amounting to 8,852 years of time. 282 Three dimensions, three Quadrants, or six Octaves (time continua), amounting to 26,556 years. There are five Harmonic Universes within one 15-dimensional Universe. 282

Harmonic Resonance Chamber Harmonic Resonance Chamber:Originally the pyramid was designed as a chamber through which multidimensional frequency bands could be pulled in from deep space and Sirius B, using a great Ankh positioned directly below a crystalline capstone.

Hebrews The mix-cloister Hibiru/Melchizedek race. Name acquired during the Second and Third Seedings. 164

Higher Self the portions of identity manifesting through the higher overtones of the third DNA strand, i.e., focused in the UHF bands of D-3. 213

Higher Sensory Perception ("HSP") Involves using the seven senses of the human organism that exist at a higher frequency than the five identified senses with which you are familiar. They are able to bring in and translate higher frequency data. 90

Hologram or Holographic Inserts Mental holograms that can be used by the Intruders to create mass hallucinations or perceptual interference. They can be seamlessly coded to emerge as past memory or as present time 3-D objective experience. 130

Holographic Beam a beam of UHF energy passing from the Meta-galactic Core in D-8, through all of the Harmonic Universes. 249

Holographic Insert Holographic Insert:Once the Frequency Fence is up and human perception is confined to specific frequencies, contrived EMPs can be projected within those bands, and targeted individuals will experience the 3-D illusion created by the Holographic Insert.

Host Matrix Transplants Host Matrix Transplant:A process involving disconnecting the soul matrix from the host to make it vulnerable to reconnection to a foreign host, separating the soul from its divine Potential and the birthright of evolution into its Divine Forms.

Hypnosis where the conscious mind is slightly disassociated from its focus within the present moment and is encouraged to traverse cellular memory. It can also be used to implant new imprints. 33

IAFW IAFW: Interdimensional Association of Free Worlds. An enormous interstellar and interdimensional group of organizations that includes the Guardian Alliance.

Imagination Imagination:Consciousness bringing into mental view higher-dimensional thought-forms, and thought patterns of the higher-dimensional future self aspects of identity.

Incubation Period a period through which one’s life patterns and soul directive are aligned with one’s contract and all events, karmic patterns and circumstances that are not part of the contract are purged from the life drama. 337

Incubation Rite Incubation Rite:Bioenergetic field and DNA adjustments given through astral body mechanics to the parents of Indigo Children, who fulfill the Palaidorian Birthing Contracts.

Indigo Children Indigo Children:(Paradisians) Aware of the limited time available for required 6th-strand activations, Palaidorians created this early-birthing program for the 7th-Root-Race Euanjhechi and their Cloister Race Yunaseti.

Infiltrates children conceived of natural human conception, whose mothers were abducted during pregnancy so Zeta-Dracos genetic materials could be infused into the fetus. Usually born in the seventh month of gestation and raised by their human parents. 274

Initiation the point of evolution when the consciousness transfers into the first sub-frequency band of the next dimension up. 296

Inner Earth Agartha:See Inner Earth.<$nopage>;Inner Earth:Inner Earth: Interdimensional earth, remnants of Lemuria. Portals to it exist over the U.S., especially near Mt. Shasta, California, in the city of Telos.<$singlepage>

Interdimensional Association of Free Worlds (IAFW) A greater organization of which the Guardian Alliance (GA) is a smaller, specialized group. It works to assist in the evolution, integration and harmonization of a vast number of Cosmic cultures. 37

Interdimensional Resonant Tone Interdimensional Resonant Tone:Allows Earth's 3-D particle field to rise in pulsation rhythm, receive the progressive Transmutative Stellar Wave Infusions and Stellar Activations that allow Earth to rise into the HU-2 time cycles for merger with Tara.

Interior World Government Also referred to as the Secret Government, the New World Order, Illuminati and other names. It brainwashes the public and controls the world politics, media, and all systems of "order." It is controlled by Intruders. 1

Intruders legions of the Dracos-Zeta alliance and any other Visitors from other star systems or planets that hold agendas detrimental to the evolution of humans on Earth. xxix

Jehovah one of the original contributors to the creation of the Sirian-Anunnaki races of HU-2. He had worked with the Elohim since the time of the Treaty of El-Annu 848,000 YA. 234

Jesheua Melchizedek Jesheua-12:One of 3 men on whom the story of Jesus was based. Born of the soul essence of the12th-level avatar Sananda in 12 BC, he intnded to realign the Sphere of Amenti and the Alcyone morphogenetic fields of the Hebrew and Annu Melchizedeks.

Jeshewua-9 the stories of the birth of this ninth-level avatar to the Hebrew-Melchizedek Essenes Mary and Joseph are recorded as the birth of Jesus in contemporary Christian doctrine. 234

Jeudi the Blue Flame Melchizedek-Hebrew Essene mother of Jesheua-Melchizedek, later known as Jesus. 233

Joehius the Blue Flame Melchizedek-Hibiru Cloister Essene father of Jesheua-Melchizedek, later known as Jesus. 233

Kantarians hybrid strain of Sirian-human consciousness, from the Kuntureaz, the non-physical Sirian sub-race of consciousness with which the human consciousness had merged. 160

Karma Immune Karma Immune: One can become Karma Immune by training one's consciousness to move backward and forward in time, remolding undesired events into more desirable outcomes. A faster way: catch the slower-pulsating thought patterns before they manifest.

karmic imprint also karmic debt. Thought patterns from your past selves, which are composed of more dense and slower-pulsating particles, manifested within the cellular structure of your body. 289

Karmic Imprint or Karmic Debt Karmic imprint:(karmic debt) Thought patterns from your past selves, composed of dense particles that manifest in your cellular structure, remain in the body, and replicate in the present and future until they are raised in speed and released.

Keepers of Records for Earth The Fifth races, who could pull the lost race memory from the Sphere of Amenti in D-4 and bring it alive once again upon the planet. 159

Keepers of the Blue Flame Keepers of the Blue Flame:Individuals responsible for holding D-5 frequency within their bio-energetic field during the time of transition, and over a period of years, dispense the fifth-dimensional frequencies throughout large numbers of the population, assisting them to assemble their 5th DNA strand, expand their consciousness and transmute their bodies, so portions of the population can "catch the morphogenetic wave" and pass through the Halls of Amenti.

Keylons the crystalline structures that form the blueprints for identity and matter manifestation. 409

Keylonta the science of light, sound, subconscious symbols and base codes of matter. It is the foundation for all other forms of learning, and the structure upon which manifestations are built. It is a highly technical science and creative art form. xxxiii

Keylonta Codes language of "subconscious" symbol codes, the intrinsic, interior geometric-electric and magnetic structures that create the foundations for all forms and structure within the dimensional systems. They represent the living codes of matter. xxxiii

Keylontic Access Codes Keylontic Access Codes:Complex patterns of frequency and electro-tonal energy vibration, formed into interwoven, crystalline geometrical patterns, the templates of living (conscious) light and sound which are the basis for all things. Because Keylon Codes create and hold together the primary structure within all things, the manifest attributes of all matter forms and consciousness can be affected through directed alteration of existing Keylon Code structures.

Keylontic Communication remote transfer of electronically encoded data. See Keylontic Symbol Codes. xxxiii

Keylontic Science Keylontic Science:see Science of Keylonta<$nopage>

Keylontic Symbol Codes - Pre-recorded information in the form of digital data packages Keylontic Symbol Codes:Pre-recorded digital data packages programmed by the GA into Anna's bio-energetic system via remote electronic transmission and downloaded through her neurological structure in the form of electrical impulses.

Keylontic Time Codes Keylontic Time Codes: Electrotonal frequency patterns of the pre-cataclysmic time/space coordinate Tara that would allow Tara to re-assemble the lost portions of its grid into the fabric of time.

Lamanians Root Race 3. Became known as the Lamanians, after their passage through Sirius B. 162

Law of One Law of One:Every being in the universe is an individual face and expression of God—a co-creator with the God-force. Brotherhood is simply the rational result of this comprehension. All life-forms are one and thus deserve our love and respect.

Lemurians Lamanians of the Third Seeding 189

Leonines of HU-2, were large, upright, fur-covered felines of advanced intelligence, revered as Godlike by the early Anunnaki civilizations. 193

Light Formations Light Formations:See UFOs.

Light-form Manifestations displays of light ranging from simple "flashes" or "sheets" to large spherical light forms, singly or in groups. Often are manifestations created through the interface of our system with a parallel or adjacent dimensional world. 6

Little Greys Zeta Reticuli. Others call them the “lizzies,” referring specifically to the Rutilia sub-species of Zeta that have a more reptilian-like appearance when manifesting within your system. 8

lower astral identity known as the “evil twin” or the “dweller on the threshold” within some religious teachings. 168

Lumarians The Third Root Race, and first physical Root Race to appear on Earth, brown skinned, entered through peoples of the Ur-Antrian Cloister. Seven sub-races and 49 families, 2nd strand DNA. 151

Lyran-Sirian Whites regal, pale-skinned hominid Sirian race, of the Guardian Alliance, frequently called the Founders. xxx

Majestic 12 also MJ-12, a covert human group formed within the Allied human governments during World War II, to secretly oversee treaties they formalized with the Zetas. 261

Mass Landings Mass Landings: The Dracos-Zeta Resistance may make a 2001 mass landing if they are confident of success in motivating the Interior Government to conduct the 2003 Frequency Fence experiment. Mass public landings between 2001-2003 are not friendly Visitors.

Melchazedek entity gestalt from the realities beyond the Metagalactic Core. 165

Melchizedek Cloister Race Melchizedek Cloister Race:A blended race that originally began as the yellow-skinned Earth races. They appear in all the races and became involved as a Host Matrix/surrogate morphogenetic field for many of the races toward the end of the Second Seeding.

Melchizedek, King of Salem Melchizedek, King of Salem:An ET Nephilim who was brought to Earth from Nibiru in 1979 BC , to carry a patriarchal version of the Templar Creed, which allowed knowledge of ascension and genetic protection to reach the Hybiru and Aryan races.

Merkaba Field the energy construct through which energetic substance emerges from and returns to the morphogenetic field and through which energy and consciousness enter and leave manifestation. Shaped like a star tetrahedron. 261

Metaterrestrials (MTs) Sentient beings of light from dimensions 10–15 who have evolved beyond the manifestation of biology, physical and etheric matter into states of conscious pre-matter form (Liquid Light) and ante-matter form (pure light radiation). 38

miasm electrical buildup in the etheric body, causes physical body particles to become dense, manifesting as energy blockages within the body, accelerating manifestation of physical disease and cellular deterioration. 157

Montauk Project Montauk Project:A 1983 project that widened the space-time rip of the 1943 Philadelphia Experiment, through which came many Draco-Zeta Resistance ships from the future to transmit EM pulses into the Earth to reset the Frequency Fence and stop ascension.

Morphogenetic Field The Keylon blueprint, the form-holding template upon which the structures of the mind and body are built. 409

Morphogenetic Fields Morphogenetic Fields:Templates of consciousness, light, sound and scalar-wave grids that are structured blueprints upon which consciousness manifests into dimensionalization and through which holographic projections can be experienced.

Morphogenetic wave the progressive release of particles and anti-particles into the morphogenetic field at the Primary Coordinate Points in the second ascension cycle. 246

Nadial Capsule ( Nadis) – is a "sac" of energy surrounding your physical body and is supplied by a cord from your Soul Matrix. It contains all the life force energy you will use in one lifetime as a single incarnation in time and space. 70

Natural Seals Natural Seals:The seals on Earth's seven primary vortex points which progressively open as the dimensional Merkaba Fields and Stellar Spirals begin opening and blending into each other.

Nephilim (a.) a race of human-Atlanian-Anunnaki children who entered the Earth system about 950,000 YA. (b.) an immortal Sirian-human hybrid from the Second Seeding period. 179

Octave a 4,426-year track of time. 282

One Harmonic Universe equals a 26,556-year track of time. Three dimensions, three Quadrants, or six Octaves (time continua) represent one Harmonic Universe. Harmonic Universe:a period of Earth time equal to 26,556 years, three dimensions, three Quadrants, or six Octaves (time continua).

Other World Inhabitants those not of Earth – could be ET (extraterrestrial from other planets), OD (other-dimensional from other dimensions than our 3-D) or IT (Inter-time from the past or from the future, i.e., time travelers) xiii

overtones The higher frequency patterns that correspond to the form double in the parallel universe. 149

Palaidorian Birthing Contract Palaidorian Birthing Contract:Through soul agreements with members of the 6th-Race Melchizedek Cloister and others carrying the Celestial Silicate Matrix gene code, 150,000 couples were chosen to be birthing parents for the incoming Indigo Children.

Palaidorian Seal a 4th-dimensional seal on DNA strands two and three mutation. 239

Palaidorian/Amenti morphogenetic field within the Sphere of Amenti the collective Soul Matrix for the human lineage on Earth. 156

Palaidorians Collectively the five Cloistered Races were called the Palaidorians, as they represented the beginning of the fulfillment of the Covenant of Palaidor. 142

Paradisians the seventh Root Race Euanjhechi and their Cloister Race Yunaseti are often referred to collectively as the Paradisians. 335

Parallel Earth Systems Other worlds having a more advanced technology than ours that are linked by portals through time with our world, with others and with other versions of Earth. 4

Pardo four forward-moving tracks of time, called Octaves, or time continua, in a Euiago cycle, amounting to 17,704 years. 282

Particle Base Particle Base:3-D consciousness is made of particles that pulsate at 3 different speeds, and which exist at 3 different positions of angular rotation. These particle fields make up 3 levels of Merkaba Fields through which manifestation occurs.

Particle Pulsation Speed Particle Pulsation Speed: The pulsation speed/rhythm of particles is created as energy substance flows between fields of particles having different angular rotations of particle spin in relation to each other.

Particle Transition part of the natural evolutionary cycle of planetary bodies, where each body has a double in the anti-particle universe. Earth spends two Time Continuum within the anti-particle universe and then two cycles in the particle universe. xxv

Past Memory Past Memory: Consciousness bringing into view thought forms and experiential imprints from dimensional bands below its focus. These thought forms can be those of past identity aspects, now in the lower time continua or in lower frequencies of the present.

Path of the Night of the Two Moons Path of the Night of the Two Moons: Temporary time-space and memory disorientation to the populations of the Bridge Zone may occur during the height of the 3-day 2017 separation, when the population may see very bright moon halos or two moons in the sky.

Perceptual Interference see Hologram.

Phalzants also Chupacabras, combine certain animal strains from the Drakon planets with various Earth animals. They and descendants of the Dracos presently assist Zeta Visitors with detrimental earthly agendas. 177

Phalzants (Chupacabras) Phalzants: (Chupacabras) combine certain animal strains from the Drakon planets with various Earth animals. They and descendants of the Dracos presently assist Zeta Visitors with detrimental earthly agendas.

Phantom Earth Phantom Earth: Between 2012-2017, particles below the 3.5-level of accretion will fail to shift into the Bridge Zone and will create a Phantom Earth that returns to the D-3 time cycle when Earth's grid comes into direct alignment with Tara's grid.

Philadelphia Experiment Philadelphia Experiment:A 1943 U.S. Navy experiment using Zeta technology that rendered the battleship USS Eldridge invisible, created a rip in space-time, allowed Zetas to beam EM pulses into the sun, thus reversing Earth's D-1 Merkaba Fields.

Photon Belt the residual energy left over from the last morphogenetic wave, replenished every 26,556 years as the Holographic Beam projects through Alcyone twice during each second ascension cycle. 249

Place Holders Place Holders:Indigo children who serve as living scalar-wave grids through which multi-dimensional frequency can enter the Earth's morphogenetic field and increase the frequency of the planet. 150,000 Indigos will birth on Earth between 1999-2017.

Planetary ascension the reuniting of energy units that had been separated into various dimensional frequency bands, pulling those energy particles back together by merging the frequencies within which the particles reside. 173

Pleiadian Alcyone Spiral Pleiadian Alcyone Spiral:Alcyone, the central sun of the Pleiadian star system is actually the primary sun of our solar system. Our Sun is a star within the Pleiadian solar system.

Portals or Time Portal System or Interdimensional Time Portal System shortcuts to other planets, stars and dimensions in the now, past and future. The Time Portal System is part of the workings of Keylonta. 144

Priests of Mu and Priests of Ur Ancient immortal humans of the Elder Race, involved with human evolution - female, male and androgynous members equally serve (not gender based) and facilitate teachings of the Law of One - See Tara. xxxv

Priests of Ur Priests of Ur:Developed interest in scientific applications of Spiritual Law such as portal mechanics on Mu. They exist on Tara to this day and serve as Guardians and gatekeepers of time portal structures that link Earth and Tara.

Quarantine Frequency Fence Quarantine Frequency Fence:An energetic barrier around Earth created by Elohim in 9540 BC, to block the Sphere of Amenti. Earth consequently fell under galactic quarantine, losing all direct assistance from multidimensional, inter-galactic communities.

Queventelliur large, long-haired apelike beings of the Guardian Alliance, of great intelligence and sensitivity, which are occasionally glimpsed on Earth as they monitor Earth’s environment for guardian purposes. xxxi

Red Pulse a wave of expanding D-1 energy that constitutes a wave of solar flame within the D-1 frequency bands 268

Red Pulse Wave of the Solar Flame Red Pulse Wave of the Solar Flame: Intense wave of ULF D-1 energy from the Sun resulting from Zeta manipulation of the Sun's Merkaba Fields following the Philadelphia Experiment, which would have caused pole reversal and end of Earth life by 1973.

Reiago two counter-rotating tracks of time, or time continua, in a Euiago cycle, in which the planet passes through the parallel universe, amounting to 8,852 years. 282

reincarnation freedom from cycles of 337

Rhanthunkeana (Ranthia) tall, thin light-emitting beings with translucent white skin, almond-shaped eyes of various hues and kinky white hair who are skilled shape-shifters and highly advanced spiritually. Of the Guardian Alliance. 10

Rigelians also Futczhi (FOO’-SHE). The Zeta group that formed treaties with the Interior Government on Earth and orchestrated the Zeta Seal and manipulations of the Sun. Most aggressive and militant of the Zeta Greys. 272

Rod Rod: Orange-gold flame morphogenetic field of Earth.

Rod 188 a small, cylindrical object, flat on one side and made of gold, which housed a small portion of the Earth's D-2 morphogenetic field, a small part of the orange-gold Flame of Earth's core. 208

Root Race Each Root Race was responsible for evolving/assembling one strand of DNA, while its preceding companion Cloister Race would hold the imprint of that strand plus strands 7–12. 149

Rutilia Zeta-Dracos hybrids referred to by the government as “EBE’s”— Extraterrestrial Biological Entities. They closely resemble the Greys, but usually have a lighter gray to gray-white complexion, and more pronounced ridging at the rear of the skull. 272

Science of Keylonta Science of Keylonta: The science of Light, Sound, Subconscious Symbol Codes, and the Base Codes of Matter, through which mastery of mind and matter can be achieved and spiritual integration and reunion with our creative Source is accomplished.

Seal of Amenti Seal of Amenti:(Death Seal) As a result of the treaty ending the Electric Wars, the Root Races of Earth were allowed to evolve, but the Halls of Amenti were sealed to humans until the reversal of mutations within the genetic code of Root Races 3 and 4.

Seal of Palaidor a fourth-dimensional seal on the Sphere of Amenti that sealed the races out of their Palaidorian morphogenetic field once they had entered manifestation. 155

Seres a HU-2 race descended from the HU-2 Ceres race 179

Serres a superior guardian race created when the Seres energetically interbred with the Atlanian and Ayrian races. The Serres were later known as the Egyptians. 179

Seven Primary Vortices/Chakras Seven Primary Vortices/Chakras:7 high-energy locations on Earth where Stellar Bridge alignment is opening ancient frequency seals and creating a bio-physical Time Acceleration. Sedona, Jerusalem, Himalayas, Giza, Machu Picchu, Caucasus Mountains, Andes.

Seven Seals Seven Seals:Ancient blocks on sacred Earth sites that block human spiritual development. Stellar Bridge alignment brings in progressively higher dimensional wave spectra that open the seals over a period of time, raising Earth’s particle pulsation speed.

Shape-shifting using the art of perceptual interference, shape-shifters can alter the human perceptual frequency enough to appear in whatever form they chose. 11

Shield of the Arc Shield of the Arc:A D-5 seal on the Arc of the Covenant which allowed souls to descend through the passageway, but only those with D-5 coding in their gene structure could return through Amenti to Tara, the original home for many.

Silicate Matrix (Crystal Gene) A recessive gene composite that appears within family lines and remains dormant until it is called into activation via opening of chakra centers 8–15. Found largely in Hebrew, Melchizedek, Aryan, East Indian and Tibetan races.

Sirian Council (HU-2) Sirian Council (HU-2):Appointed as overseers, along with several other groups of the Turaneusiam-1 (T-1) experiment, to create a master race of beings that would serve as Guardians of the planet Tara approximately 560,000,000 YA.

Six Silent Avatars Six Silent Avatars:Six avatar souls who will incarnate on Earth approximately 4 years apart between 1992 and 2012 during the ascension cycle of 2017 AD, in order to serve various roles within the plan of human ascension and evolution.

Six Stellar Spirals Six Stellar Spirals:The multidimensional structures of planetary Merkaba Fields, which are vast constructs of electromagnetic energy through which all planetary systems in the 15-dimensional galaxy are energetically connected.

Soul Agreements contracts made before birth to be implemented during this incarnation. 34

Soul Harvesting "judgment day." Souls bearing the Templar Seals are reviewed by the Ra Confederacy, at which time souls deemed safe for transit to Tara are released from the Templar Seals, ending their cycles of birth and rebirth on Earth. 169

Soul Matrix (Dora Matrix) exists in Harmonic Universe 2 with 4th, 5th & 6th dimensions. It is the seat of your soul. Each individual has a double in the parallel universe and there are 12 doubles per soul. 53

Soul Matrix - or Dora Matrix Soul Matrix:(Dora Matrix) exists in HU-2 with 4th, 5th & 6th dimensions. It is the seat of your soul. Each individual has a double in the parallel universe, and there are twelve doubles per soul.

Sphere of Amenti the species morphogenetic field that connects the human species to the greater morphogenetic field of the Earth, which, in turn, is connected to the morphogenetic field of planet Tara in HU-2. 241

Staff an object made of gold, was a staff about 3' long, containing several crystalline stones, which housed a minute portion of the Blue Flame morphogenetic field. 208

Staff of Amenti the gateway into Tara's morphogenetic field. See also Blue Flame. 148

Stellar Spirals the multidimensional structures of planetary Merkaba Fields. 262

Subconscious Symbol Codes See Keylonta. 25

Subtle Communications multidimensional communication, telepathy, linking or mind-to-mind communications, and especially Keylonta. Could also be fake communication originating within your own mind. 22

Tara Planet Earth as she exists in dimensions 4, 5 & 6 (Harmonic Universe 2) We are now in Harmonic Universe 1 in dimensions 1, 2 & 3). Tara is in our future year 6520 AD. Many Guardian Alliance contacts are human time travelers from Planet Tara. xxxv

Tara's Blue Flame Morphogenetic Field Tara's Blue Flame Morphogenetic Field:The Staff of Amenti. A standing-wave energy pattern consisting of 4th and 5th dimensional frequencies. It looks like an electric-blue flame with a pale shade of green, several inches in height.

Taran Ceres a HU-2 family known as the Seres. 160

Templar Axion Seal Templar Axion Seal: 6h-dimensional seal in the Halls of Amenti, a second Templar Seal, created 3500 YA when the descendants of the Templar Seal Melchizedek infiltrated Egypt and violated the covenant of Palaidor by opening D-2 on Earth.

Templar creed originally taught Unity Consciousness and love, cooperation and respect toward all other life forms, later distorted. 200

Templar Melchizedek Templar Melchizedek:Descendants of the Hebrew-Melchizedeks who had received the Templar Seal in 8,000 BC and who were under the influence of the patriarchal Elohim.

Templar Seal Templar Seal:A D-6 frequency seal placed 10,000 YA upon the Halls/Sphere of Amenti, affecting the members of the 6th race Melchizedek Cloisters, who were associated with Templar distortions of the Sacred Law of One.

Templar Seal (first) two 6th-dimensional genetic frequency seals affecting the second, fourth and fifth DNA strands, imposed upon the Halls/Sphere of Amenti, implemented 10,000 YA. 166

Templar-Annu those born into the Atlantian-Egyptian subrace through the Melchizedek Host Matrix, who later interbred with the Anunnaki Resistance, inheriting all or part of the genetic distortion Templar Seal from this ET race. 216

Templar-Axion Seal (second) the “666” seal, a 7th-dimensional seal, placed 3500 YA, on DNA strands 1, 5 and 6 mutation that prevented consciousness from evolving into the seventh races, reclaiming the immortal body and ascending out of matter form. 168

Templar-Melchizedeks one of two primary Melchizadek groups, with a patriarchal slant, often promoting gender subservience, elitist philosophy and subjugation of Earth's elemental kingdoms. 164

Third Eye of Horus also Hall of Amorea. A portal bridge known as the Third Eye of Horus during Atlantis and Egyptian Pharaonic rule. It represented the culmination of the “Left Eye of Horus” and “Right Eye of Horus" mystical teachings. 161

Thousand Years' War Thousand Years' War:A war between the earthly Nephilim and the Serres that escalated about 850,000 YA into a great intergalactic war between the Elohim and Anunnaki, each fighting for control of Earth and the evolutionary direction of human lineage.

Three-Day Particle Conversion Period Three-Day Particle Conversion Period:A 3-day period at the morphogenetic wave crest when Earth's magnetic fields temporarily collapse, particle Earth returns to the HU-1 particle universe, and anti-particle Tara returns to the HU-2 anti-particle universe.

Time Continua the grid lines within the Time Matrix that represent passageways of linear time sequencing. 66

Time Cycle of Earth In Earth’s evolutionary cycle, a Time Cycle is 26,556 years with six smaller Time Continuum cycles of 4,426 each.– See Particle Transition. 248

Time Matrix Dimensions 1–15 within Harmonic Universes –5 in which we exist, that have some form, some sort of time and place orientation from the densest form that we are experiencing now to an almost non-existent form of liquid light. 37

Time Portal See portals.

Transmigration to move something or someone through other frequency bands/time zones/dimensions. 32

Transmutation of Form changing the form of an object in one dimension by moving it into another dimension for alteration and then returning it to its original dimension where it manifests as a form change in terms characteristic of that dimension. 29

Transmutative Stellar Activations Transmutative Stellar Activations:The process of dissolving the lower-dimensional energy capsules and transmuting their particle content into next Harmonic Universe. Six will take place between 5/5/2000 and 2017 so that merger with Tara can take place.

Treaty of El-Annu Treaty of El-Annu: Treaty to end the Electric wars between the Elohim and the Anunnaki 848,000 YA by which Nephilim agreed not return to Earth, but were allowed to evolve in other systems, and Anunnaki would uphold the Law of One.

Turaneusiams Turaneusiams:Human lineage evolved out of this primarily immortal race, the Elder Race, from the 5th dimension on Earth's 5-D counterpart planet Tara. They are tall, beautiful humans with elongated heads and all the skin/hair colors on Earth, plus some.

Turaneusiams (Elder Race) primarily immortal, tall, beautiful humans with elongated heads and skin/hair colors representing all earthly skin/hair plus some pastels. Human lineage evolved out of this race, from the 5th dimension on Tara. xxxi

Twelve Tribes 12 subspecies of the original Turaneusiam pattern, each of which contained two primary attributes of the 12 strands of DNA. Because of the de-evolution of the Turaneusiam, this system was devised to slowly reintegrate the attributes. 40

UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects) seemingly mechanical vessels of transport that have no apparent terrestrial origin. Also including some Light Formations. Both types have appeared in radar tracking and have been sighted. xxiii

UFOs - Unidentified Flying Objects UFOs:(Unidentified Flying Objects) seemingly mechanical transport vessels with no apparent terrestrial origin. Light Formations that lack mechanical elements are included. Both types have appeared in radar tracking and have been sighted.

Ultraterrestrials (UTs) Geomancies or Geomantic Entities that are pure sentient gestalt identity, beyond all form manifestation and linear thought process. They reside eternally within the energy fields of the Energy Matrix, outside of the Time Matrix. 38

Ur-Tarranates Ur-Tarranates:Turaneusiam race that created the Temple and Priesthood of Ur on Mu, time-traveled to HU-1 just after the cataclysm of Tara and transmuted into consciousness to serve as morphogenetic field for the 12-strand DNA Turaneusiam race prototype.

Urtites a new guardian race formed from Serres-Egyptians interbreeding with the Lamanians and Ur-Antrians. 189

Voyagers individuals who will complete bodily ascension by fully assembling the fifth DNA strand no later than 2022. 309

Whites (Borendt) hybrid human-Zeta beings often associated with abductions of those with soul contracts. They cannot interact fully with the 3-D system for any prolonged period of time. They possess the strongest emotional imprint of all the hybrids. 38

YA years ago – YA is used to count how many years ago something happened and eliminates the use of BC or AD or any other form of calendar dating. With respect to 2000 AD. 82

YA - years ago YA:years ago, used to count how many years ago something happened and eliminates the use of BC or AD or any other form of calendar dating. With respect to the year 2000 AD.

Yunaseti Yunaseti: One of the 5 Palaidorian Cloistered races that carried the full 12-strand DNA package of the Turaneusiam lineage in operational form.

Zephelium the original race line of the modern-day Zeta Reticuli and their Greys. They were one of the visiting groups to Atlantis who became genetically mixed with some of the Templar-Annu race families. 216

Zeta Reticuli various sub-species from the Orion star system, such as the Greys and the blue-faced Zephelium. They claim sovereignty over Earth. Not all Zeta are "evil monsters." They are a fragmented race, many of whom live in the fear of extinction. 8

Zeta Seal Zeta Seal:a frequency fence implanted in the D-4 future time continuum by the Zetas . All human souls incarnating on Earth since 1748 have this seal distortion within their 4th DNA strand.

Zionites beings created during the present-day Zeta infiltration who were sent back in time to realign certain ancestral groups with the 12-strand DNA imprint, in order to accelerate the evolution of present-day humans. 235

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