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Connecting All Beings in Oneness

Judy Carroll and Helene Kaye

Chapter 16: 9/11 Impact, a relevant and timely excerpt from an important new nonfiction book.

Zeta Message

While all of this was going on with Kira and her family, poor Oris had his own problems to contend with involving a negative attack on the big disc, which caused computers to go down and important files to be lost. This computer glitch involved a surveillance system the Zetas use to monitor happenings down here, and it resulted in a major catastrophe that took place three weeks later to the very day—one that has gone down in our planetary history as the infamous “9-11” attack on New York’s Twin Towers.

I wrote earlier of Manolo/Oris’s distress that I experienced first-hand as he was trying to get through to Catherine. This was nothing compared to what he and the other Zetas went through in their desperate attempt to get the Earth surveillance system up and running again before any major disasters occurred down here. Unfortunately they did not succeed. We’ve always wondered if any other experiencers were aware of the chaotic situation aboard one of the big discs on Tuesday night, August 21, 2001 (our time) just prior to the 9-11 attack.

August 22, 2001.

My first hint of problems “upstairs” was waking the following morning with a sore spot on my face that looked rather like a pimple, but was more painful. This was unusual for me as I’m not prone to skin problems, being one of those “tough nuts” who can handle fertilizers and such with my bare hands with no ill effects. I recalled Kira once mentioning that she’d received an injury one night while doing her “upstairs” work, and that it had manifested on her human body as a pimple-like mark that took several days to heal. The same morning that I woke with my “pimple,” Helene phoned with details of the attack on the disc.

I had retained a vague memory of something dramatic happening “upstairs” and I asked Helene to ask Oris for more details. I wondered if one of the “baddies” had had a go at me—after all, Kira often mentioned how she always saw me at a front desk in the office area. Oris’s explanation was that I’d dropped my laser pen on the floor, and accidentally burnt myself when I bent down to pick it up, but surely I couldn’t be that silly—surely! After all, I’d much prefer to put my injury down to a brave act of heroism, defending our disc and valuable computer equipment from invading negative forces. But Oris can be a bit of a tease at times, so I guess I’ll never know the truth. All I do know is that it took weeks to heal, and I still have a small scar.

September 12, 2001.

We woke to the tragic news of a massive terrorist attack in America. Helene had been picking up something on deeper levels of her psyche, with pain in the heart chakra, which started at 8:30 p.m. on September 11 (our time), and lasted for nearly 48 hours. She’d noticed such physical symptoms on several occasions, in the way of pains experienced in various parts of her body in response to outside influences, and has now learned to take note when this happens.

Kira made the comment that she would probably have to go onto the disc that night, as there’d be major work to carry out—and she was not wrong! Psychics have been predicting disasters like this for decades, but usually nothing happens, so I wondered why did it occur this time? Then it hit me like the proverbial bolt out of the blue—the sabotage of the computer system on board the big disc!

The Zetas use the computer system to monitor happenings on Earth and elsewhere, and in this way they often intervene as far as they can to avert major disasters. This is why “strange coincidences” often seem to occur, such as bombs failing to detonate or else exploding earlier or later than they’re supposed to, thereby saving many lives. On other occasions someone is guided to the right place at the right time to thwart a potentially lethal act of sabotage or terrorism. But exactly three weeks earlier, to the day, the Zetas’ own computer system had been sabotaged, along with their ability to monitor happenings down here.

Looking back we recalled how stressed Oris had been at times during those three weeks, and sometimes he was not available to come or else was called away suddenly. It was obviously “all hands on deck” to get the system functioning again, because they would have been fully aware of the huge potential for disaster.

That evening I too was aware of “upstairs” work to be done. I was alone, so I turned the TV off, with its continual, emotionally charged broadcasts of the event, and I settled myself with calming meditation music. I really didn’t want to listen to any more news reports when we’d be going there in person (or in spirit) to help out.

The following morning I woke up feeling very sick. Unlike Kira, I don’t generally have much conscious recall of my “upstairs” work, but the physical after-effects can be very obvious, and sometimes quite disruptive to my day-to-day human life. I woke with a splitting headache and nausea so bad that I had to spend half the day in bed, hardly able to stand. Luckily I had no classes to attend to. Helene rang first thing in the morning to report on both Kira’s and my experiences, which Kira could clearly recall, but I couldn’t even come to the phone, so I passed a message on via my husband for them to please send me Reiki.

Not consciously aware of what our work had entailed, it wasn’t until later that I was told why I was so sick. Apparently on that first night, faced with an unspeakable scene of devastation and concerned about young Kira, who was with me and coming up against this sort of work for the first time, I broke the first rule of being a Zeta worker—I allowed human emotion to impinge upon my senses, which is a problem for those of us who operate on both levels.

Kira told her mom of our journey to America on the disc, and of Oris taking her to “Ground Zero.” He showed her how to lift herself above all the ash and debris, which we knew about before it was described later on the news reports on TV, “so her feet wouldn’t get dirty.” She didn’t know how, so he told her to just concentrate and she would be able to do it. Sure enough, it worked, and she was totally amazed. She commented on how it reminded her of Jesus walking on water.

Then she caught sight of a severed arm, and she told Oris she didn’t think she could handle seeing dead bodies, especially mutilated ones. He wisely gave her the job of helping to calm and strengthen the rescue workers instead, showing her how to place her hands on their shoulders or backs. What a “coincidence” that she’d been attuned to level-two Reiki only weeks before! I came over to work beside her to make sure she was okay and to keep a watchful eye on her, as Oris was busy elsewhere. We had to be extremely careful to shield ourselves from all the raw human emotion, but on that first night (first day over in America) it was almost impossible.

For the next few weeks Kira and I spent every sleeping moment in the U.S. doing healing work, and each morning she gave her mom a report on what she was able to consciously recall.

H: What a very sad time indeed. On one hand I felt proud of my daughter going over to America to help out in her sleep state, but on the other hand I was very worried as to how she would handle seeing such devastation. At least it was comforting to know that either Jude or Oris would be by her side keeping a close eye on her. One part of me understood that it was “all hands on deck”— help was needed from far and wide. But the other part, the human mom part, couldn’t help worrying about how she was going to cope and deal with all of this on a personal level.

As we all know, this event was so horrific and there was so much chaos. I didn’t know whether to tell Gary about Kira’s involvement or not. The feeling was that I needed to get my own head around the whole situation before freaking him out as well. When she told me she’d been given the job of calming the rescue workers I was very relieved. When Oris showed her how to put her hands on their shoulders and back, this reminded us of the time when Kira’s teacher Mr. S died. She watched him calming his very distraught teacher friends at school in the same way.

During those first few days she used to wake each morning feeling agitated and tired, and to top it all off she had exams on at school as well. I felt very strongly to keep her human side of life as normal as possible, giving her Reiki frequently, along with a lot of love and support.

Thankfully it didn’t seem to affect her as deeply or severely as one would have thought. It was as if when she was working in her “other dimension,” there was some sort of filter system in place so that it didn’t impact fully on her consciousness down here. Sure, she could remember some things, but it seemed separate and not all encompassing in her daily human life. I actually felt that in time this would be a very good lesson for her, to help her acknowledge and appreciate how good life is here, and to give her the practical experience and feeling of helping others under very difficult circumstances. What an amazing lesson for a young teenager to have!

J: It was during this time that I really came to understand, via Kira but also through some conscious recall of my own, the extent of the work we are involved in. It was a long time before we could bring ourselves to speak out about this to others, and it was never brought up at any encounter groups we attended because there were just too many sensitive issues involved. Even now at this point of writing we still haven’t spoken out about 9/11 very much at all.

I recall both Helene and I sitting in on one such group listening to somebody venting their spleen about those dreadful, negative Greys who do such unspeakable things to their “human victims,” and how badly they treat those poor little hybrid children up on the disc. Helene got up quietly and walked outside, feeling sick in the stomach and unable to stand listening to any more such nonsense. Taking a deep breath to help me keep my cool, I asked this woman if she’d ever actually been up on the big disc and seen this “mistreatment” for herself. Of course she hadn’t—but she assured me she’d read all about it in a book. When questioned on the identity of the author, it turned out to be someone who is well known in the field of ET/UFO investigation for being extremely one-eyed and prejudiced against the Zetas. This author was saying exactly what she wanted to hear, so no further investigation was carried out. Unfortunately this is what we’ve come up against so often.

Another problem we’ve faced when trying to openly discuss some of the more mundane aspects of our “upstairs” encounters and activities is that many investigators seem to find it all just too much to take in. They get very excited hearing about “lights in the sky,” and are most interested to listen to peoples’ seemingly negative or frightening encounters with so-called Greys, but when these Greys are presented in a more positive and friendly light they just don’t seem to want to know.

Another revelation that came about through our American experience was the differences, but also the similarities, between being in Zeta and human form. Apparently my way of getting Kira (and myself) through the more gruesome and unpleasant aspects of our work was by telling her jokes, and having her tell me ones, just as many people do in situations of extreme trauma, where humor is sometimes the only way of coping. I do admit to having a bit of a twisted sense of humor when in human form, and apparently it carries across quite strongly into my Zeta form as well. In fact as a Zeta, and this is where the main difference lies, I’m much more comfortable and self-assured, which sometimes gets me into trouble.

The Zetas were there to help the living, both victims and rescuers, and the angels were there to assist the dying. The ones that Earth humans think of as “angels” are simply more highly evolved beings (both ET and inter-dimensional) who occupy the very highest rungs of conscious awareness on the Human Ladder. The Zetas, or Guardians, to give them their proper name, are from Levels Five to Eight and can access 50% to 80% of their potential conscious awareness, whereas the angels are at Levels Nine and Ten, with the highest ones having moved past the need for physical form, being pure mind/consciousness, can access full-conscious awareness. These ones are “God energy” expressing in its purest form.

In the early stages there were still people trapped alive in the building, but to reach them the rescuers had to get through a five-story-high mountain of rubble, which was quite impossible in the time they had. The Zetas stayed with these people (not that the people were necessarily consciously aware of their presence), giving them healing and comfort until they were either rescued or died.

There were instances in which angels had to intervene to stop the Zetas’ healing efforts because it was the person’s time to die, but the Zeta healers didn’t want to give up. I have to wonder in the case of some of the people who survived, if they later woke in hospital with vague memories of being seemingly fought over by two very distinctive-looking beings. One would have been all dressed in black, which the poor human would assume was the Grim Reaper, and the other would have been perceived as a white-clad angelic being come to “save” them. Little would they understand that in fact it was the other way around—that it was the angel trying to “take their soul,” and the black-clad Zeta trying to keep them alive and kicking.

Kira recalled seeing a man moving about in a small room deep inside the building. He was physically unhurt but starting to have trouble breathing because of the smoke and dust. He was unsuccessfully searching for a mobile phone to call for help.

Both Zetas and angels were making use of the same aura cleansing technique that Oris has shown us—the Zetas before commencing treatment on the injured, and the angels before lifting the spirit out of the body. How they do this is by reaching out towards the dying person and telling them to take hold of their hands because, it is time for them to wake up—then they simply lift the person’s spirit form up and out of the body.

Because of the fact that angelic beings don’t have physical form as such, we perceive them through the filter system of our own personal conscious awareness. They are able to tap into this and create a form for themselves that agrees with what we think an angel should look like.

To Kira’s perception they appeared as perfected humans, with fair hair but quite dark skin, as if all the racial colors of Earth had been blended together into one. To use her words, they looked like really good-looking, very suntanned “surfies.” She saw the females wearing long, flowing white robes, and with long hair decorated by a small wreath of flowers. The males were in white suits and capes, like the black suits and capes worn by the Zeta Elders. Their hair was shorter than that of the females, and the wreath they wore was made of leaves. Their eyes were large and slanted, rather similar to Zeta eyes. My perception of them is more as perfected Zetas.

H: So much confirmation of the information we’d received previously seemed to be pouring through during these times. Talk about lessons in Oneness! Here was more proof of the Human Ladder, and how everyone is connected—everyone from different dimensions working together as a family for the good of all. Zetas working alongside angels and angels alongside Zetas, all united to provide aid and comfort in this time of desperate need. If only humanity could wake up to the true reality of our universe and the beings who reside in it.

To think we had been taught this same aura cleanse that was being used by not only the Zetas but the angels as well! It just makes so much sense when you really think about it. We are all connected—we all want to help others to heal—so it makes perfect sense that the aura cleanse is universal as well. After all, the energy is the same no matter what dimension you live on. The only difference in the energy is that it vibrates faster or slower depending upon where you reside.

J: As Helene has pointed out, “upstairs” we all know each other and work together, and this led to a funny situation. Those of us who are presently residing on Planet Earth in physical form must each be aligned to a particular planet within this solar system. When we’re all working together as we were at “Ground Zero,” the angels usually refer to us by our planetary name. Mine apparently is Saturn and Kira’s Uranus. On one occasion an angel called out to Kira—“Hey, Uranus!”—placing the accent on the first “u” rather than on the “a.” It sounded so funny, and she turned around and said very firmly: “Will you please just call me Kira!’

Back home the following Friday, Oris turned up at Kira’s school, greeting her with

How is my angel in disguise? Come on, let’s go—we need some help.

She had to explain to him that she couldn’t just walk out of school like that.

Oh no, of course not—I’m sorry. I forgot! I’ll see you tonight then.

Poor Oris—he was getting very tired by that stage.

Sitting here doing a rewrite on these notes taken down as the dramatic events of 9-11 unfolded, I’ve suddenly realized that today is September 11, 2007, the sixth anniversary of these happenings. How weird is that!

September 15, 2001.

Helene woke feeling very tired and light-headed. I wondered if she might have been helping us out, either over there with us or at least by contributing energy. Kira and I worked very closely, as she had to eventually face going among dead bodies. Some of those still alive were so badly trapped they couldn’t move, and tried to keep each other going by talking about their lives and their families. It was really horrible, with body parts strewn everywhere. I woke one morning with a clear recall of losing my concentration for a moment and almost stepping on a torso—no head, no arms, and no legs—just a decomposing trunk. Although in Zeta form at the time I can still recall the incident and how I felt about it. Such things are not easily forgotten.

On a lighter note, I apparently kept my human hair on so that Kira could distinguish me from the others who were there, which must have looked really weird. Like many people, she had trouble telling us apart, and at one point in all the confusion approached a Teacher she thought was Oris. He told her,

No I’m not—Oris is over there —

and pointed her in the right direction.

There were desks in the offices on which sat cups half-full of coffee and half-eaten sandwiches. It made us realize just how quickly it had all happened. Kira was having fun with her only recently acquired ability to pass through solid walls in her spirit form. She had so much to learn so very quickly. She was amazed to find that again it felt just like the “gooey stuff” (to use her words) she passes through to go onto the disc.

She kept practicing, walking backwards and forwards through the walls, until I told her to stop doing it so much or she’d have a pain in the stomach the next day. On the human level I have no idea why, but as a Zeta I must know about such things. Funnily enough, not long after this, independent confirmation was given on the matter.

September 16, 2001.

Helene and Kira came to my place for a visit. We had a number of things to talk about, including the work in America, and also some information on crop circles that Helene had got off the Internet during the week, one of which was our Human Ladder one. They also wanted to show me what Oris had taught them about the new hand position for giving Reiki treatments, and we wanted to do more practice with the Zetas’ aura cleansing technique.

A couple of days before, he’d promised to come along that Sunday to give us a teaching on near-death experiences, but when he arrived, Kira said he looked really tired. He’d been working non-stop in America right from the first day, with no break at all. We were sitting under the house in the area I use for Reiki, and there’s a very comfortable bed in one corner. Poor Oris was so tired he ended up lying down on it and falling sound asleep, with his feet draped over the end on a conveniently placed chair. He’s nearly eight feet tall, so the bed was a bit short for him.

When it was time for Helene and Kira to go home, I very carefully leaned across him to retrieve their bags, getting Kira to guide me so as not to kneel on him accidentally. Needless to say we both got the giggles at the sheer bizarreness of the situation, and also because we were trying so hard not to as we didn’t want to wake him. Really, I don’t think we could’ve anyway because as I understand it, when Zetas sleep they turn right off and leave the body completely. After Helene and Kira left, I cleaned up as quietly as possible, shut the door and left him alone to catch up on some much-needed sleep.

After asking his permission, over the next few days we tried sending him Reiki. This proved to be a most interesting experience all around. He was as eager to find out what it would feel like to receive healing from physical, terrestrial channels as we were to try sending healing to an ET, and he really pulled it in, just as strongly as any of our Earth-based clients. In fact it was quite amazing just how hot our hands got.

The next thing that happened was a request from Maris—he wanted to try it as well, and pretended to be jealous, teasing us with: “That’s not fair! You send him Reiki and forget all about me!” Needless to say, we quickly made up for our oversight, sending him a good dose of Reiki energy on the following night, for which he thanked us profusely, telling us how much he enjoyed it.

We’ve been witness to several instances of the Zetas good-naturedly teasing each other in this way. Once when Kira drew a particularly good portrait of Oris, he teased Serapis about how he was now going to be the famous one, and how his portrait was going to be seen by thousands and thousands of people all over the world. (Poor Serapis gets teased “upstairs” about the Ascended Master label connected with his name). We had a go at Oris about it at the time, but little did we know back then that this portrait would eventually end up on Richard Boylan’s website, as well as on mine, and probably has been seen by thousands of people the world over. He’d complained to Kira when she was doing it that she was putting too many wrinkles on his face, and what if he ever became famous, with everyone looking at his portrait. Helene teased him by saying: “Now, now Oris—I’d have thought someone as old and as highly evolved as you are supposed to be would be well past such vanities!”

September 19, 2001.

We were all feeling tired that week, with Kira and I off working every night, and probably drawing on Helene’s energy as well. We decided that she was our “anchor.” Oris had been so busy that he often didn’t have time to fetch Kira himself, so sent a little worker instead to bring her on board. Helene felt reasonably okay with this, as she’d learned to trust the Zetas, but as a mother she still worried a little, knowing her 13-year-old daughter was being taken off on a disc every night.

It was the thought of Kira being collected by a worker instead of Oris that caused her some concern, because they can be a bit thoughtless and careless at times, but I was aware of keeping a watchful eye on her as well, so really, she was quite safe.

Not too long after that we did have a bit of a drama in which I apparently intervened. Kira was always in human form when she worked “upstairs,” which was useful in that she didn’t cause as much fear as the Zetas tend to, but in another way it was a disadvantage, as it meant she was more vulnerable to injury.

As the human rescue workers were finding out, “Ground Zero” was a dangerous place to be, with broken glass and twisted steel everywhere, and one night Kira tripped over something and fell backwards, hitting her head. As she did this, a sharp metal spike penetrated the back of her leg. The last thing she remembered was my rushing over to her.

She then became aware of moving at incredible speed, cradled in long, thin, gray arms, as her rescuer carried her back to her room. I understand that they needed to get her back into her physical body as quickly as possible, grounding her astral form by connecting it back into the physical.

As soon as she was back in her body, she woke up, crying out in pain with the injury to her leg. Her “rescuer” begged her to please quiet down or she’d wake the whole street. Helene heard her of course and came running to see what was wrong. Back in her physical body, the injury was manifesting as a bad cramp, so Helene gave her Reiki, which soon settled her down. Her leg was quite sore for several days after.

September 22-28, 2001.

Kira’s family went off on one of their regular camping trips, but Oris still turned up each night to take her (in astral form) onto the disc. The first night he arrived there was a large kangaroo close by, which he patted. Animals and nature fascinate the Zetas, and Oris always enjoyed looking at the drawings of animals in Kira’s art class at school. Helene was impressed with how polite he was when he came to collect Kira from their campsite. When camping, they all slept together in one section of the van, so he never came right in but rather called her from the doorway.

On one of their camping trips, Kira had a very amusing conversation with Oris when he spotted a large tourist bus parked near the grounds.

What is that? he asked.

“It’s a bus,” she told him.

Oh! …What is a bus?

“It’s for carrying lots of people around,” Kira explained.

How many?

I’m not sure,” she answered, “probably about 60 or so.”

Sixty! But how do they fit all the computer equipment on board?

“Humans don’t have computer equipment on board their buses,” she told him. “Buses are designed for carrying lots of people.”

Oh come on! You say buses are designed for carrying lots of people—then that is not a bus!

The tourist vehicle was dismissed with a wave of his four-fingered hand.

That is a bus!

he said, pointing to the huge suburb-sized disc.

H: Thank goodness we’d planned a camping trip for the September school holidays. After all the “upstairs” dramas we were really in need of a bit of rest and relaxation. A couple of other families that were good friends of ours were camped close by, and we were all set for some fun, laughter and time out from the rest of the world. Well at least I thought so, except for one hiccup of trying to explain to our friends why Kira had come running back to camp one afternoon crying her eyes out, extremely distressed.

Now remember, none of our other family members or friends knew of the “strange and unusual” circumstances that surrounded our immediate family—I just couldn’t bring myself to tell anyone. Talk about feeling like an “alien’! Isn’t it a shame the way human nature can be so ignorant but at the same time so judgmental of what they don’t understand, and how this close-minded lack of understanding can be harmful to everyone involved in such a situation. Are humans ever going to evolve past this? I sometimes do wonder! This seems to be such a restrictive aspect of our spiritual growth. But then again, as they say, where there is love there is hope.

Now just picture this: Kira comes running into our campsite, crying hysterically. Conversation stops dead as everyone turns to look at her, wondering what in the name of heaven has happened. I grab her and quickly get her inside the camper van to try to calm her down and find out what the heck is going on. She then proceeds to tell me, between heart-rending sobs, that a Zeta worker had come to let her know that one of the two men she’d been helping in America had just died.

During the last few nights (days over there) she’d been with them, giving them Reiki and listening to them talking about their families and their lives. She was really hoping that at least one of them would survive, but to no avail. The other man died a couple of days later. They were just too far away from the rescue workers and could not be reached in time. At least they hadn’t died alone, even the last one to pass over. One of the Zetas would have stayed close by to comfort him right to the very end. I had a long talk with her, explaining that we have no control over such things. It’s all about a person’s free will—it is their own soul contract/journey. Once I’d managed to calm her down, it was time to face the “wolves” outside.

Our friends were naturally very concerned and worried, wanting to know what was wrong. I was so thankful for the fact that she was 13, which enabled me to respond with: ‘Oh, nothing much—she’s just being a dramatic teenager at the moment. You know what they can be like!’

Everyone nodded in agreement and understanding: “Ah yes—teenagers!” Phew, I got out of that one by the skin of my teeth!

I later apologized to Kira for this, but she totally understood and even thanked me for thinking of it—but really, what else could I have said? I lay in bed that night thinking to myself: If only they knew the real situation. I desperately wanted to share our amazing experiences and our newly acquired knowledge on matters of life and death, of God, of Angels and of the ETs with everyone, but who would ever believe me? It was SO lonely and frustrating at times. I’ve always been a very upfront and honest person, but now felt like I was living a double life. Whoever would have thought! Not in a million years did I ever dream I would be part of such an amazing thing.

Kira later commented upon how on a couple of occasions she’d seen Zetas pleading for the lives of humans, trying to point out to the angels that if only a few could be seemingly miraculously saved it would give the rescuers a little joy and hope. The problem was, they were just too far away from help, and nothing could be done. She also saw angels almost having to force Zetas away from badly injured people, because it was that person’s time to go, and they had to be allowed to die. It was not easy for anyone involved—tears were shed, and not only by humans.

The memory of what went on in America stayed with Kira, and her way of dealing with it and clearing her mind was to write a poem.

The Day the Towers Fell

by Kira, 13

I didn’t know him very well

Until the day the towers fell.

I went along to lend a hand

And became friends with an American.

I board the Ship

As I do every night,

To help the people in their plight.

I saw the pain

The country was given;

They didn’t want to move on

Or continue living.

People in tears

Streets covered in dust,

Firemen working hard

Just because they must.

But one man was strong

And survived the fall;

He always stayed brave,

Was the strongest of all.

He spoke of his family

Friends, work mates too.

He wondered how I got there;

Did not have a clue.

I’m his guardian angel,

Friend and helping hand;

I will always be there

On any demand.

He lived on coffee beans

And little dreams.

I started to cry

As I watched him die.

Smoking ashes and burning flames. Mark was to be a father too,

His life was over. His child born February 2002

I know his soul will keep on living,

Because he was always so happy and giving.

October 2, 2001.

J: After all the dramas of 9/11 it seems that the Zeta consciousness, or at least our little corner of it, needed some light relief which I apparently provided, much to my embarrassment although there is no conscious memory of it whatsoever. Selective amnesia is very useful at times! If it really did occur, then the only excuse I have, and I do believe it’s a good one, is that we were all very tired and are, after all, only human so to speak.

Just in case it really did happen, I won’t go into any details on the matter except to say that a human “guest” was taken up into the disc in physical rather than astral form, and then returned to the wrong place—in fact the wrong city. In other words, a Zeta “stuff-up” of major proportions, which even made it onto the evening TV news program. I squirm inwardly just writing about it!

The next morning Helene rang early to tell me that Kira, on seeing the news report on TV, burst out laughing with a comment to the effect of—“Now I know what Judy was getting into trouble about up on the disc last night!” She’d then gone on to describe in graphic and giggling detail exactly what had happened, that it was all my fault, and boy! had the Elders chewed me up over it.

“Oh, God no!” I groaned, not having any recall of it whatsoever. “What have I done now?” It was exactly like waking up in the morning after a particularly convivial and alcoholically charged party, with no memory at all of your antics, but with your friends breaking into uncontrollable fits of giggling and hinting at naked dances performed on table-tops with nothing but a party hat perched at a rakish angle on your head. Not that I’m speaking from past experience of course!

Kira clearly recalled the pair of us talking and mucking about on the big disc, as we do, while I was in the process of sorting out some files. Somebody walking past said something to the effect of: “Hey Number 9756 (my worker number), hadn’t you better concentrate on what you’re doing—you’ll get those files all mixed up!”

“Oh no,” I replied breezily, “I’m so used to doing this I could do it with my eyes closed! It’ll be right!” Famous last words—I got the files mixed up.

People are very rarely taken by the Zetas in physical form—this is more a MILABS (military abductions disguised to appear as the work of the Zetas) phenomenon, but it does happen occasionally. The usual procedure is to take the astral form only. Somehow the files on someone who is collected physically and someone who isn’t got mixed up.

Kira also remembered walking in on a conversation the following night between an Elder and myself. She informed me that the Elder was really annoyed, and telling me off over something (which turned out to be the file stuff-up), and I was protesting loudly and vehemently that I hadn’t meant to do it, and that it had not been done on purpose! It seems that I am somewhat feistier in Zeta form than in human form.

Although I must admit to being more amused than appalled at my mistake, and was obviously not the least bit fazed by the annoyance of my “boss,” I did feel very sorry for the poor human involved and hope sincerely that on some level of consciousness the opportunity was provided for me to offer an apology. Zetas are not robots, they do have feelings, and do make stupid mistakes at times for which they feel really, really sorry about afterwards.


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