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An Interview with Paul Hawken

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Paul HawkenThe most basic problem with capitalism as it exists in today's world is that there is no component in the price of an item for the potentially outrageous damages the manufacture and distribution of the item has inflicted upon the well-being of the Earth. When BP fouls the Gulf Coast, we all pay for the damages. The price of oil should be higher so that such outrages are prevented in advance. The price of electricity needs to be higher so long as Chernobyl is a possibility and so long as miners die in cave-ins. Every good and service must have its price reflect the true cost of its provision. Without that, this capitalist system will reward those who insult the environment and destroy the only planet we have to live on. Capitalism needs a radical (down to the roots) renovation, without which it will take down the Western economic system and destroy the American dream, among others.

Read this most important article. It is required reading.

Natural CapitalismSee also this excerpt from the book.

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