2010 Crop Circle Season Begins 05.22.10  
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What WIll the NEw Season Bring?

Crop Circle Connector

The new season of crop circles is upon us! And there is every indication that it will be an active, exciting time.

2010 Crop Circles

2010 Crop Circles
Old Sarum

First crop circle of 2010, in oil seed rape, 180 foot diameter. It is a circle containing six arcs intercepted by a small circle surrounded by a larger circle. A lozenge shape lies alongside the sixth arc with seven circles lying in an arc below. It lies below the ancient Hill Fort Old Sarum in Hampshire. It aligned with the setting sun on the Winter Solstice 21 Dec 2010, when there will be a total lunar eclipse. 05.05.10.



Aimed directly at Stonehenge, this formation weaves 28 circles together, twice which gives 56, the number of Aubrey holes in the outermost circle of the Stonehenge formation. 05.09.10


Yarnbury Key

Yarnbury Castle, near Winterbourne Stoke, Wiltshire.

A mysterious keyhole. What mystery does this formation decode? 05.16.10.


Winton Windmill

I would like to think that somewhere in this message there is a connection to Wind power and our Natural environment. It could be a pointer to natural energy, such as wind power, paving a way forward for the future of our planet.

Wilton Windmill, near Wilton, Wiltshire, 05.22.10.



An Italian formation at Granarolo Faenza. 05.29.10.


Doug and Dave

Doug and Dave, of course, make all the circles. For example, on Sunday night, May 30, they made the following three formations during the long 8-hour night, in three locations separated by over 1,000 miles, a distance that requires 16 hours of travel, while taking no time to actually make any formations in the dark.


Silbury Hill

The formation in barley near ancient site Silbury Hill,near Avebury, is a 6-fold design in a circle, with internal elements made from arcs.




The formation is quite small, it has been described as a "sperm and egg" and is in oil seed rape. Is there a new birth of civilization on Earth in the offing?

Westwoods, near Lockeridge, Wiltshire. 05.31.10.



Another Italian formation, this one in Tribano, near Padova, 05.31.10.


Liddington Castle

Are we the target on some galactic dartboard?

Liddington Castle, 06.02.10


Codford St. Peter

Codford St. Peter, 06.03.10.

The angry farmer will prosecute anyone violating his malt barley field.



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