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The Manifestation of the 5th World Begins


A global process has begun that WILL manifest a better world before 12/21/10, 11:11 am UT.

On the Autmn equinox of 2012 (Spring for the Southern Hemisphere) a process was begun by 14 dedicated and creative individuals to manifest the 5th World by December 12, 2012, at 11:11 am UT, when the sun and the Earth pass through the galactic plane at the moment Terence McKenna called The Eschaton.

A coordinating web site has been set up. Please visit The 5th World Fund and register your participation in this once-in-5,125-years event.

As a supporter of the 5th World, it is very important that you download and experience a three-part PowerPoint presentation that outlines

  1. Why the process will work,
  2. How you can be a part of it, and
  3. When it happens.

There is also a meditation for charging up your chakra energies. It was given to Judy Carroll by her upstairs associates. It is moving and transformative.

And, there is a short PowerPoint show focused just on the creative visualization process. You may have your own methods, and all paths that seek the Divine are honored and respected. All faiths and spiritual practices that share Pure Intent are invited to participate in the way they know best.

The short story:

The Hopis prophesied that time as we know it will end 12/21/2012, and the Earth's rotation will reverse.

This is the Eschaton, when our solar system passes through the galactic plane, South first.

The reversal of our idea of which way is up in effect reverses the apparent direction of rotation of the Earth, fulfilling the Hopi prophecy.

We have strong evidence that the Milk Hill formation of August 2001 was intelligent communication.

It requires a global response. We will make that response.

We have strong evidence that a subtle world exists which is governed by rules we now begin to understand.

We can use these rules to amplify and coordinate subtle energy flows in our bodies and globally.

As a planet, people of Pure Intent will, on an announced schedule, and in ever increasing numbers, "speak" into the subtle realm.

The energy patterns broadcast in this way will mirror the Milk Hill formation.

On 9/22/10 17 facilitators created this pattern and broadcast it into the subtle realms:

First Formation

First Formation, S pole

Starting with 17 Visioneers, and growing exponentially, 1% of the world's population will be participating by 12/21/1012, enough, by the laws of creative visualization, to create and maintain the 5th World:



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