Argentina Abnormal Alloy Found

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Alloy whose creation was impossible with known technology was found in Argentina

Diario Popular Newspaper

Metal of off-planet origin found in Argentina

MORENO Argentina - A minuscule portion of an alloy whose creation was "impossible to human technology" was collected by members of Codigo OVNI near the Roggero Reservoir, where UFOs are often reported. Codigo Ovni's Jorge Marron says: "We have official certification of material that is not of this planet."

Certification was made by a branch of Argentina's Institute of Industrial Technology (INTI) stating the abnormal alloy particle was found on the surface (crop circles?) through the use of magnets. Technicians with SEGEMAR, a dependency of the (INDI), reported that the ratio of iron and aluminum was highly unusual.

Marron says: "The sample reveals the presence of a high percentage of iron, combined with aluminum, in a ratio that cannot be achieved with conventional technology currently known on our planet. It is impossible for materials of this sort to be found in the Province of Buenos Aires. For the time being, we can say it is nothing made by human beings, and we would have to wonder about the relationship that exists between the marks and the particles."

Thanks to INEXPLICATA the Journal of Hispanic Ufology, Scott Corrales, and George Filer

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