Better World Forum 04.21.12  
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Global Gathering Online Focuses on Manifesting a Better World


The Better World Forum 2012 is an online, virtual conference and exposition with seminars, screenings, interviews and panels featuring Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Bill McKibben, Dot MaverDeepak Chopra, Jack HealeyBenjamin Barber, Rev. Deborah MoldowDanny Schechter, Occupy Movement OrganizersStephen Dinan and many other extraordinary leaders and teachers on the cutting edge of cultural, economic, environmental and political change.

It is a remarkable moment when the most influential thinkers and feelers of the world coordinate for four days on a single topic, and when that topic is creating a sustainable world for our descendents, it is truly a Milestone.

April 21-22 and April 28-29, 2012: All day, each day on two jam-packed weekends!

Be Inspired, Informed and Involved!

Visit our special Forum page to find out more and receive a 25% discount on Better World Forum tickets! Every person who buys a ticket through our site generates $10 in donation to the 5th World Fund!

The 5th World Fund, through its parent umbrella,, is now an affiliate of the Better World Forum.

The entire cost for both weekends will be $29USD instead of $39USD. We look forward to your participation in Better World Forum 2012!

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