Crystal Visions 2012 Project Reaches Level 15 01.30.11  
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Global Coordinated Manifestation of the 5th World Via Reproduction of the 2001 Milk Hill Formation Reaches Level 15


New Moon Visualization

Hundreds of sincere seekers of the Divine, people who deeply feel that a better world is coming and that we can co-create it using coordinated visualization, gathered once again on the first New Moon of the new year to broadcast into the depths of space their best ideas and images for how the 5th World will actually operate. The original 2001 Milk Hill formation had 6 symmetrical arms of 13 major circles each, most of which had minor satellites and subsatellites. This pattern is being reproduced globally at significant times such as New and Full Moon, Solstice, Equinox, etc. The Northern Hemisphere pattern looked like this on January 19:

Grid 01.19.11

The Southern hemisphere pattern is a mirror image. Individuals register at and are given coordinates a a color to illuminate in concert with others around the world. The plan is to exponentially increase the number of participants until 144,000 are assembled, which by new theory will be sufficient to imapct the planet in a major way. Please sign in and help us provide a future for our descendants.

The next global coordination date is February 2/3, 2011, depending upon one's latitude. There is a calendar and time zone converter at the site.


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