Coordinated Visualization Effect? 02.05.11  
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New Moon Coordinated Visualization for Peace and Tranquility Followed by Results


New Moon Coordinated global visualization for a better future and a peaceful, safe present was followed by situations consistent with what was imaged.

Egypt Peace Christins Protecting Muslims at Prayer

Left: protesters celebrate peacefully in Liberation Square, after the Crystal Visions 2012 Project and others projected images of peaceful transition to democratic rule in Egypt. On right: a team of Egyptian Christians forming a massive human shield to protect their Muslim countrymen as they prayed during the protests. Beauty amid the chaos.

Crescent And CrossMuslim crescent protects the Christian cross

The day after global visualization of a peaceful transition to democracy in Egypt, tens of thousands of protestors massed in jubilation and celebration of the "Day of Departure." No violence was reported, and the sense of quiet power and well being pervaded the previously chaotic center of Egypt's largest city.

Yasi Swirl Yasi on USA and UK

The Crystal Visions 2012 Southern Hemisphere swirl in place above Queensland, Australia, where Category 5 Cyclone Yasi came ashore in a relatively uninhabited area, causing far less destruction than anticipated.

Visioneer Alarca reports from near where the category 5 cyclone came ashore in Queensland, Australia, that although the damage was extensive, it “just happened” to cross the coast in a slightly less populated area rather than the major centers of Townsville or Cairns. There has been one reported loss of life and a few missing people, which is an absolute miracle, given the fact that 64 people died in Darwinback in 1974 as the result of a weaker cyclone, along with 1,000 seriously injured. She reports that the newspeople keep commenting on how amazingly “lucky” everyone was, considering the seriousness of the situation. It just shows what positive vibes sent via mass consciousness can achieve! She sends out a BIG thank you to everyone who sent healing and protective energy to Queensland to help them with the cyclone last night. In fact, rather than loss of life, another life has been added, with a baby born at the Cairns evacuation center at the height of the storm.

Steward Kira, by way of Visioneer Ashka, reports from Ground Zero:

To all my Reiki Protectors,

Thank you to everyone who was concerned about Matt's and my well being. If it weren't for you, we wouldn't have only been very scared but we would've lost everything. I want you all to know of the positive effects that you had on us, on that gut-wrenching night. Even though our experiences were mild physically, the 'emotional' Yasi was somewhat category 6!

On Sunday the tension and sheer panic was elevating by the hour, roads were blocked, and shopping centres overflowing (it made Christmas seem like an average weekend) -- no food, no water, no gas, no fuel....I was shocked to see Bunnings warehouse almost empty.

By Monday night all of Cairns was so stressed out and flustered that the people were acting like they were on the edge of their emotional limits (including Matt).

Tuesday morning our area had been warned that if we had not already evacuated then to make sure that we are all in lock-down by midday. At this time of being stuck in the house, we attempted to set up our 'safe room'. Our nerves were so strong that it would bring on heart palpatations and stomach butterflies (like stage fright), we were snapping at each other over petty things, like whether we should use the candles before the torches.... madness.....our minds would just not slow down. I kept trying to think if I had forgotten anything in case we had no power for weeks on end. We had the news playing all day, watching and praying that Yasi would keep south. At around 5 p.m. Matt was unbearable (I'm sure I was too). His energy vibe, or whatever it was, made me feel sick when he walked in the room. At 10 p.m. the power went out and the wind started to howl through the house. My heart was racing faster then ever before.

Then, sudden warmth and calmness flooded over my body like 1,000 hands holding me! Matt turned to me, looking completely content and relaxed, and said very peacefully, "Well, guess I'll have a nap." My 2 kittens stopped scratching at the bathroom door, and my dog sat down for the first time in hours. She looked 100% more relaxed, tail wagging.

In that one instant, my whole family had a very extreme personality change. My house was full of the unconditional love vibe within 10 mins! This was a very magical experience to feel all of your protection and even more so for my animals and boyfriend to react in such a way. The power of Reiki and love from all of you saved our lives on every level of our consciousness! Thank you again to all our beloved family and friends!


Matt and Steward Kira

While nothing can be proven, it is certainly worth observing that coordinated visualization of certain outcomes was followed, at least on this one day, by just what was being imaged. Our task is to get more people doing this until we can maintain the energy 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and a better world will be manifest. Please help spread the word.

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