The Earth Changes Begin 03.01.11  
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Disasters All Over the World


In case you missed it, Mother Earth seems annoyed, restless, and we're only 3 months into the year.

Myanmar: Earthquake - Mar 2011

Thailand: Floods and Landslides - March 2011

Japan: Earthquake and Tsunami - Mar 2011

New Zealand: Earthquake - Feb 2011

Madagascar: Cyclone Bingiza - Feb 2011

Mexico: Cold Wave - Feb 2011

Cyclone Yasi - Jan 2011

Queensland: Flooding Jan 2011

Malaysia : Floods - Jan 2011

Cyclone Wilma - Jan 2011

Bolivia: Floods and Landslides - Jan 2011

Southern Africa: Floods - Jan 2011

Vanuatu: Tropical Cyclone Vania - Jan 2011

Bangladesh: Cold Wave - Jan 2011

"You have been telling the people that this is the Eleventh Hour, now you must go back and tell the people that this is THE HOUR."

-- Hopi Elders


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