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How Earthlings Opened Up Reliable Communication with Off-Planet Beings

The Wisdom Keepers of Old

Since 2002, energies from authentic English crop formations have been collected in water and made into cosmic energy essences. With the assistance of Akashic Records reader Aingeal Rose O'Grady, these essences have been decoded. We know who made them and why, and how to use them. This is their remarkable story.

For as long as people have stared into the night sky wondering who is out there, governments have been busy telling, “No one. We're alone. If anything is out there, it is too far away to get here. Trust us.” The last thing any government wants is to have its citizens communicating with off-planet intelligence, because then everything gets upset, and people would wonder why we even need stupid Earth-bound governments anyway. It could spell trouble for those who focus on retaining power over others.
The fact is that people have been communicating regularly with off-planet intelligence for as long as Earth humans have been around. But, because such communications are not carried out via radio waves through approved channels, today's authorities pretend to dismiss it all. It does not matter. Andy Rooney once quipped, “Ignoring the facts does not change the facts.” People know we are not alone. They know we have a long joint history with Visitors from elsewhere. The authorities know that too.
Milk Hill 08.12.01

Milk Hill
In 2001, a month before 9/11, an extraordinary crop-circle formation occurred on top of an English field called Milk Hill. Its galaxy-like form spanned 900 feet, displaying six symmetrical arms and comprising 409 perfect circles, each a prime number of inches in diameter. Any level-headed person who was not being paid or forced to speak nonsense, could see that drunks Doug and Dave over at the pub did not create this pattern unnoticed, in four hours of darkness, in the driving rain, with boards and ropes, without leaving footprints. The level of mathematical sophistication in the design was beyond that of any conceivable prank by drunks or college students.
There once was an emperor who could not admit to his public nakedness, because it would show that he was not very smart. We have a similar situation here. Our leaders have no clothes on this issue, and they cannot admit that they have been consistently lying to us about it since Roswell's 1947 UFO recovery or before. Who would believe them henceforward, if they were now to admit that they are incorrigible liars? Clearly, no one. If one day they suddenly tell you that aliens are invading, just ignore them, because their unscrupulous record suggests that they could easily make up some alien-invasion scenario just to scare us into keeping them in power. The peace and civil rights movements of the '60s were often infiltrated with people paid to instigate violence.

The Milk Hill formation of 8/12/2001, which became known as the Double Julia Set, was part of a two-year sequence of formations that, when studied in a scientific and detached manner, can only be interpreted as communication directed to the human race from some advanced intelligence. A rectangular code formation that appeared near England's Chilbolton Radiotelescope Observatory a week later can be nothing but a response to Carl Sagan's 1974 broadcast of a similar code from the Arecibo Radiotelescope in Puerto Rico. Our broadcast code defined us as a species talking to the universe, while the Chilbolton code defined another race of smaller beings that is speaking to us. A face in the same field was some kind of signature—they seem to be human-like, but with a million or so more genome sequences. Part of our code represented the radiotelescope that we used to send the 1974 message. The corresponding part of the Chilbolton code showed a mysterious multiple-circle model of a device they no doubt use to draw in our fields. That model was a reduced image of a much bigger and more detailed pattern that formed in the same field the year before. They apparently don't use radio signals, and looking for radio-signal evidence of aliens is silly.
The remarkable sequence of interrelated crop-circle formations of 2000-2001 could only be interpreted as a major breakthrough—off-planet intelligence is talking to us, and we, as citizens of this planet, can read and understand those communications without authorities interpreting the meanings for us. We are not alone. We have Guests. They wish to speak with us. They write in our fields. The crop circles have meanings. The Visitors are polite and non-intrusive. It can only be in our highest interests to listen and engage them in conversation.
Barbara Lamb

Barbara Lamb
Barbara Lamb is one of those humans that is not stupid. Far from it. Years before others caught on, she had recognized the potential value of crop circles and had been thoroughly researching them. Her insightful book, Crop Circles Revealed, examines hundreds of formations. When it became clear to Barbara and us that the Double Julia Set and the Chilbolton code reflected undeniably intelligent communications that had been created via some unknown energy-based process, we decided to begin collecting the energies of the best crop formations before they could be destroyed by disturbed farmers. Dr. Masaru Emoto has famously demonstrated that water retains memories of its environment, so Barbara and we decided to use water to remember the energy in each authentic crop circle she visited in her annual tours of the crop-circle region of southeastern England.
We did not yet know how we would be guided to use these crop-circle energies, but we knew we had to harvest them and receive them graciously as the gifts that they truly are. When courteous, soft-spoken Visitors arrive bringing gifts, civilized people customarily greet them, accept the gifts and express thanks. We set out to do that.
Beginning in 2002, Barbara began collecting crop-circle energies by dowsing the authenticity of a given formation, finding its energetic center and sitting there with a glass bottle of pure water from the White Well, an ancient well long thought to have powerful healing water. Once settled in the energetic center, Barbara does an invocation to the circle-makers, whomever they might be, asking that the formation's beneficial energies be allowed to enter into and be remembered by the water, for purposes of being distributed in a good way to those who need it most. When she feels internally that the process is complete, she caps and labels the bottle and later ships the season's collection to us for preservation, labeling, and distribution. She has collected energy from 101 formations since 2001.
As the crop-circle energy essences accumulated, the essential question began to form: What does one do with them? Some people received inner knowings as to what do with one essence or another, but there was no overall guidance to the process. Then things changed.
Aingeal Rose O'Grady

Aingeal Rose O'Grady
One day we made the acquaintance of Aingeal Rose O'Grady, whose special gift is that she can enter into the Akashic Records with specific questions and return with direct answers. The Akashic Records record without distortion or omission everything that has ever happened. Aingeal has conducted public sessions for years during which people's questions have been answered and recorded by her husband Ahonu. She has begun a series of books that collect and organize the answers, the first volume of which is A Time of Change. It was only a matter of time before we realized that we could ask Aingeal to query the Akashic Records about the meanings of the crop circles.
Over many sessions and many months, we worked with Aingeal to decode the 101 collected essences. We soon learned what they were for. Each one was different. Some were intended to alleviate human suffering or improve health, while others helped people accelerate their spiritual evolution. Some were part of high-level adjustments to Earth energies, and were not to be used on a personal level. Some were of no consequence. Two were clearly indicated as being safe only after the Winter Solstice of 2012, the legendary time of the birth of the Fifth World. We asked who had made each one, and we were informed. Most were made by Pleiadians and Arcturians, but many players from many places have been involved. Hosts of others have been talking to our deaf ears. Our sample of 101 formations is dwarfed by the 10,000 or so formations that have occurred around the world. We can only wonder what blessings the human race has left unnoticed in the fields.
Energy Beings

Energy Beings
One day Aingeal sat upright during a reading of crop-circle essences, holding up a cobalt-blue bottle of energized water, and, with a startled look on her face, she said, “Source tells me that these essences are living beings! They have names, and they want to specify their prices.” This was news to us. We had thought that the energies in the waters were much like Bach Flower Essences—good for specific purposes, but not much more. And we thought that $9 apiece or two for $15 made good economic sense—lower prices sell more items. Not so. Now we realized that we were hosting a family of living, sometimes opinionated beings—energy folks, visitors with names, prices and personalities, and it was to change our lives.
We returned to the list and began recording names and prices. Clearly we were in an alien economic realm. Many of the prices seemed exorbitant, and we questioned Aingeal about it, but she replied that Source said that the specified prices have certain essential energies in them, and that people will be drawn to specific essences, knowing inwardly that they need to work with that energy, whatever the price. We took it on faith, and so it is. The essences, their images and decodings are at, and people do indeed get drawn to specific formations, and invariably the purpose of the formation they are drawn to matches what they need at this point in their lives.

The Turning of the Ages
During the December 21-23 Winter Solstice weekend of 2012, 50-some people assembled at the Crystal Creek Center in Western North Carolina to hear speakers, do ceremony, share meals and generally celebrate this special time of transition between Ages. We recalled that Source had identified one of our energy essences as not to be used for personal use until after the Ages turned. Our guidance suggested that we get it out and give it a special welcome, so we gathered 11 people at the exact moment of the solstice at 6:11 AM on the morning of December 21 to welcome in the New Epoch. We circled around a vigil fire that we kept going for 55 hours. We each took a drop of the newly released essence and conducted a welcoming ceremony for it. We all felt felt powerfully energized and blessed. At the end of the weekend we gathered again, this time 15 people, to co-create a new energy essence based on the Global Healing Mandala and spiced up with the newcomer, whose name was Crown of Crescent Moons.
New Dawn Essence

The Wisdom Keepers of Old
The resulting essence was named New Dawn, and Aingeal decoded it via the Akashic Records as another living being, one full of joy and celebration. Source reported that it had been made by the Wisdom Keepers of Old, which was curious.
At our next opportunity, we requested that Aingeal ask Source what was meant by the phrase, “The Wisdom Keepers of Old.” She said that this was the group of people, 21 separate individuals, who had been called to co-create this new energy essence during the Turning of the Ages weekend. These people, she related, knew each other long ago, in other realms, some in Native American lives, others in off-planet locations. They came to this time and place, each along a unique path, to join forces once more to carry out a common agenda related to building a better world. So the plot thickens.

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