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The Rising of Planet Earth's Energy 12/21 had Consequences


According to widely revered spiritual leaders, the Earth's energy rose significantly on 12/21/12. Evidence of this shift has been visible in our turbulent skies and in the deep changes in the Roman Catholic Church, among many other olaces. One consequence of the energy rise was that lower-level disembodied entities—attachments or possesions—became dislodged from human hosts whose energies have risen above the level at which the attaching entities were comfortable. These now-detached entities are seeking new hosts. A new energy harmonic, developed from six contributing cosmic energies, protects people from becoming new hosts for these dislodged entities.

Something extraordinary happened around December 21, 2012. Not only did the legendary end of the Mayan calendar come and go, but all around the Earth good-hearted people focused their intentions on creating a better world, the world the ancient Hopis called the 5th World of love, balance, and spiritual strength. And it happened, much to the surprise of many observing intelligent beings from far places, spaces and times, who had long ago given up on Earth, concluding that humans were a hopeless, warlike, selfish people, intent on self-destruction. The 5th World was born at 11:11 GMT, 12/21/2012. It is now an infant, and it needs our nurturing and care. Thank you for helping birth this beautiful new world! And thank you for contining to care for and cultivate this fragile young cosmic soul that we live on.

Gregg Braden, renowned author of Deep Truth and other books, and speaker in great demand, has often suggested that the square root of 1% of a population is sufficient to manifest the group's intentions in that population. This has been demonstrated many times in many places around the planet. We have perhaps 7 billion Earthlings now, of which 1% is 70 million, of which the square root is 8367. More than that number of people apparently answered the call at the Shift of the Ages, joining their collective intentions, and so we threaded the needle as a planetary species. We did it!

Patricia Cota-Robles, one of our planet's most revered spiritual leaders, announced the transition in these words:

from Source 1:

Congratulations! Through the unified efforts of Heaven and Earth, we have... birthed the New Earth in the 5th-Dimensional Realms of Cause. During the unprecedented celestial alignment that took place on December 21-22, 2012, our Father-Mother God inbreathed the Earth and all creation up the spiral of evolution into the next octave of our learning experiences. This event, which was called the Shift of the Ages, is a natural part of our evolutionary experience that occurs only once every so many million years.

This shift involved not only the Sons and Daughters of God evolving on Earth, but also the Sons and Daughters of God throughout infinity. Each and every Child of God is now in position to cocreate with our God Parents the next phase of our journey back to the Heart of our Father-Mother God. This will be a unique process for every Child of God throughout the Universe, but on Earth it will be glorious beyond our wildest imagination.

In order to grasp the magnitude of what the Birth of the New Earth in the 5th-Dimensional Realms of Cause means for each of us, we must understand that the 5th Dimension is a frequency of Light that transcends separation and duality. Within this higher frequency of vibration the gross mutations of disease, poverty, hunger, war, greed, hatred, or pain and suffering of any kind cannot be sustained.

The 5th Dimension [the 5th World] is a timeless, spaceless frequency of God’s infinite light and perfection. It is the frequency that we have always known as the heavenly realms. Now with the Shift of the Ages... the heavenly realms have ascended up the spiral of evolution into the 6th-Dimensional Realms of Light.

Within the 5th Dimension, divine love and the consciousness of oneness and reverence for life are the only reality. The sons and daughters of God abiding in the 5th dimension are destined to cocreate experiences that enhance life with every thought, word, action, feeling, and belief we express. We will cocreate win-win situations for everybody as we perpetually focus on love, light, and the highest good for all concerned. This may sound too good to be true, but actually it does not even begin to describe the wonders and joyous things we will be cocreating once we accept that the new Earth [the 5th World] has been birthed, and we daily and hourly live out of that profound truth....

Over 2,000 years ago, Jesus, the avatar of the Piscean Age, revealed an activity of light that would take place during these “end times” which would serve as a catalyst for returning the fallen sons and daughters of God on Earth to Christ Consciousness. The event he revealed was a baptism by sacred fire that would be initiated by our Mother God, the Holy Spirit, on behalf of awakening humanity. This miraculous event was... accomplished on December 22, 2012, thus paving the way for the successful birth of the New Earth [the 5th World] in the 5th dimension....

from Source 2:

So far this year [2013] we have experienced an unusual influx of asteroids, meteors, comets, and extremely powerful solar flares. This may seem like just a coincidence, but nothing is happening by accident. The Elemental Kingdom is the Divine Intelligence that magnetizes the unformed primal Light substance into the matrices that form all physical matter, including asteroids, meteors, comets, and solar flares. What the Elemental Kingdom creates is always a reflection of Humanity's consciousness. Moment by moment, as we express our thoughts, words, actions, feelings, and beliefs, the Elemental Kingdom brings them into manifest form in perfect Divine Order....

The psychic astral plane is a sea of negativity that surrounds the Earth. This very dense and oppressive force field of energy was formed through the negative thoughts, words, actions, feelings, and beliefs Humanity has expressed since our fall from Grace eons ago. This very negative force field of Humanity's human miscreations is the "dark tunnel" people consistently report passing through when they go through a near-death experience. This is the "veil of illusion" or "the veil of maya" that is often talked about in sacred scriptures.

The beings of light in the realms of illumined truth have told us that it has been very difficult for humanity to transmute the energy in the psychic astral plane because it is so very dense. In order to make this transmuting process easier, awakening humanity has been invoking assistance from the Elemental Kingdom. Whenever an asteroid, meteor, comet, or solar flare passes close by the Earth or enters our atmosphere, it literally shakes the ethers and shatters the dense energy in the psychic astral plane. Then, when lightworkers invoke the violet transmuting flame, it can easily blaze in, through, and around the negative energy and transmute it back into light...

Another outer-world sign that took place after the birth of the New Earth [the 5th World] was the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI on 2/11/13. This unprecedented event captured the attention of the entire world and created a collective cup of humanity’s consciousness through which the Company of Heaven could intensify the purging of the abuse of power, the corruption, perversion, deception, manipulation, greed, suppression of women, and the separation and duality associated with all of the world's religions. This event specifically involved the Roman Catholic Church, but if we step back to see the bigger picture, we will understand that this Church is serving as a surrogate for the purging of all of the distortion associated with every organized religion. As the patterns of perfection for the New Earth [the 5th World] filter into humanity’s consciousness, we clearly know that any religion that functions from a consciousness of separation and duality is not reflecting the profound truth of humanity’s oneness and the reverence for all life. This truth was originally the basis of every world religion....

For millennia, the Company of Heaven has been helping awakening humanity to remember the existence of our Mother God, and to open our heart chakras. The way that most people have reconnected with the love of our Mother God is through the Holy Spirit. Because of their patriarchal consciousness, world religions have mistakenly taught us that the Holy Spirit is a masculine aspect of our Father God, but now the Company of Heaven has revealed the truth. The Holy Spirit is our Mother God, the feminine aspect of deity. The holy trinity represents our Father God—the father, the son and daughter of God—the Christ, and our Mother God—the Holy Spirit. We always knew that the Holy Spirit was the love nature of God and the holy comforter, but now we know the Holy Spirit represents our Mother God.

Since our fall from grace eons ago, the Company of Heaven has been working with awakening humanity to reopen the portal of the divine feminine in South America. With the focus on the Virgin of Guadalupe over the past 500 years, and the attention that has been given to South America during the past 25 years because of the completion of the 5,125-year cycle of the Mayan Calendar, millions of people have traveled to the sacred sites surrounding the portal of our Mother God, adding their light and love to this reopening process. On the twelfth day of the twelfth month of the twelfth year of the new millennium—12-12-12—the day celebrated as the feast day of the Virgin of Guadalupe, the portal of our Mother God was at long last opened to full breadth.

Jorge Mario Bergoglio was born and raised in Argentina, which like all of South America, is held in the radiance of the portal of our Mother God . In spite of the patriarchal stance of the church, his mission has been over-lighted by the Holy Spirit. Cardinal Bergoglio dedicated his service to the auspices of Mother Mary and lives a life of compassion and love. He denounced the pomp and circumstance of a Catholic Cardinal in order to serve the poor and those who need him the most. He refused to live in the Cardinal’s palace and rented a small apartment for himself. He cooked his own meals and refused the chauffeured car allotted a Cardinal in exchange for riding the bus to work.

When Cardinal Bergoglio was elected Pope, he chose the name Francis after Saint Francis of Assisi. To grasp the significance of that choice, we need briefly to look at life of Saint Francis. Saint Francis was born into a wealthy family, but rejected his wealth to serve the poor. One time Francis was in an old church, and as he prayed before the crucifix on the altar, he heard what he perceived to be the voice of God. God said, “Francis, rebuild my church.” Initially Ffrancis thought God was asking him to rebuild the old church he was in, but he soon realized that the church of God is not a lavish edifice, the church of God is the people.

Saint Francis was well aware of the Elemental Kingdom and worked hand-in-hand with the animals and nature. He was never ordained into the catholic priesthood, but he is one of the most venerated religious figures in history. On July 16, 1228, Francis was pronounced a saint by Pope Gregory IX. He is known as the patron saint of animals and the environment. Pope Francis is the first pope to choose to be named after Saint Francis of Assisi.

[In session with Aingeal Rose O'Grady, who was reading the Akashic Records for us, it was revealed that Pope Francis is a reincarnation of St. Francis, although Pope Francis does not want to be primarily associated with that connection, as he has had many other incarnations as well, and those influences are also very important in his current life.]

When he was introduced as the Pope to the throngs of people gathered in Vatican Square, the first thing he did was bow and ask the people to bless him. Then he prayed the three prayers that he knew every Catholic child and adult would know. He chose those prayers so that people around the world could pray with him. The first prayer was the Hail Mary, the second was Glory be to the Father, and the third was the Lord’s Prayer.

The following day, the first thing he did before officially addressing the gathering of Cardinals as the new Pope was to go to the chapel alone where he prayed for 30 minutes to Mother Mary, asking for her blessings and divine intervention in his mission. When Pope Francis addressed the Cardinals, instead of sitting on the white Pope’s throne, he stood amongst the Cardinals as their brother and received their blessings. He said, “I am asking all of you to help me rebuild God’s church.”

Pope Francis chose to conduct his first mass on Saint Joseph’s Feast Day, 3/19/13. Saint Joseph is the patron saint of the universal church. The Company of Heaven revealed to humanity a long time ago that Joseph, who was Jesus’s father and the husband of Mother Mary, was one of the embodiments of St. Germain. St. Germain is the keeper of the violet flame of God’s infinite perfection. This sacred fire, which is the seventh solar aspect of deity, will be the predominant influence on the planet during the Age of Aquarius.

How appropriate to have the first Pope after the birth of the New Earth [the 5th World] begin his mission under the auspices of St. Germain. His words at the first mass were also profound in light of this cosmic moment and the shifts of consciousness that are taking place. When he spoke to the 300,000 people gathered in Vatican Square and the millions tuning in from around the world, he said: “I am asking all of you to assume the role of protectors. We are all protectors of creation, protectors of the plan of God, which is written in nature. We are protectors of one another and of the environment. But it is not allowed that signs of destruction and death accompany our journey in this world.

The papal change in Rome is an immense and world-changing event, the consequences of which will continue to reverberate throughout the world for eons. Stay tuned for updates.

When in session with Aingeal Rose O'Grady, we asked Source for guidance on what we might do with our 85 decoded crop-circle energies that would serve the highest needs of humanity at this special time of change. Source indicated that, since the rise in planetary energy that occurred on 12/21/12, millions of lost and confused disembodied souls, who have long been sucking spiritual energy from people to whom they had invisibly attached themselves, had become suddenly detached from their former hosts, whose levels of Light energy rose with the 12/21/12 planetary energy rise to a level above that which the attaching souls could tolerate.

We need to guide these lost souls into the Light, and all humans whose energy is not yet high enough need to protect themselves from these lost souls so as not to become their new hosts. To accomplish this aim, Source indicated that we might want to co-create a new energy harmonic that would protect people from being invaded by these dislodged souls.

On the full moon of 2/24/13, we gathered sincere lightworkers together at the Crystal Creek Center in Western North Carolina to invite Cosmic Energy Essences to co-create with us for this special task. By consensus of those assembled, the following essences volunteered for the mission:

0101 (Pleiadian) Global Healing Mandala: Catalyst for opening divine/cosmic consciousness within self, and the planet. This is the intention-focus lens, the great mixing bowl.

0604 (Pleiadian) Divine Closure: Brings closure. Allows one to move on from the wheel of karma with no encumbrances. Creates beautiful harmonics.

0605 (Pleiadian) Dream Weaver: Releases old patterns not in alignment with where we are going. Makes peace with the past. Creates a new paradigm.

0904 (Arcturian) Return of Quetzalcoatl: Helps you rebalance with the sustainable Earth, like the ancient Mayans. Carries new harmonics, deepens reverence.

1103 (Arcturian) Star Seed (Melatonin): For those ready for new brain chemicals; clears out buried emotions. Helps Native Americans resurrect as a race.

1206 (Sun People) Rivers Running: Changes the fluid dynamics in your body to be consistent with the new reality. Embargoed by Source for use only after 1/13/13.

Each of these essences is powerful in its own right, and as an ensemble, the protective power of the new energy harmonic is astonishing. We use it daily. When Aingeal Rose O'Grady read the Akashic Records to determine the parameters of this new energy harmonic, it named itself "Theidan," (pronounced Thay-d'n) and sets its own price at $67.00. The digits in the price of each essence, we are told, form a unique harmonic frequency that activates the powers of the energy essence. It is a strange new world with strange new economics.

Theidan Theidan, Warrior Spirit for Truth, Spirit Image by AHONU

The reading from the Akashic Records concerning Theidan TTS2K1304 was as follows:

Theidan is a warrior spirit for truth. It makes very clear the discernment of energies and their motives. It acts as a spinning vortex to clear any energies or entities whose motives are questionable. It strengthens the auric field.

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