Level-Two Illumination of Earth Coordinates 10.22.10  
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The Pattern Emerges


The first two levels of Earth coordinates that are building an Earth response in the image of the 2001 Milk Hill formation will be illuminated under the Full Moon of October 22, 2010.

In a global coordinated effort to begin intelligent conversation with Advanced Benevolent Communicators (ABCs), people from the U.S., England, Australia and Japan on October 22, 2010, will illuminate the first two levels of the 2001 Milk Hill formation design, recreated on a global scale. Below is the original communication from the ABCs, and the Level One and Two coordinate sets.

Milk Hill Formation
Level One
The Milk Hill Formation August, 2001
Level One Manifestation Pattern, 9.22.10
Level Two
Earth N Level 2
Level Two Manifestation Pattern, 10.22.10
The Pattern Emerges, Northern Hemisphere

A mirror image of this pattern is being illuminated from the Southern Hemisphere. The arms rotate in the opposite way, centered on the South Pole.

Participants generate Intentional Manifestation Fields that carry ideas into reality. The best ideas of all participants resonate and are carried forward.

Exponential growth of participation achieves the necessary minimum numbers in order to tip the dominant paradigm into the 5th World of love, balance and spiritual strength.

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