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20 years and a gift in a small field


The new logo for the 5th World Journal, seen below right, has a story.

Almost all crop formations occur between April and September, but in 2012, on October 14, this appeared:

Oct 14 2012

Crop formations are gifts to us from benevolent, invisible friends, and we earthlings should treat them as temples, or galactic shrines. It is our position that every crop formation should be preserved for public visitation and study, and the farmers compensated for their lost income from unharvestable crops. We are collecting donations to start a fund to this effect. Now that the 5th World Fund has attained its objective of helping to manifest the 5th World, which happened 12/21/12, according to luminaries like Patricia Cota-Robles, we will be revamping the site to gather funds to protect all agriglyphs.

The particular formation shown above was created on Windmill Hill, near Avebury Trusloe, in Wiltshire, in a conservation area that was planted with a wild-bird mixture to provide winter feed to wildlife and birds and also to provide a safe habitat for ground-nesting birds. The small plot's thoughtful owners spent much time and money establishing this plot for the benefit of wild birds, insects and farmland animals, but visitors inadvertently disturb the birds' nesting activities, which is unfortunate. We want to encourage visitation, but we also want to protect the wildlife. It's a conflict with this formation.

The curious nature of this formation is made more unusual in that it occurred on the 20th anniversary of the founding of the 5th World Journal, and three days before editor Yuroc's birthday.

The journal's original logo, old logo, was also inspired by a crop formation from 20 years ago, and you can see the close correlation of the two images.

So we have adopted the late-season design and have created from it a new logo for the Journal:

5WJ new logoIt incorporates the seven major chakras and their colors from base red to crown violet.

It also displays the Earth, the moon, the sun and the Global Healing Mandala. Artist Bert Janssen extracted the outlines of the design, and we applied colors and images.

For the complete story of the Global Healing Mandala, swirling water, and the saga of the Not Made By Hands Cosmic Energy Essences, click here.

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