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Appropriate Technology Is Alive and Well in Africa

Appropriate Technology, pioneered by E.F. Schumacher's Small is Beautiful: Economics as if People, can transform the underdeveloped world through putting low-tech sustainable solutions in the hands of those who can use them to better their lives. Jock Brandis, out of the goodness of his heart, invented and perfected an Appropriate Technology for shelling peanuts in Africa. It is a beautiful story, one that can be replicated around the world. If and when the 4th World collapses of its own weight, those who will be most likely to survive will be those using Appropriate Technology. There are scenaroios where nations like Mali lead the world into sustainable energy systems by bypassing the complicated technological 4th World. Stranger things have happened.

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A complex global problem; a simple global solution. Five hundred million people around the world depend on the peanut as their primary source of protein. Hand-shelling nets a villager in Mali, West Africa ten pounds of nuts per day, producing little more than arthritis.

A simple Appropriate Technology, the universal sheller, allows that same village to shell three-quarters of a ton in the same time, transforming the time spent chasing a daily meal into opportunities to address the educational, health and economic issues in their lives.

The Appropriate Genius tells the story of Jock Brandis and his efforts fighting hunger and extreme poverty. His trip to that village in Mali and a chance meeting with a village woman resulted in a breakthrough low-tech device that is changing the lives of people in developing nations around the world. What began as a repair to a village irrigation system as a favor to a friend turned into a synergistic approach to an invention which leading agricultural experts consider the "holy grail" of sustainable agriculture in developing nations.

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