Pope Confirms that Aliens are Real 11.14.08  
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Italian language video clip shows Pope Benedict XVI Announcing the Reality of Extraterrestrials

The Catholic Church is officially on record saying that we are not alone in the Cosmos.

Pope Benedict XVI, on the day (November 14) before the International Symposium on Star Nations began in Rome, issued a public statement from his Vatican balcony to the crowds in Saint Peter's Square that "God created Adam and Eve and the extraterrestrials [Star Visitors]."

The Pope went on to say that in a cosmos with so many galaxies and so many planets within each, that it is impossible to exclude the existence of intelligent life on other planets. So, the Catholic Church and the Vatican State are officially on record that Star Visitors exist.

12.03.08 Comment from George Earley:

The heading is a bit misleading. The Pope is not acknowledging the existence of ET, or talking about visitors here. He is saying that there is nothing in Catholic theology that argues against the possibility of intelligent ET life . .. .somewhere. And this is not news. Back in the early pre-moon landing Apollo days, one of the news services [probably AP] queried leaders of the major religions of the world regarding space exploration. All of them said it was OK with their theology and they didn't rule out the possibility that at some time we could encounter intelligent life outside this solar system. So . . . either the Pope's researchers never turned up that info before he made his announcement, or he figured it was time to restate the case and never mind that someone had said it earlier. In any event, what's new to some younger folks, is really old wine in new skins.

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