Report on the Children of the New Earth Conference 05.31.09  
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The Star Kids Gather

Richard Boylan

The stewards of the 5th World have begun to gather and to identify with each other.

I spent an amazing Saturday at the Children of the New Earth Conference (in Sacramento, California.)

Imagine if you will a cluster of meetings rooms and hallways filled with well over one hundred Star Kids and Star Seed adults. I tell you, the energy was amazing! I was so jazzed that I woke up at 3 am this morning still buzzing from that energy. The gathering was almost 100% Star Kids and Star Seed adults. I lost count on how many scores of people whose energy fields I dowsed at my table at the conference. I found only one single person who dowsed as Regular Human. ALL the rest were Star Seeds/Kids.

Even those children and parents who were not familiar with the Star Kid concept, and had been working with the (provisional) labels of "Indigo" or "Crystal" children, were very receptive to learning about Star Kids and why the Star Visitor aspect completes the explanation of why these amazing new children are different and advanced.

I was on a panel of experts at the final event of the day, and while other experts focused on clinical labels such as Asperger's Disorder, Attention-Deficit Disorder, etc. to explain some of these New Children's differences in expressing themselves and behaving, no one seemed taken aback when I explained the differences and advanced operating abilities in terms of star heritage. Many minds were opened to a new depth of understanding of why there are so many New Children among us.

The effect when you get a concentration of virtually 100% Star Kids/Seeds in one place is quite striking. The ambient good-energy, good-feeling atmosphere was almost tangible. Everyone was pleasant. cheerful, mutually respectful, and relaxed at being in a safe accepting environment -- like a big family reunion.

This Saturday I got a taste of what immersion in a completed Fifth World society would be like. For those magic twelve hours, transformed Fifth World society had emerged in the ballroom and meeting rooms of the Red Lion Inn in Sacramento. This immersion experience only makes me want to work the harder to have Fifth World society emerge globally.

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