Torus Energy Sacred Fire Vision 01.10.12  
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A Moving Animation of Group Torus Power


Group energy is at a higher dimensionality than individual energy. By using the principles of the torus, manifestation energy can be created, enhanced, amplified, and directed. Just flow into this moving animation, and let powerful Cosmic energies flow into your life.


Stay tuned, as this is just the beginning. This powerful group activity energizes water placed in the circle center. Dowsers will confirm the spin. One drop of this energized water energizes another bottle, or a swimming pool. Amazing things are happening. Get involved at the 5th World Fund, where people from many nations are using this group process at Full and New Moons to manifest the 5th World.

Source: Original; Animation by Steward forest48; Music by Joao Cota-Robles, composed after his death 12/30/10, and downloaded from the other side by Frederic Delarue.

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