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Transmission #1: Tesla Water

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Transmission #1 introduces the science of agriglyphs and begins the story of how over 12 years, the opportunity has arisen to conclude that we are not alone, that we are in communication with benevolent off-planet beings.
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Proof We're Not Alone. Transmission #1

An Unbelievable Story

August 11, 2001, was a very rainy night in Wiltshire, England. During the available 409 minutes of darkness, Doug and Dave, two old geezers from the pub, snuck into Milk Hill field with boards and ropes and mashed down 409 perfect circles, each a prime number of inches in diameter. One circle per minute, all night long. In the rain and the wind. In the pitch blackness. Without lights. Without making a mistake. Without being observed. Without breaking any stems. Without leaving a single footprint or getting the crop muddy. Each circle was perfectly placed so as to make the overall picture look like a counterclockwise swirling galaxy, and the formation was over three football fields wide.

Yes, it is an unbelievable story, but that is because it is not true.

The formation wasn't hoaxed by Doug and Dave, but the "authorities" would like you to think so. We hope you were not taken in by the "official" hoax. Many people were.

Milk Hill ground
A Formation of Transformation
Milk Hill 2001

Each of the six symmetric arms in the Milk Hill formation of 8/11/2001 contained 13 perfect circles and in numerology 13 means transformation. The 409 circles in the formation add up to a 13 (4+0+9). The date of its formation was also a 13 (8+1+1+2+0+0+1).

Fewer than 10% of all crop formations feature the number 13 as a theme. Fewer than 10% of all crop formations contain a circle count that is numerologically 13. Fewer than 10% of all crop formations occur on a date that inumerologically 13. How often will a random crop formation have all three aspects? 10% of 10% of 10%, or 0.1%. Events that occur less than 1% of the time and yet did occur are statistically very significant. The 8/11/2001 Milk Hill formation thus is very significant, i.e., it was not a random event. It was created intentionally, with thoughtful design and purpose.

The Global Healing Mandala

A dowsing pendulum held over a bottle of water energized by this formation will spin counterclockwise, the direction of the subtle energetic spin within the original Milk Hill formation, when viewed from above. A single drop of this water induces a counterclockwise subtle-energy spin in any other water it is placed in. A single drop keeps a hot tub clear and clean for months without chemicals. (Interestingly, an experiment using water spun clockwise did not keep the water clean for more than 3 weeks.) Drops of this swirling water have been placed in the surface waters of 27 nations to help clean the Earth's waters and lift our planetary energy.

Through long years of study we have concluded that this formation was an otherworldly gift intended to gently transform the human race. The design that evolved from the 2001 Milk Hill formation is now known as the Global Healing Mandala. 

Tesla Water
Water energized by the Global Healing Mandala has now become known by its fans as "Tesla Water," because in a lucid dream received by one of our founders, Nikola Tesla encouraged us to use his name in this regard. It is special water indeed.

Until Transmission #2 on Nov. 28, 2013, a one-ounce cobalt-blue bottle of Tesla Water will be given away FREE to anyone who places an order for $60 or more at the site. 

See the Coupon Code block below. Each additional Transmission will offer one more Cosmic Energy Essence free, for qualifying orders. 
Tesla Water
Birth of a New World
Group Energy

At the end of the Mayan calendar on Dec. 21, 2012, groups of people around the world used the multicolored Global Healing Mandala to coordinate their intentions to manifest a better world, the one the ancient Hopis called the 5th World of love, balance, and spiritual strength. (See video.)

Many of us know that we went through a great shift, but we are still in the process of transforming. We believe the Mandala and our other essences, made from original crop circles, have been given to us in order to help humans with this transformative process.

It is a beautiful time to be alive, and you are fortunate to be reading about this breakthrough in understanding at this time. 

Cosmic Energy Essences

Knowing that authentic crop formations contain potentially powerful energies, we have collected in water over 100 distinct energies from authentic English crop formations since 2001.

We have decoded each one via the Akashic Records, and we are now distributing them only to those who are drawn to them. 

The full story of these transformational essences will unfold, piece by piece, with each installment of this continuing transmission of ground-breaking information.

You will read stories like that of Sandy T, whose life took a whole new direction after taking essence #0905, Point of Intersection, and our remarkable adventure in the crop-circle fields of England this past summer, where 18 people co-created three crop circles, which statistically is highly significant. 

We are not alone and the crop circles show us that we are communicating with advanced, benevolent civilizations that are not of this Earth. Stay tuned for details.

Perhaps you cannot come to the circles, 
but now, the energy of the circles can come to you!


Star Fleet 0307

The essence made from this Arturian formation promotes restful sleep and enhances love-making.

This strange phenomenon has been going on for over 30 years, and probably for untold centuries. It has presented itself mainly through designs in the fields of England, but it is now spreading to other countries.

It is contact.

 It is communication.

It is connection.

Take your own tour at our website NotMadeByHands and explore the over 100 formations whose energies are here to help. One essence may call personally for you. If so, order it and experience the powerful energy that was given to the human race through that particular design.

Each of our essences is hand-made from water from the White Spring Well at Glastonbury, energized in an authenticated crop circle, and dowsed for correctness before being sent out. Each one embodies a different gift from our unseen allies, and your experience will be unique. 

You will not be the only person who has been pleasantly surprised by these essences. Read some of the amazing stories about them.  As has happened to others, it just may change your life in very good ways! 

This Offer Expires at midnight, November 27, 2013.

We and the unseen, benevolent Circle Makers thank you for being part of this beautiful and encouraging development! Be well.

    the Not Made by Hands family


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