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Transmission #2: Gratitude

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Transmission #2 details how intelligent non-human beings from somewhere else involve individuals personally and change their lives in dramatic ways.
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Proof We're Not Alone. Transmission #2

Synopsis of Transmission #1 : Tesla Water

In case you missed it:

August 11, 2001 was a very rainy night in Wiltshire, England, and in the few hours of pitch blackness at that time of year, there appeared a formation of 409 perfect circles, each a prime number of inches in diameter. The formation featured the number 13 in its theme, which is rare, and it appeared on a day whose numerological number was 13, also rare, and the number of circles, 409, was also numerologically 13. This rare confluence occurs with a probability of 0.1%, which is highly significant. It could not have been random, yet it was not hoaxed, either, as the "authorities" would like you to think so.

In later years, many extraordinary properties were discovered around this formation, including self-replicating energized Tesla Water that measures extremely high on the Bovis scale, and the apparent ability of this water to raise the probability that ideas you focus on will manifest into reality. The multicolored pattern that is in use in 27 nations to help manifest a better world has come to be called the Global Healing Mandala.

Recognizing the potential value of the energies in authentic crop formations, we have collected and decoded through the Akashic Records over 100 energies found in legitimate crop formations since 2001. They are now available. This series of transmissions tells their story, leading to the proof that We Are Not Alone. And that's a good thing.

Who Makes the Formations?


If you ask most people who makes the crop circles, they will say without much thought, "pranksters in the dark, with boards and ropes."

Others snicker and say "aliens," hoping no one hears them.

How can one think intelligently about such issues?

An Important Principle

It should not be news to you that the simplest explanation is usually the right one.

This line of reasoning is called Occam's razor, which says:

It is pointless to do with more what can be done with less.


Consider what assumptions you would have to swallow in order to conclude that the Global Healing Mandala formation was hoaxed:

The hoaxers would have to be master mathematicians.
They would have to be exquisite artists.

They would have to be able to work perfectly in the dark, wind, and rain without leaving footprints.
They would have to have a reason for making the 10,000 formations that have been found.

And they would have to be extraordinarily good at keeping secrets...
The list of assumptions is endless.

4 formations
Essential Facts

Before we consider the alternate list of assumptions, recall these relevant facts:

With raw materials present, DNA forms spontaneously in water exposed to the natural 7.83Hz Shumann frequency. (see Resonance video, around minute 11)

The Earth is less than 5 billion years old.
Our galaxy is about 10 billion years old.

NASA expects about 10 billion Earth-like planets in our galaxy,
more than one for each human on Earth.

Most of these planets are billions of years older than we.


Consider the three assumptions you would have to make in order to conclude that the Global Healing Mandala formation and the other 10,000 crop formations found on Earth were made by intelligent life from elsewhere:

1. Life evolves spontaneously throughout the universe.
2. Over billions of years, intelligent life-forms will explore the space around them.
3. Intelligent civilizations will have learned to follow the Prime Directive:
    Do not interfere with the healthy development of less-evolved life and culture.

Occam's razor suggests that we accept this explanation, the one with fewer assumptions.

Back to the Cosmic Energy Essences
Tesla Water

This line of reasoning led us to conclude that hoaxers are probably not making the authentic crop formations, so someone else is, and they are probably more advanced than we are.

If they meant us harm, we would not be here.

If they choose not to interfere with us, but do wish to help us, then they could give us clues for us to decipher on our own, or ignore, as we wish.

Crop formations, in our opinion, are such clues, and the adventure that we have enjoyed in deciphering these clues has been very gratifying. Everyday we are grateful to the Circle Makers, whomever they are, for their extraordinary gifts in our fields.


Sandy T's Encounter with Nonhuman Intelligence

Shortly before 12/21/12, our friend Sandy T, had planned on participating in a three-day celebration of the end of the Mayan calendar and the dawn of the Aquarian Age at the Crystal Creek Center. But she never made it.

Instead, she was strongly guided to work with one of the many cosmic-energy essences collected from crop circles by researcher Barbara Lamb and made available by

It was one known as "Point of Intersection," a formation that had appeared August 2, 2009. Its pattern suggests a quilt.

Its Akashic Record reading from Aingeal Rose O'Grady reports that it was done by the ancient Mayans, who have gone:

This essence brings a beam of light down into a focal center point and illuminates the entire gridline structures.
It brings understanding and puts the pieces back into alignment.
It repairs breaks and tears in your core energetic structure and
puts things in order within so you have no more chaos within.
It is like a blessing from above. It is feminine.
It makes you feel strong feelings of love.
You feel as if you are all put together.
You feel deep peace and wholeness.


TTS2K0905 Point of Intersection

The Diamond-Cross Motif

As 12/21/12 approached, Sandy was strongly guided to dismantle all her beaded jewelry and reconfigure the beads into new designs, which she was guided to create, like this four-part one.

Curiously, all of her designs featured equilateral crosses in a diamond shapes.

Sandy has created many diamond crosses from beads, but they are not for sale at this time. She uses them in her Reiki practice to great advantage.

The Communication Begins
diamond cross

Then one day, just before we were to set off for the crop-circle fields to collect the 2013 crop of cosmic energies, Sandy was guided to create this one for us to carry to England.

The astonishing correspondence to the Global Healing Mandala was apparent to all of us, and it led to the statistically significant Proof That We Are Not Alone, when we cooperatively manifested three extraordinary diamond-cross patterns over a period of two days in coordination with the Circle Makers.

This astonishing outcome will be explained further in Transmission #3, on December 10, 2013.

Perhaps you cannot come to the circles, 
but now, the energy of the circles can come to you!

Gratitude 0304

This formation was made by the Sun People, according to the Akashic Records. It emits a light aqua green astral fluid and is a powerful manifesting and healing essence! It opens imagination, creativity, and true inspiration.
It reverses negative programming and sets a new positive pattern. It is childlike, bringing back the innocence of being. It makes you feel timeless.

It is contact.

 It is communication.

It is connection.

Take your own tour at our website NotMadeByHands and explore the over 100 formations whose energies are here to help. One essence may call personally for you. If so, order it and experience the powerful energy that was given to the human race through that particular design.

Each of our essences is hand-made from water from the White Spring Well at Glastonbury, energized in an authenticated crop circle, and dowsed for correctness before being sent out. Each one embodies a different gift from our unseen allies, and your experience will be unique. 

You will not be the only person who has been pleasantly surprised by these essences. Read some of the amazing stories about them.  As has happened to others, it just may change your life in very good ways! 

This Offer Expires at midnight, December 9, 2013.

We and the unseen, benevolent Circle Makers thank you for being part of this beautiful and encouraging development! Be well.

    the Not Made by Hands family


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