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Transmission #3: Proof

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Transmission #3 completes the proof that we are not alone,and that we are in two-way communication with off-world intelligence.
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Proof We're Not Alone. Transmission #3

Synopsis of Transmission #1 : Tesla Water

In case you missed it:

August 11, 2001 was a very rainy night in Wiltshire, England, and in the few hours of pitch blackness at that time of year, there appeared a formation of 409 perfect circles, each a prime number of inches in diameter. The formation featured the number 13 in its theme, which is rare, and it appeared on a day whose numerological number was 13, also rare, and the number of circles, 409, was also numerologically 13. This rare confluence occurs with a probability of 0.1%, which is highly significant. It could not have been random, yet it was not hoaxed, either, as the "authorities" would like you to think so.

In later years, many extraordinary properties were discovered around this formation, including self-replicating energized Tesla Water that measures extremely high on the Bovis scale, and the apparent ability of this water to raise the probability that ideas you focus on will manifest into reality. The multicolored pattern that is in use in 27 nations to help manifest a better world has come to be called the Global Healing Mandala.

Recognizing the potential value of the energies in authentic crop formations, we have collected and decoded through the Akashic Records over 100 energies found in legitimate crop formations since 2001. They are now available. This series of transmissions tells their story, leading to the proof that We Are Not Alone. And that's a good thing.


Synopsis of Transmission #2 : Gratitude


In case you missed it:

Transmission #2 detailed how intelligent non-human beings from somewhere else involve individuals personally and change their lives in dramatic way.
Appealing to Occam's Razor, the principle that, when faced with multiple competing explanations, one chooses the one that requires the fewest assumptions, the choice must be made to accept the likelihood that we are being, and have been for a long time, visited by non-human intelligence from elsewhere.

Point of Intersection

Shortly before 12/21/12, a friend of ours was strongly guided to work with one of the many cosmic-energy essences at

It was one known as "Point of Intersection," a formation that had appeared August 2, 2009. Its pattern suggests a quilt.

Part of its Akashic Record reading from Aingeal Rose O'Grady is this:

It is like a blessing from above. It is feminine.
It makes you feel strong feelings of love.
You feel as if you are all put together.
You feel deep peace and wholeness.


TTS2K0905 Point of Intersection

The Diamond-Cross Motif

As 12/21/12 approached, our friend was strongly guided to dismantle all her beaded jewelry and reconfigure the beads into new designs, which she was guided to create, like this four-part one.

Curiously, all of her designs up until recently featured equilateral crosses in a diamond shapes.

The Communication Begins
diamond cross GHM

Then one day, just before we were to set off for the crop-circle fields to collect the 2013 crop of cosmic energies, our friend was guided to create this one for us to carry to England.

We took this design to England and shared it with the 16 others in Barbara Lamb's tour group that was visiting crop formations.

We meditated on it as a group the first night there, and again the next day, asking the circlemakers, whomever they are, to create a design like this in a nearby field.


During the night of the first meditation, a formation appeared in Grip Patch field, seen to the right.

It was a diamond shape, with an equilateral cross in it.

It is also a form of Celtic Cross. We were amazed and spent many hours basking in the energy of the formation.

Its energy essence called itself Life Force.

There were 18 of us in the group, and there were 18 components of the formation.

More results

Before we even knew about Grip Patch, we meditated a second time in the center of a beautiful formation we called The Nines.

In short order, two more diamond crosses appeared, seen to the left.

The first was opposite Stone Henge and produced a beautiful cosmic energy essence called Two-Mass.

The second was destroyed almost immediately by the farmer, and we do not know what gift was destroyed in the process.

Statistical Test

We surveyed the number of English crop formations since 2001 that could be described as diamond crosses. Being generous, we found that fewer than 2% of the formations qualify.

Any given formation has no more than a 2% chance of being a diamond cross.

Two diamond-cross formations in a row is an event that would occur about 2% of 2% of the time, or 0.04%.

Three diamond-cross formations in a row is an event that would occur about 2% of 2% of 2% of the time, or 0.0008%.

Such a confluence of unlikely events is highly significant statistically, i.e., it cannot be explained away as a random event.

These formations must have an explanation, and that explanation seems to be that they were formed as a response to the request of our group of 18. So we can conclude...


"The biggest event in the history of humankind is the discovery that there are other living entities--intelligent entities-- in this universe and that we are not alone."
—Dr. Robert Jacobs
Perhaps you cannot come to the circles, 
but now, the energy of the circles can come to you!

1313Tesla Water

Life Force TTS2K1313

This formation seems to have been made in response to our request. Its cosmic energy essence, according to the Akashic Records, will accelerate your conscious connection with beings in the universe. You can talk freely with it. This one can be proven.
Your dreams will increase, and you will get messages from them and other beings. What a hoot!

It is contact.

 It is communication.

It is connection.

Take your own tour at our website NotMadeByHands and explore the over 100 formations whose energies are here to help. One essence may call personally for you. If so, order it and experience the powerful energy that was given to the human race through that particular design.

Each of our essences is hand-made from water from the White Spring Well at Glastonbury, energized in an authenticated crop circle, and dowsed for correctness before being sent out. Each one embodies a different gift from our unseen allies, and your experience will be unique. 

You will not be the only person who has been pleasantly surprised by these essences. Read some of the amazing stories about them.  As has happened to others, it just may change your life in very good ways! 

This Offer Expires at midnight, December 23, 2013.

We and the unseen, benevolent Circle Makers thank you for being part of this beautiful and encouraging development! Be well.

    the Not Made by Hands family


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