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Transmission #4: Lessons of Chualar

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Proof We're Not Alone: Transmission #4
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Proof We're Not Alone. Transmission #4: Lessons of Chualar

Synopsis of Earlier Transmissions

In case you missed earlier transmissions:

On August 11, 2001 a very special crop circle appeared on Milk Hill in southern England. It was formed without footprints during a heavy downpour. It had 409 perfect circles, each a prime number of inches in diameter. It arrived soon after three Australians asked the circlemakers to create a formation that could not be dismissed as a hoax.

In later years, many extraordinary properties were discovered around this formation, including Tesla Water Cosmic Energy Essence, which seems to make the ideas you focus on manifest more easily into reality. The multicolored pattern is the Global Healing Mandala.

Recognizing the great potential value of the energies in authentic crop formations, has collected over 100 of them. They have been decoded through the Akashic Records, and they seem to invite people to interact with them. They have improved many lives.

In July 2013, 18 people visited southern England and asked the circlemakers to create a formation based on a diamond-cross design (right) that had been inspired by Point of Intersection Cosmic Energy Essence. Within two days of asking, three diamond-cross crop circles (right) appeared nearby. Such an event is less likely than pulling 4 aces in a row from a well-shuffled deck.

By the scientific method, statistical significance, and Occam's Razor, we must accept the conclusion that we are in communication with advanced intelligence that seems not to be us.

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LF 3in

3 diamond crosses

Chualar: People Want to Believe


Both the 32- and 64-bit versions of the NVIDIA Tegra K1 deliver stunning graphics and visual computing capabilities powered by the 192-core NVIDIA Kepler GPU.

Tegra K1 192-core chip

In late December, 2013, a 310-foot-wide complex “crop circle” of flattened barley nearly an acre in size was discovered near Chualar, CA. In its center an array of Braille characters spelled out 192 over and over.

Placed not far from Silicon Valley, it looked like the new Tegra-K1 computer chip of the type used in smart phones, a chip that has 192 cores, a new advance in technology.

People were reportedly seen in the field Dec. 29, which caused people to suspect that the formation was manmade, because it was first widely reported from the air Dec. 30. Apparently they were right. It was a hoax. A small clue was that someone made an error in the Braille by including an incorrect code for "B" by placing its dots in the wrong column.

During a January 5 keynote address at the Consumer Electronics Show 2014 in Las Vegas, NVIDIA President and CEO Jen-Hsun Huang revealed that his computer-graphics company had hoaxed the Chualar formation to show off its new 192-core super chip, the Tegra K1 graphics chip, a mobile processor for automobiles, tablets and smartphones.

Two men associated with the hoax admitted they were behind the Chualar crop circle in a YouTube clip posted by NVIDIA Jan. 5.

Brett Murray, a NVIDIA marketer, admitted that property owner Scott Anthony was in on it all along. He said the decision to mow it down on New Year's Eve was a joint decision made out of fear of people getting hurt. NVIDIA stock had risen 1.34% at the close of the NASDAQ stock exchange Jan 6.

The stunt's great success demonstrates the world's intense interest in crop circles, although we should all be cautious of any company that sells products by intentionally fooling the public.

Quantum Effects

We asked Richard Benishai, master dowser and Israeli geobiologist, author of Mission Mother Earth: Peace Through Geobiology, to measure the Bovis-scale energies in the Chualar field before the formation and now.
[The Bovis scale is used by professional dowsers to establish quantitative measures of subtle energies].

He reports that on December 29, when the perpetrators were in the field, the field measured only 7,000 Bovis, while now it reads 17,000,000 Bovis. (See log-scale graph, right)

It seems possible that widespread enthusiastic focus on this field has raised its subtle-energy levels through quantum effects. We know that in this quantum-field universe, the observer affects the observed, and what we may have witnessed here is the effect of millions around the world wishing that this formation was indeed communication from intelligent others.

Had the crop circle been real, the rise in the field's energy levels would stand as evidence of the formation's authenticity.

Have there been communications from intelligent others that cannot have been hoaxes? Indeed.

Let's review the historical context around two of the most important real crop-circle communications:

Bovis scale

Chilbolton Response 08.21.01 to Carl Sagan 11.16.74




On November 16, 1974, a binary-bit-encoded message designed by Carl Sagan and others was broadcast into space from the Arecibo Radio Telescope in Puerto Rico.

Its specific rectangular syntax explained our mathematics, our bodily chemistry, our DNA, our appearance, our planetary population, where we live, and how we sent the message.

On August 21, 2001, a double response to Sagan appeared in a field near England's Chilbolton Radio Telescope.

One part of the formation matched Sagan's rectangular syntax, but with different details:

Their body chemistry includes silicon,
their bodies are shorter, with larger heads,
and their population is larger.

Their DNA has a million more genomes than ours.

The other part of the double formation was a rectangular image of a face, produced like a newsprint image using variably sized dots.

The double formation seemed to say, “This is who we are, and we understand how you communicate with printed images.”


This clever communication offered humankind a marvelous opportunity to begin communication with advanced intelligence that is not us, but it was squandered not three weeks later when the 9/11 events dominated all communications for a decade or more.

Reliable information that has surfaced since 2001 suggests that serious deception seems to have occurred there.


Crabwood 08.14.02: Response to 911?

A year after 9/11, on August 14, 2002, another double-formation communication appeared in another English field known as Crabwood.

It included another coded message and another face.

The message was encoded like a CD using the ASCII code, and the decoded message is shown on the left.

The Crabwood face was in a rectangle aligned with TV towers, and the structure of the image was like a 60-line TV scan.

The CD message seemed to say, “It's us again. We also understand how you communicate with TV signals and computers.”


Again, our response was deadly silence.

It was as if Earthlings could not see the visual truth before them, much like the South American Indians in Magellan’s diary who could see only the explorers' little landing boats, but not their big ships offshore.

People can be blind to unexplained phenomena simply because their brains have no handles on things they have never experienced.

Are We Blind?

Whoever has been trying to communicate with us for decades via authentic crop circles, has shown us that they understand our binary code, variable-dot images, TV screens, ASCII code, and CDs.

If this formation had been authentic, its use of Braille might have suggested this message:
“Are you people blind? Open your eyes!”

This would not be an inappropriate message for many of us to hear.

Consider what has emerged from this hoax:

  • It publicly boosted the visibility of crop circles, although it confirmed most people's assumption that all crop circles are fakes.
  • The inordinate attention paid to this hoaxed formation diminished the attention that must be paid to authentic formations.
  • People from around the world were fascinated by the formation, and the energetic effects of that attention were measured on the Bovis scale.
  • It was a clever and well-researched imitation of the real thing, and as imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, it may be net positive.
  • It is an intriguing case study for business schools to inquire into why this topic generated so much attention.

Stunts like this one interfere with those of us trying to discover what is really going on with the true formations, but one thing is very clear: People around the world yearn for evidence of reliable communication with benevolent civilizations with more intelligence than our own.


Communications Through Cosmic Energy Essences


TTS2K0904 Return of Quetzalcoatl

"This essence gives you a deeper connection with the Universe and with life, and it will deepen your reverence for life. It is designed to unify people".
—Akashic Record reading

In the 13 years since the undeniably authentic 2001 Milk Hill formation appeared, has carefully collected and preserved over 100 different frequencies of energy from authentic crop circles, which are communications from an advanced intelligence that is not us. If you seek communication from higher intelligence, there is no place better to begin.


"I take the essences daily, as does my husband.
I definitely feel like the essences have opened me to a different dimension of reality,
specifically dealing with sacred geometry
and how our multiverse is connected and interconnected and overlapped in this way...
like the flower of life."
—Linda M.

Perhaps you cannot come to the circles, 
but now, the energy of the circles can come to you!

Two MassTesla Water

Two-Mass TTS2K1314

This is the second diamond-cross formation that seems to have resulted from our request. This squares-within-circles design is a simple variant of Leonardo da Vinci's ancient attempt to estimate the value of pi. There were several mathematicians in the group, and this design spoke directly to them.

According to the Akashic Records, this "is an incredible manifesting essence. You have co-created a foundational pattern for manifesting to rapidly occur--a dynamic manifestation template. It is so very powerful! The essence takes your intentions and quickly energizes them."

A great way to keep your New Year's Resolution!

It is contact.

 It is communication.

It is connection.

Take your own tour at our website NotMadeByHands and explore the over 100 formations whose energies are here to help. One essence may call personally for you. If so, order it and experience the powerful energy that was given to the human race through that particular design.

Each of our essences is hand-made from water from the White Spring Well at Glastonbury, energized in an authenticated crop circle, and dowsed for correctness before being sent out. Each one embodies a different gift from our unseen allies, and your experience will be unique. 

You will not be the only person who has been pleasantly surprised by these essences. Read some of the amazing stories about them.  As has happened to others, it just may change your life in very good ways! 

This Offer Expires at midnight, January 23, 2014.

We and the unseen, benevolent Circle Makers thank you for being part of this beautiful and encouraging development! Be well.

    the Not Made by Hands family

Right: There are more galaxies than Earthlings.



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