Breakthrough 02.02.14  
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Crop-Circle Communication

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Breakthrough: Crop-Circle Communication
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Click to see this essential 8-minute Video:

BREAKTHROUGH: Crop-Circle Communication

Links to Sites Referenced in the Video
Extracting Cosmic-Energy Essences from Authentic Crop Circles since 2001
Also includes Granite Publishing and its imprints Wild Flower Press and Swan-Raven & Co.
Barbara Lamb: author, crop-circle researcher, circle tour guide, master dowser
Aingeal Rose O'Grady: Author, Reader of the Akashic Records, decoder of crop circles
Judy Carroll: Author, Reiki Master, Liaison with the Zeta Greys
Brett Parrott: crop-circle researcher
Masaru Emoto: author, energy researcher
Best collection of information on crop circles, both current and archival
Professional Videography
musoJAMES, composer, performer
The Great Healing Mandala and Tesla Water
Grace Bestowed: energy to bring you much love and protection.
Point of Intersection: Energy from the formation that inspired the diamond-cross pattern
Life Force: Energy from the first of 3 manifested diamond-cross formations
Two-Mass:Energy from the second of 3 manifested diamond-cross formations
The Human Ladder: in The Zeta Message and Human by Day, Zeta by Night, books by Judy Carroll
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