Four Proven Essences 02.13.14  
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Four Proven Cosmic Energy Essences

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Four Proven Cosmic-Energy Essences
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Testimonials from a few of our Crop Circle Essences!

Wave Form TTS2K0207

Lightbright of NC: 
"I put Wave Form on my head and tongue.
At first I felt dizzy, but shortly thereafter I felt very happy. 
I put it in my water, and I used a drop in each room of my house to balance out all the different energies in my home. I used it in a house blessing and to balance strange surroundings on my trip.

"It helped me overcome my fear of water. It has helped me with so many things—courage, faith in myself, and manifestation. I can honestly say it has helped me to feel more balanced, and yet, more emotional, if that makes sense. Now I am more firm with my thoughts and actions lining up with each other—I am saying what I mean and acting more on thought than on impulse based on emotion.  I am going to be ordering another Crop Circle essence soon!" 
Chantal C of MN: 
"I have just realized that the amount of tasks I have been able to accomplish since taking this essence has been great. I have gotten four  e-books written in a short time. In addition, I have had much more clarity than I imagined.
"I think that the Wave Form essence may also balance the left and right sides of the brain. I think there were several factors that enabled my
ability to write and process information more rapidly."


The Global Healing Mandala, AKA Tesla Water TTS2K0101

Beth of FL:
"I rubbed some drops into my third-eye area, and I heard the music of John Lennon singing 'Imagine.' I asked for the name of the essence being, and I got 'Ceres.' I rubbed some drops into my throat chakra, and I saw a vision of wheat fields ripe for harvest. I rubbed some drops into my heart chakra area, and I received a vision of a bud opening to blossom. It was a good experience!"

The Return of the Founders, TTS2K1006

Andrew M. of NC:
"The Return of the Founders Crop-Circle Essence, TTS2K1006, has impacted my life in many ways. Like a course re-setter, this essence has assisted me in focusing my cause toward inner development and renewal.

"Within two weeks of its application and incorporation into my life, I have transcended childhood fears and removed long-term pain cords which have haunted me for years.

"I feel vibrant, focused, and fearless! Truly these essences are spiritual accelerators designed for the expansion of the human experience and deep wellness.

"Thank you Granite Planet and!"


Double Spiral, TTS2K1102

a satisfied customer, Asheville NC:

"I was drawn to TTS2K1102, Double Spiral, essence at your display at the Star Knowledge Conference. I had been having trouble meditating. My energies were chaotic.

"I took one drop of this essence, and overnight my energies cleared and began spinning like the double spiral in the formation, It has been wonderful!"

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