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Understanding from the Left-Brain Side of Things: Logic, Evidence

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More Testimonials!

TTS2K0201 Dance of Joy

Anonymous of NC: 
"Dance of Joy seems to have helped me resolve deep-seated issues whose origins probably predate this life.

It is helping me integrate past-life issues into my present life." 


TTS2K0203 Grace Bestowed

Aingeal Rose of CA:
"I was showing the images to my six-year-old daughter Grace, and I suggested that we find out which one would be good for her.

She said, 'No, Grandma. This one is mine,' and she went over and picked up this one without hesitation.

'Grace bestowed.' Of course."

TTS2K0303 Radiance

Pamela M. of NC:
"I often journey interdimensionally to my teachers.

"I used three drops of this one today, and I had a wonderful trip.

"I passed through the Flower of Life, broke into many pieces, reassembled myself, got conveyed across the 4th dimension by a Guardian and entered the 5th dimension, where I met my Mantis Teacher, who told me that I was in the 5th dimension.

"I asked why, and he said because I am comfortable here.

"It was a powerful journey!"


TTS2K0307 Star Fleet

"I used 3 drops before meditating today. It was a powerful experience. I am still tingling! I was given the clearest confidence that a beautiful new world, what we call the 5th World, is really birthing now. I was given a deep knowing that these crop circles and their essences are part of the essential process that is bringing this new world into reality.

"I could clearly see more and more people using these essences, speeding the transition to a better world for all of us. I was also given the understanding that these essences can be extended homeopathically, so that we never never run out of them! These are wonderful gifts to the people of Earth! "

Y of NC:
"This is an aphrodisiac and it enhances love-making. This I can confirm. My wife will not allow me to get more specific. Have fun!"

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