Top Ranking CIA Operatives Admit Al Qaeda Was a Complete Fabrication 01.07.09   Search

BBC Documentary Discloses the Fabrication of al Quaeda


In the BBC's killer documentary called "The Power of Nightmares," top CIA officials openly admit that Al Qaeda is a total and complete fabrication, never having existed at any time.

The Bush administration needed a reason that complied with the laws so they could go after "the bad guy of their choice." These were laws that had been set in place to protect the American public from mobs and "criminal organizations" such as the Mafia. They paid Jamal al Fadl, hundreds of thousands of dollars to back the U.S. Government's story of Al Qaeda, a "group" or criminal organization they could "legally" go after. This video documentary is off the hook. See Parts I and II here - also available HERE and you may download it from HERE - So please remember this is all a huge charade - a sick hoax really - when you hear any "authority" spewing out the catch-all dreaded word "Al Qaeda". No network would show this series in the USA.

See Part I here

See Part II here

See Part III here

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