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How Did so many Doctors and Health Professionals get fooled?

Marshall Smith<>
Editor, Brother Jonathan Gazette

The bird flu pandemic story is, in fact, complete myth, misdirection and cover story. It could never happen.

First: understand what happened in 1918. It was not what you have been told.

At the very beginning of the 2005-2006 Flu season in October 2005, a story started going around the news circuits that the dangerous Bird Flu is only five mutations away from becoming transmissible to humans. When that occurs, a vast global Pandemic will sweep around the world killing billions of people. That story is, in fact, complete myth, misdirection and cover story. It could never happen. By the time you finish reading this article you will know why that story is false. You will also know how and why the people spreading that false story are planning on making hundreds of BILLIONS of dollars in profit just in the next October 2005 to May 2006 flu season alone.

The current "Bird Flu Pandemic" terrorist-scare-tactic being reported in the news is based on confusing viruses with bacteria as sources of disease. Bacteria are living single-celled animals which reproduce and thrive. Viruses are only tiny strings of DNA or RNA molecules which are NOT alive. They cannot grow nor reproduce. Since they are not alive, you can't kill them. You can't kill atoms or molecules. You can only dissolve them or break them apart with acids or enzymes. Your T-cells and white blood cell macrophages do exactly that when they fight a viral infection in your body.

Bacteria cells are large enough to be seen with a microscope. Some invading bacteria are dangerous since their waste products may include toxins which can kill body cells, and maybe even you. They can make you sick. Other bacteria are actually used by your body as helpers or defenders. Numerous forms of benign bacteria naturally live in your mouth and in your intestines to kill any dangerous bacteria which you may eat. They also help with digestion. breaking down the food you eat. Invasions of bad bacteria are now treated with antibiotics which enter the bacteria and kill them. Common bacterial infections include polio, TB, salmonella, E. coli and Hepatitis A.

All viruses are so much smaller than bacteria that they cannot be seen with a normal light microscope. They are dangerous, since they can enter certain target cells in your body and replicate so fast that they cause the cells to burst open, and thus destroy the cell. The newly replicated viruses can then attack neighboring cells. The replication process can be so fast that a single virus can turn into millions of copies of itself in just several hours. Antibiotics have no effect on viruses. Most viral diseases are pretreated with anti-viral shots, such as flu shots, but these are only about 50% effective at best. The body reacts to viral infections by raising the body temperature. Viruses cannot replicate, or can only make copies very slowly with a body temperature above 102 degrees F. Common viral infections include colds, flu, chicken pox, AIDS and Hepatitis B.

Viruses make copies or replicate themselves similarly to the way crystals grow. They can only replicate when immersed in a fluid containing an abundant supply of the raw amino acids which make up the virus. This only occurs inside an animal or human host cell in which the cytoplasm fluid is rich in amino acids. The virus is not a parasite, any more than a salt crystal is a parasite when you drop it into a salty tank of brine, and the salt crystal starts to grow by gathering salt molecules from the brine. That's all a virus does when it replicates.


A virus from a bird can never enter into any human cells. That is despite what you may have been told or read, and is now much ballyhooed in the press and news media. This unique behavior of viruses is caused by the species-specific protein coating that surrounds the viral DNA strand. That protein coat is unique to each animal species. This is also the exact same reason why the protein-coated sperm from one species cannot enter and impregnate the ova of another species.

Both viruses and sperm are DNA strands or genetic material surrounded by a species-specific protein coat. Only an ovum from the same species with the same protein coat can be entered by sperm from that species. That is the rule for sexual reproduction on planet earth. This exact same rule applies to viruses. The biochemistry of sexual reproduction and viral infection are almost exactly the same. That is the little known "secret" which has fooled most doctors and epidemiologists who, it seems, never really learned the actual biochemistry and cytology of sexual reproduction in medical school.

For so-called "Bird virus experts" to proclaim loudly to the public that they believe a bird lung virus could infect a human lung and cause Bird Flu in humans, would also have to believe that a horse could impregnate a woman, or a man can impregnate a cow. From ancient texts, it seem humans have been attempting such cross-species DNA implantation antics for millennium. But so far, it's never worked - and it never will. It can't be done. It is a property of the unique chemical and electrical properties of the surface material of each virus and sperm which prevents transfers across species. Despite how many times the core or genetic DNA material may be mutated, it still only has the unique viral surface material unique to that species. No matter how may times sperm from a bull is mutated chemically or with radiation, it may produce multitudes of hideous mutant cows, but it will never make a funky cow-chicken.

The fact that millions of birds may be dying of H5N1 Bird Flu, should mean nothing to humans. It can never directly infect humans. You can't get it by eating chickens, nor doing anything else with a chicken. The so-called 65 cases of bird flu which supposedly have killed people in Asia, are NOT bird flu. The H5N1 designation only refers to the type of molecules in the protein coating and not to the actual viral DNA genetic strand inside the virus.

The 65 people who died, had H5N1 Human Flu and not H5N1 Bird Flu. They are not the same. The currently used primitive clinical viral tests only determine which molecules are present in the surface coating (H5N1) and not the actual viral DNA molecule inside. That's how millions of people around the world, including doctors, have been fooled into thinking that H5N1 Bird Flu could mutate and spread to kill humans. It'll never happen.


For the Bird Flu Virus to infect humans, it must first enter into a pig cell. But why pigs? This can happen when pigs root through dirt which also contains abundant dried bird droppings from infected chickens or ducks. The pigs, while rooting in the dirt, inhale the dried virus-infected bird droppings constantly. This mostly and commonly only occurs in Asia where pigs and fowl are raised together. The chickens eat the pig droppings and the pigs eat the chicken droppings. It doesn't sound very appetizing, but it works, and is called "recycling of waste products." It is a very inexpensive and useful farming technique and is used throughout much of Asia - except it also creates and spreads a unique disease which affects millions of people each year. It's called Flu or influenza.

If a pig breathes in a large amount of bird flu virus, nothing happens, unless the pig also happens to be sick with pig flu. Then the bird virus can actually enter into a partially opened or ruptured lung cell, damaged by pig flu virus. Then the bird virus will replicate and use the damaged pig cell coating as the new coating for the bird virus. The bird flu core virus now has a pig surface protein coat. It is now a pig virus. This is cross-species infection. The new "pig virus" with the bird core, can now attack and enter millions of lung cells in the same pig, killing the pig, and spreading to other pigs and to humans.

This is very rare, but is the method by which all influenzas transfer originally from birds to humans through cross-species mixing inside pig lungs. And though rarely occurring, with only about a one in several thousand chance to occur, it can and does occur. But with hundreds of millions of pigs and ducks being raised together each year in Asia, this farming practice results in hundreds of new and unique variants of bird influenza which can then infect humans each year. It is the primary and almost only source of all new human influenza infections.


For over 40 years, the U.S. CDC-approved annual Flu Shot only tries to protect against the five most prevalent variants of bird-pig influenza which can infect humans. There are still hundreds of other variations each year which are not targeted by the flu shot. The result is that the annual flu shot only works about 20% of the time. Would you buy a new car each year which only worked 20% of the time? But you were told that the flu shots always work. Wrong!

A virus does not make its own surface coating but "steals" it from the infected host cell. The tissue-cell-type of pig lung cells is sufficiently similar to human cells, that a pig influenza virus (from a bird) can infect a human. The odd or accidental very close similarity between pig and human tissue-types is why pig heart valves, body parts and insulin can be used and implanted in humans without severe tissue rejection or adverse reactions.

Thus, Bird Flu can never infect a human lung without first infecting a pig lung. The only exception to that rule is: modern "criminal" scientists who may take deadly bird viral DNA and manually insert it directly into a human protein coating. This is the same new hi-tech process used in making clones.

The theory of DNA cloning has been around since the late 1960s, but actually making it work in sheep, dogs and some other animals has only been around for the last couple of years.

Along with advancing the interesting science of cloning comes the technical ability to clone a form of bird flu with human surface proteins which could kill nearly half the population of planet earth. Could this explain the mysterious deaths or murders of 78 bioresearchers in recent years? Did they know too much about who it is that is doing "DNA and RNA viral engineering?"


Viral DNA can only replicate or grow like a crystal, if the temperature of the host cell liquid cytoplasm is below 100 degrees F, and it "prefers" a temperature of 96F or below. For "cold-blooded" birds and reptiles this can occur all year long, but mostly in winter. For humans and most mammals this lower body temperature condition actually occurs during sleep and when under stress. This lower body temperature may also occur when exposed to cold winter weather. This is why winter is flu season.

A human "fever" above 102F completely stops all viral replication, giving the immune system T-cells and macrophages enough time to track down and destroy the invading virus. Lowering the fever temperature with modern over-the-counter cold medications can kill you. The only thing an annual flu shot does is speed the process of T-cells finding certain viruses. The flu shot does not actually give immunity or prevent infection, especially if the person also takes cold medications or prophylactics such as Tamiflu which lower the body temperature and thwart the normal immune system fever response. It could actually be deadly.

The similarity of viruses and sperm also includes their sensitivity to temperature. In almost all male mammals, the sperm replicating sites, the testes are always external to the body, so they will be maintained at lower than normal body temperature. In modern times, many men may wear tight-fitting briefs or have jobs sitting all day at desks or driving trucks. Those individuals very commonly have low sperm counts with very low motility. The sperm just don't replicate very well at the higher body temperature. This is one of the most common reasons for modern-day male infertility. The simple cure is to lower the testicle temperature. How that is accomplished, I leave to the imagination of the reader.

The extreme similarity between viral infection and sexual reproduction is why most people have no clue as to how a virus spreads. For most people, frank and open discussion of sex and sexual reproduction is difficult and often taboo, even among medical circles. This explains why many doctors will treat a patient with a cold or flu by giving antibiotics, or giving the patient with influenza a course of anti-virals which treat the symptoms and lower the patients fever — and usually kills the patient.

The simple way to prevent and cure viral infection in the human body is to raise the body temperature above normal. This is the normal and natural immune system response to a viral infection. It's called a fever. It is normal and natural with nothing you need to buy from the local drug store to make it work. Your body does it all by itself - you don't even need to think about it. It is part of being human.

Thus the infecting virus can only replicate in humans with a stress-lowered or artificially medicine-lowered body temperature. This explains why cold and flu viruses spread more often during the winter. It also explains why some people may get six or more colds per year. And then some other people seem never to catch a cold. It's their body temperature.

Unlike the current medical practice for the last 100 years, the nurse should not be too concerned when taking your temperature and then it reads 101 degrees. That's your body reacting to a viral infection. That is a normal immune system response — and that is good.

Instead, the nurse or doctor should be very concerned when your daytime body temperature reads only 97 degrees or less. It does happen. That means your immune system is under stress. You are wide open to viral infections, and your immune system has no means to respond to the infection. You are at severe risk for a lethal disease.


If medical professionals recognized this simple fact, it would turn modern medicine right up-side down. It would also mean that doctors would no longer treat colds and flu with medications to "treat the symptom" by lowering the fever. And that would put Big Pharma right out of business, which is why it will never happen.

Big Pharma will continue to sell over-the-counter cold and flu meds at tremendous multi-billion dollar profits each year. And millions of people will die in lonely hospital beds around the world, not from flu, but from drowning in their own lung fluids resulting from severe viral pneumonia - caused by lowering the immune-system-response fever. With all those cold 'n flu pills and bottles which you've bought - it can only be called Murder in the Medicine Cabinet. Is that what the 78 mysteriously murdered international bio-researchers were trying to tell us? The Bird Flu story in the news is a complete hoax, being spread by the same people who who also have the ability to spread the human-cloned version of Bird Flu and then also convince you to make sure to get your flu shot and stock up on Tamiflu.


Your mission, should you accept it, is to discuss what you've just read with your doctor. Discuss it with your family and friends. Discuss it at work, and even on Internet chat channels and boards, and call-in radio programs. If you choose to do nothing, then those who are making the outrageous claims of world pandemics which would kill millions, and who actually now also control the newly cloned and manufactured stockpiles of Human Bird Flu or the replicated 1918 Spanish Flu, could actually be making self-fulfilling prophecy. It's up to you. Don't panic, as they expect you to do, and rush to wait in line to get their very expensive flu shot or antivirals. Know that your own fever is your own first line quick-acting (usually 4 to 6 hour) defense against any viral infection. Peace.


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