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The History of the Earth from the Off-Planet Perspective

Judy Carroll
co-author of The Zeta Message, author of Human by Day, Zeta by Night


The history of Earth and the development of the human race is quite complex, and many scenarios have been proposed by numerous writers and scholars. Complexity can be manipulated by mixing a little truth with lots of fiction to cause confusion in peoples’ minds, which in itself is a ploy used regularly by the Repterran Controllers who have long controlled the Earth. The Grey Guardians, along with other benevolent interplanetary and interdimensional people are here to help free Earth from the Controllers. While some genuine ET contact causes fear, we need to break through many layers and barriers of fear and superstition to enable our minds to open up to a more expanded state of conscious awareness, and contact with the real Greys can cause this to happen. It is not an easy process, and can even be traumatic when it challenges our third-dimensional perception of reality. It is time to open the doors to the truth of the history of ET involvement on Earth, rasie our collective consciousness, and welcome in this new era in which humanity rises of its own accord and takes the reins of its spiritual evolution. It is a beautiful time to be on Planet Earth.


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