300-year-old food forest in the suburbs

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A model for sustainable food production in the cities

Geoff Lawton

Food Forest

A 300-year-old suburban food forest has been tended for 28 generations by the same family.

Geoff Lawton discovers a 300 year old food forest that has been tended for 28 generations by the same family. Incredibly it is in the suburbs of a Vietnamese city and only 2 acres in size yet it provides all the food and medicines for an entire family all year round. It is so well established that it looks like a natural system and Geoff cannot see the elements of human design, yet of course they are there. Visit this amazing garden with him and experience what was a traditional way of growing food around and towns and cities, a horticulture that will become part of our future once peak oil begins to bite.

This film is an extra from the Establishing a Food Forest DVD, part of The Permaculture Way series. The DVDs and more clips are available at www.green-shopping.co.uk


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