The Human History Movie

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Perhaps this is our true history. You decide.

Jordan Duchnycz and Josef Dolezal

Putting it all together. Perhaps now it makes sense. Are we being guided by the ancient Naacals, the Ascended Masters?

Naacals Energy Circle

The image on the left shows the ancient Naacals, or Ascended Masters, from the Human History Movie.

The image on the right is from the 5th World Fund's Full-Moon Global-Healing Torus-Energy Group-Process Vision, now in use to manifest the 5th World of Love, Balance and Spiritual Strength.

So what is going on? Does this rendition of human history resonate in your heart? Take it in and decide for yourself.

There are some rought spots and oversimplifications, but it is, admittedly, a huge topic.

It buys into negative stereotypes of the Greys and gives the Masons more attention than they deserve, but then who's perfect?



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