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Not a Delusion

Dr. Staninger

Morgellons is a strange new disease that may be traced back to nanoparticles in our environment.

It is said… truth is stranger than fiction, but for the 100,000 plus individuals who suffer from Morgellons, it is nothing less than a nightmare. 100% science fiction movie making material is being lived out in their daily struggle for sanity. The sensation of bugs crawling, stinging, and biting underneath the skin and even inside places like the ears and eyes. Often, there are no visible signs of a bug or parasite and tests will come back negative for any of these life forms.

morgellons Once the nano invasion has assembled on the host, it begins to build things like hideous networks of fibers on the skin and/or hair follicles. Most of the medical community, both conventional and alternative, has no clue what this is and yet the projections from clinicians that are treating this group is said to be growing at a rate of 1000 cases a day worldwide.

As of Dec 2009, the CDC has no reportable information on Morgellons disease or what it terms an 'unexplained dermopathy'. On September 24, 2009, the CDC convened an external review panel made up of experts from the fields of dermatology, infectious diseases, public health, and mental health which examined the study activities to date and provided advice on future activities. They further state that IF they have something to report, they may or may not do so on their website.

Essentially what they said is that they have decided upon and assembled a panel of experts to talk about this mysterious skin condition. This panel examined the 'study activities' of what, they didn't say; and gave advice, on what, again they did not disclose. They do not have conclusive analysis reports or even mention case references that they have actually seen a lab report analyzing the skin fibers or documenting the medical symptoms.

Unfortunately, because the AMA and medical community rely on the CDC for its official reports on any type of illness, the authority channels we rely on for information, diagnosis, and treatment are still in the dark on this disease. Many practitioners in the medical community actually categorize Morgellon/Morgellons as delusional parasitosis.

In the Fall of 2006, Dr. Staninger conducted a privately funded project to identify the composition of Morgellons' fibers. She states that Morgellons is a disease that affects humans and animals with a minimum of 93 Morgellons Symptoms. Humans experience different colored fibers growing out of their skin with the presence of lesions that ooze a gel-like material or may have the feeling of hot burning glass ripping through the underside of their skin as a needle.

Toxicological Pathology evaluations of specimens taken from a patient who was diagnosed with this disease and was having a knee replacement operation revealed that the specimen contained silica and silicone.

Further analysis of these specimens using Micro Raman technology revealed that the fibers that grew out of this same patient were composed of a two-part polyester like a plastic straw within a straw with a head that was made up of silicone. Polyester is a definite man-made material. It is "nylon" by another name. Nylon is a compound that is a lipophatic compound, just as silicone.

In addition, high-density polyethylene fibers were found in a different patient's heel of their foot. The difference in these compounds and ones that are man-made in a chemical factory are that they have a size, which is measured at a NANO level, which is smaller than the width of a human hair. How can something so small be so harmful to humans?

The nano material, which has many forms such as smart dust, nano gels, quantum dots, nano tube, nano wire, nano bots, nano horns are all part of the growing field of nanotechnology. If something is so small that it does not stimulate the immune system to react to its foreign invasion of the cell, new cellular toxicological reactions will occur. Collectively these materials were found in specimens taken from the same patient who had the knee replacement operation. The individual had blue fibers that would not burn at 1,400 degrees F and harden gels that made lesions. The callus-like scab had cat-like claws on its underside.

In a nutshell she states, these nano-advanced materials are 100% man-made. They come into the body without stimulating the immune system and within the digestive tract these particles literally assemble by using our body materials to make its network of fibers.

Most importantly, Dr. Staninger is full speed ahead when it comes to her Morgellons treatment and laboratory analysis; mapping the health complications like nutritional deficiencies associated with disease, and most importantly her documentation on FIR therapy. She promises several books soon (they are at the publisher right now) and we will be adding them to our recommended reading list ASAP.



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