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04.01.13 New Book Expects Francis I to Announce Position on ETs

12.12.12 Messages From the Star Nations, as given to Judy Satori

12.12.12 Mayan Elder Explains What to Expect December 21, 2012

12.12.12 Patricia Cota-Robles on what to expect 12.21.12

12.3.12 Discontinuity: Thoughts of a Celestial Being

11.30.12 Global Ice Melting 6x Faster than Predicted

10.13.12 Mt. Fuji Set to Erupt

08.04.12 SaLuSa of Sirius and a 6/2/12 crop circle predict 8/4/12 ET event

05.11.12 Summer 2012 Expect Great Influx of Transformative Energies

03.07.12 Solar Flare Heads Earthward

01.02.112 Princess Nakamura on 2012

12.21.11 The Katchpole Effect: Serious Solstice Expectations for 2012

09.30.11 Three phases of the Great Paradigm Shift

09.30.11 The Great Earthquake Check Back

09.07.11 Fear no Scary Predictions

08.30.11 Hopi Prophecies Reinterpeted with Comet Elenin and End of time in October 2011.

08.30.11 A Tool For Recording the Accuracy of Recent Earthquake Predictions

07.15.11 Contactee reports the half of humanity is expected to ascend at Spring Equinox 2013

07.14.11 Double-Bubble Economic Collapse Expected in 2012

06.15.11 Mayan Elder Carlos Barrios on Calendars and 2012

06.15.11 Sunspot Hibernation Changes Expected Solar Maximum in 2013

05.31.11 Scientist Cites Universal Laws that Lead to Economic Collapse in 2011

05.30.11 A Relatively Close Fly-by Has Some Folks worried

05.29.11 Major Storm Approaches Radioactive Zone in Japan

05.22.11 Rapture Bus Leaves Town; No One On Board

12.29.10 Stanley Fulham's Predictions of UFOs Over Moscow Borne Out by Events

11.17.10 Market Patterns of 1929 Repeating

11.11.10 New Reality Transmission - One Million People Manifesting A Better World

11.06.10 12 Benefits of Disclosure

11.06.10 8 Dangers of Disclosure

09.01.10 How Much is Left? A Graphical Expectation of Limited Planetary Resources

06.30.10 NASA Expects Large Solar Storm in 2013

06.27.10 The Third Great American Depression

06.04.10 BP Oil Expected to Fould Southeast Beaches to Carolinas, Perhaps Europe

06.03.10 MLK Relative, Contactee, Maps Out 2012 Dimensional Shift

06.02.10 Microorganisms Will Clean Up the Gulf Oil Spill

05.05.10 Life in a Corporatocracy

04.26.10 Hawkings Expects Evil Aliens

04.19.10 June 13, 2010 Alignment to Herald Peace

03.20.10 Passage to a New World

01.19.10 Judgment Day is Coming, Says Science

01.01.10 Art Bell's 2010 Predictions

10.29.09 Obama Poised to Announce Global Recognition to ET Presence

09.30.09 China To Throttle U.S. High-Tech Industry

09.17.09 Bashar on 2012

09.07.09 How To Profit From Misplaced Risks: Some Predictions

09.03.09 Diebold Sells Voting-Machine Division, More Fraud Expected

09.01.09 Benjamin Creme: Maitreya's Arrival is Imminent

07.29.09 NPR Covers Mayan Calendar End of TIme

07.06.09 US Lurching Towards Debt Explosion

06.07.09 France May Soon Disclose ET Presence

06.03.09 Bernanke: Cut Spending or Raise Taxes or Else

05.28.09 COMEX Targeted, Major Economic Dislocations Expected

05.24.09 Global Economic Paradigm Shift is Underway

05.15.09 Meltdown to Intensify, Dollar and World Monetary System to Collapse Around November 2009

05.06.09 The Solution is Unworkable: Three Fallacious Assumptions

04.17.09 Did You Know? The Future is Coming Fast

03.13.09 Ken Rogoff Sees 2012 Recovery, Massive Inflation

02.27.09 Taxpayers to Get Soaked: No Nice Way Out

02.22.09 Global Run on Banks Begins

02.16.09 Climate Could Cross Critical Threshold by 2100

01.26.09 New Bright Star to Herald Maitreya's Arrival

01.22.09 Economy in Collapse: It's Worse Than You Think

12.31.08 Obama Expected to Release UFO Files

11.24.08 The Great Depression of the 21st Century

11.23.08 Global Trends 2025: NIC Report Outlines Official Expectations

11.16.08 Some Obvious Expectations

10.25.08 Farewell GOP?: The Rise and Fall of Free-Market Philosophy in America

10.05.08 The Real Great Depression: What to Expect 2008-2012

07.31.08 The Coming Credit Crisis

05.23.08 Americans Facing a Falling Standard of Living

05.19.08 Megabubble awaits Next President

02.27.08 The Coming World Famine

01.28.08 Gold prices may hit $1,000 per ounce in 2008

01.03.08 Expectation 2008: The Year the System Breaks

01.15.08 Scientists warn of looming water supply crisis

04.02.07 Global warming effects will last centuries, UN warns

07.26.06 Bankers Fear World Economic Meltdown

06.12.06 Economic Reckoning Coming for the U.S.

05.28.06 Galactic Federation to Begin Open Contact by End of 2006

05.22.06 U.S. Will Strike Iran Militarily Before Fall Elections 2006

05.19.06 Seven Interconnected Facets Acelerate World Crisis

05.16.06 Russian Ruble Will Undermine U.S. Dollar

04.09.06 Star Elders Advise That we are Entering the Fifth World now

03.06.06 Chamber Details the Mayan Prophecy of the 5th World

02.17.07 Rising Resource Nationalism to Benefit Canada

02.15.06 The Coming End to Dollar Supremacy in the World, by Rep. Ron Paul, TX

02.14.06 The Syriana Syndrome

01.06.06 Economic Forecast 2006

01.04.06 The Coming War with Iran

12.05.05 Shiite Muslim Prophecy of a Coming World State of Justice

11.09.05 Oglala Elder Shares Vision of Future

11.06.05 5th World Prediction About Bird Flu

10.26.05 Understanding What's Coming

09.21.05 Apocalypse Now and the Brave New World

09.01.05 Why New Orleans Must Be Rebuilt

09.01.05 Why New Orleans Cannot be Rebuilt

08.06.05 Twilight in the Desert -- the Imminent Energy Crisis

12.01.04 What's Wrong With the U.S. Economy and How to Fix It

10.01.04 The Coming Hurricane Disaster in New Orleans

08.01.04 The Imminent Housing Bubble Burst: Get Out Now

2004 The Hopi Prophecy of the Blue Star Kachina

03.27.01 The Hopi Prophecy of the 5th World

2000 National Intelligence Council: Global Trends 2015

1999 The World's Largest Hedge Fund (Bernard Madoff) is a Fraud

12.31.93 A full explanation of the Hopi Prophecy from Frank Waters' classic work.

1985 Cardinal Ratzinger (Later Pope Benedict XVI) Predicts Economic Collapse from Decline of Morality

06.08.1978 Alexander Solzhenitsyn: A World Split Apart

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