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03.11.14 Dining Out With Non-Human Intelligence

01.31.14 iPad Humor from Germany

01.08.13 World Economic Collapse Explained in 3 Minutes

12.10.12 Mystery of the Mayan Calendar Finally Revealed

12.06.12 Will Rogers: Never Squat With Your Spurs On

08.05.12 Mars Rover Lands, Sending Back First Photo

08.03.12 UFO Over Olympics Returns for a Cookout

07.15.12 UFO Collision

07.04.12 Caterpiller Humor in the Fields

06.21.12 Sirius A or B?

06.21.12 This Isn't Funny

04.22.12 Ethical Reasoning

04.15.12 Perspective

01.21.12 And In Other News...

01.28.12 A Grey Clairvoyant

01.10.12 What Time Is It?

10.21.11 The Little Girl and the Atheist

10.18.11 Queen Retakes Colonies

10.01.11 It Just Feels Good, Mom

10.01.11 Bumper Stickers for the 5th World

08.30.11 About the Bible

06.16.11 New Arrivals in Heaven

06.04.11 Children Manifest Appearance of Royal Wedding

02.21.11 Unintended Headlines

02.11.11 Dear Tech Support

11.20.10 Cars of the Future

10.11.10 Obama -- The Operetta

09.04.10 Paraprosdokianisms

09.03.10 Jon Stewart Interviews Jesus

08.08.10 Extremists Have the Best Slogans

07.02.10 Cars of the Future

06.11.10 BP Spills the Coffee

06.05.10 The Apple Orchard, by Olian

03.04.10 Returning to Work After 30 Years

02.02.10 A Genuine Human Moment in Antwerp Belgium

01.29.10 Why Men Should Not Write Advice Columns

01.21.10 A Supreme Moment

01.06.09 Mayan Calendar Explained

06.02.09 Ode to Forgetfulness

09.22.09 An Illustrated Guide to Editorial Standards in Placards

08.09.09 The Light in Their Eyes: Classic Gary Larson

08.07.09 Jack in the Box

06.09.09 Olian: Two Naked Men

05.18.09 The Night of the Living Fed: They Won't Stay Dead!

05.19.09 Bodhisattva on the Metro

05.13.09 Mama Panda's Attention is Redirected

03.12.09 Comedy takes on Finance

03.11.09 Barbie Turns 50! How Does She look So Good?

03.11.09 Grandma Tells All

02.27.09 That Bad Feeling

01.29.09 Human Geography

01.28.09 A Titanic Bailout

01.22.09 An Apology for Disruption in Service

12.31.08 Sponsor an Executive

11.24.08 Validation Video

08.25.08 Pam Stone: "When the Aliens Arrive, I'll Want to Know all about Intelligent Life"

08.23.08 Christian the Lion, a true story

01.29.08 Be Sure to Pass This On

01.29.08 Unemployment in the U.S. Made Easy

01.27.08 The Unified Pinball Theory of Everything

01.23.08 NASA Films BigFoot on Mars, Has No Comment

01.26.08 U.S.A. Tombstone

09.01.07 The beginnings of the Help Desk

04.28.07 Defining a Bad Ass

03.06.06 Crop Circles Explained At Last

11.05.05 Medical Terminolgy for the Final Years of the 4th World

12.30.02 The American Tourist and the Fisherman

05.29.1856 The Whole Load: The Humor of Abraham Lincoln

timeless A good collection of cartoons on aliens and UFOs

ET cartoon

ET cartoon 2

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