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10.10.14 Bavarian Crop Circle Yields Symbol-Code for Peace

04.28.14 GeoBiology and Crime: A Better Way?

04.10.14 When Weird is the New Normal

02.11.14 Cosmos Notes: It Could Have Been More Courageous

01.31.14 Honey-Cinnamon Simple Medicine for Many Illnesses

09.02.13 Carbon Dioxide Drops to 7-month low

08.13.13 Full Circle: Co-creation of Crop Circles

07.05.13 Jet Stream Stalled by Climate Change

07.04.13 Neonicotinoids Killing Bees: Must-See Video

04.24.13 Removing Negative Entities From World Leaders

03.25.13 Genetic Roulette: Documentary on GMO foods

03.23.13 Ex-Military Reports on his Years of Working with Tall White ETs

03.22.13 NASA sees Mars fit for ancient life

03.07.13 Must-See 90-min video: Resonance

01.06.13 Authors on Radio

12.02.12 Viruses: Nature's Self-Packing Nanoscale Suitcases

11.24.12 Dowsing Our Path to the Future

11.14.12 Extraterrestrial Knowledge of the Energy Environment

08.24.12 Superbug Emerges, Resistant to All Antibiotics

07.31.12 UFOs Filmed Over Olympic Ceremonies

07.14.12 Major Solar Flare Misses Again

07.13.12 Mysteries of the Crop Circles June 2012

07.06.12 Alien Hybrids: The Key of Our Future -- Sanni Ceto

06.24.12 We're Number One!

06.23.12 Wealth Distribution

06.21.12 The Top Five Regrets of Dying People

06.21.12 How Long It Takes for Things to Decompose

05.17.12 Uniquency: An essential understanding of the personal dimension of healing

05.02.12 Cell Phone Kills Man?

04.30.12 NASA Paired Photos Show a Changing World

04.23.12 Water Has Memory

04.14.12 Russian Genome Project Finds ET Manipulation of DNA

03.12.12 Red Meat Tied to Increased Mortality Risk

03.02.12 Microwaved Water Kills Plants

02.26.12 Combo Vaccine Linked to Infant Seizures

02.11.12 The Secret Life of Plants

01.16.12 Strange Sounds Heard All Over the World

01.15.12 Thyroid Cancer and Dentists

12.16.11 Monsanto's Roundup Enters Groundwater

12.07.11 Remember When...

10.18.11 Meet the Top 1%

10.14.11 Hidden America: The Children of the Plains -- Robert Looks Twice

10.04.11 Wall Street Occupation Spreads Across the U.S.

10.04.11 Increased UFO Reports Worldwide Make Believers of Millions

09.30.11 Sean Casteel Reviews Zeta Message and Human by Day, Zeta by Night

09.16.11 Giant African Land Snails Invade Miami

09.15.11 Super Bug Loves GMO crops

09.11.11 The ET Perspective on 9/11: Third Excerpt from an Important New Book

09.09.11 The ET Perspective on 9/11: Second Excerpt from another Important New Book

09.07.11 The ET Perspective on 9/11: First Excerpt from an Important New Book

06.29.11 Spiders Control Malaria in Flood Zone

05.30.11 1235 exoplanets discovered to date

03.24.11 Middle East Geography Quiz

03.24.11 Gnosis and the Law

03.23.11 Global Healing Audio Experience

01.30.11 The Global Village

01.20.11 Nicotine Pesticide Killing Bees

01.19.11 Mother Meets Future Son as Ball of Light on Board a UFO

01.16.11 Lottery Winner Used Creative Visualization

01.05.11 Birds Fall From Sky in Arkansas, other die-offs reported

01.11.11 Sloan Images Universe

01.02.11 Neotame

12.23.10 A Near-Death Experience from terminal cancer

12.13.10 How Honeybees See the World

12.03.10 How to Identify True vs. Decoy Triangular UFOs

10.19.10 Youths Desensitized to Violence by Video Exposure

08.11.10 The Beauty of the Fields, Summer 2010 Highlights

08.10.10 Leslie Kean: UFOs - best documentation yet

06.22.10 Mars Oddities

06.09.10 Drunvalo Melchizadek on Super-Psychics and Indigo Children

05.26.10 Triple Bottom Line of Sustainability

05.24.10 Ancient Aliens on History Channel

11.04.10 The Fourth Kind is Not Worth Seeing, Even on DVD

Sept-Oct 1994 Natural Capitalism: An Interview with Paul Hawken

02.16.10 UFOs and ETs on Earth: Speculation based on reliable evidence gives hope, inspiration

02.10.10 Avatar in India: No Fantasy

01.11.10 The Avatar Blues

12.20.09 The Mystery of the Crop Circles (Video)

12.17.09 Underwater Volcano Filmed in West Mata

12.13.09 Pyramids in the Sky Moscow, England

12.10.09 Blue Spiral in Norway Sky

10.12.09 New Evidence Supports Billy Meier

10.05.09 Vitamin D Protects against H1N1 Flu

08.01.09 Review of Birth to Rebirth

07.28.09 Global Warming Linked to Muskoxen Starvations

07.17.09 How the Fed Prints Money Out of Thin Air

06.30.09 11-Year-Old Boy Proof of Reincarnation

06.24.09 Three Crop Circles Interpreted

06.10.09 Winds Are Dying Down

06.03.09 Coral Reefs: Healthy and Sick Around the World

05.25.09 Microwave And Radiofrequency Radiation Exposure: A Growing Environmental Health Crisis

03.30.09 Conficker Worm

03.29.09 Looking Through Eyes of Wisdom: A Review by Richard Boylan

01.29.09 Astonishing Incongruities: Is It Time to Bail OUT OF America?

06.27.09 The Amazing Northern Lights: Cosmic Bow Spray

01.24.09 Northwest Trees Dying at Twice Natural Rate

01.22.09 World Economic Decline Accelerating

01.15.09 NASA: Mars Methane Suggests Life

12.14.08 Sarah Chayes: The Other Front

11.21.08 The Disappearing Male

11.17.08 Great Brown Clouds Blanket Regions of Earth

11.08.08 BPA in Plastics Linked to Diseases in Adults

11.01.08 Throw Away Your Microwave

10.13.08 Summer Cold Retains Snow on Alaskan Glaciers

09.23.08 How Deregulation Sired Fascism in America

08.24.08 Guide to Health for Students

08.08.08 Naturally Preventing Cancer: Best Practices

07.31.08 The Coming Credit Crisis

06.18.08 Pi From the Sky: Mathematics in a Crop Circle

05.12.08 What is Eaten by Earthlings

03.31.08 Mushrooms and Sunlight = Vitamin D Daily Requirement

01.27.08 Environmental Effects of Increased Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide: Not What You Think

12.31.07 The Story of Stuff

11.01.07 Iraq's Little-Known Humanitarian Crisis

09.22.07 Nope, That's Not Money: How the Dollar is Collapsing and Why

05.27.07 Palm Oil Environmental Hazards

05.11.07 Oral Sex, HPV, and the Risk of Oral Cancer in Men

04.28.07 ARVD, ADHD, and Genetics

04.04.07 Honeybee Colony Collapse Threatens U.S. Food Supply

01.07.07 Through the Rapist's Eyes

11.22.06 Russian Indigo Child Speaks of Mars, Lemuria History

06.19.06 The Disgrace of the Federal Reserve System

05.18.06 Bird Flu Briefing: What You Need to Know

05.08.06 How a Currency Collapses

04.27.06 MSG: The Slow Poisoning of America

02.21.06 The UFO/Nukes Connection by Robert L. Hastings.

02.15.06 Unfavorable Balances

02.01.06 New Planet Confirmed Larger than Pluto

01.26.06 Earth Warming is Natural, but Man Having Effect

01.20.06 The Dangers of Too Much Soy

01.15.06 The American Empire vs. the Iranian Oil Bourse

01.08.06 The Rise of the Iranian Oil Bourse

01.07.06 Americans Travel to India, Elsewhere, for Better Health Care

01.01.06 Altruism and Stress

01.01.1998 Toto, We're Not in Kansas Any More: The Origins of Anna Hayes's Voyagers Project

01.01.1998 Beyond Kansas and Off to OZ: Confirming Anna Hayes's Experience

11.27.05 The Unconstitutional Underpinnings of the Federal Reserve System

11.26.05 Highest CO2 in 650,000 Years Doubles Rate of Sea-Level Rise

11.26.05 Orbs: Dust and Otherwise

11.25.05 How Wal-Mart is helping our Transition to the 5th World

11.06.05 Natural Care for Colds and Flu

10.12.05 Pravda Finds ET Life Probable

10.05.05 On Paradigm Shifts

09.04.05 Dr. Masaru Emoto on Katrina, the Tsunami, and the Power of Water

06.25.05 Glossary of terms in Voyagers

06.21.05 Is Somebody Out There?

06.17.05 Types of Beings

09.28.04 Bullfrogs Spread Lethal Fungus Worldwide

04.18.2004 Retired Sheriff's Deputy Observed by ETs in Sphere

08.27.03 Dark Chocolate is Good For You

11.28.01 Yuroc: The Chilbolton Code Analysis

07.25.97 Reading Habits Change in New On-Line Revolution

1967 What's Wrong with GNP

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