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03.23.14 Proof We're Not Alone: the Movie, Part 2 Right-Brain Perspective

02.25.14 Proof We're Not Alone: the Movie, Part 1 Left-Brain Perspective

02.13.14 Proof We're Not Alone: Transmission #6

01.14.14 Proof We're Not Alone: Transmission #5

01.07.14 Proof We're Not Alone: Transmission #4

12.10.13 Proof We're Not Alone: Transmission #3

11.28.13 Proof We're Not Alone: Transmission #2

11.12.13 Proof We're Not Alone: Transmission #1

04.11.13 Scientists Find ET DNA in Human Genome

04.01.13 Planetary Energy Rise 12/21, Evidence, Consequences, Pope, Feminine Energy and Theidan

02.10.13 Hungary Destroys GMO crops

03.16.13 New logo for the 5th World Journal

02.14.13 4.5 Billion Earthlike Planets in our Galaxy

02.13.13 Communication with Off-Planet Energy Beings

12.09.12 Reincarnation Proof

11.29.12 Bigfoot is Real, Says 5-Year Study

10.11.12 ET Poll of Human Wishes Continues to Circulate

07.24.12 Greenland Surface Ice Has Melted

07.15.12 5th World Fund Launches the Swirling Water Campaign to Transmute the Water Planet

07.14.12 5th World Fund Donates to those who are BEing the Change We Seek

05.02.12 Milk Hill Mystery Deepens

04.25.12 Greeks Develop Local Barter System to escape economic chaos

04.21.12 Better World Forum Focuses Global Thinkers and Feelers on Manifesting a Better World

02.19.12 Edgar Mitchell Astronaut Declares Reality of Aliens on Earth

02.03.11 Stem-Cell Gun Heals Burn Victims Quickly

10.22.11 White House Petition to Disclose UFO Information Is Most Popular Petition

10.01.11 Faster Than Light: The Impossible Happens

09.12.11 50 New SuperPlanets Discovered

07.12.11 Major Filer reveals his ET contacts

05.31.11 Playing for Change continues...

05.29.11 2011 Deadliest Year for Tornadoes in US

03.31.11 The Earth Changes Begin 2011

02.05.11 Disasters Mitigated, Coordinated Visualization May Have Helped

02.03.11 Stem-Cell Gun Heals Burn Victims Quickly

01.30.11 Crystal Visions Project Update

01.13.11 Climate Change Sets Records in 2010

01.12.11 Precognition Established; Scientific Assumptions Challenged

01.12.11 Murdoch Unhappy with Fox News

01.10.11 Jim Sparks Event in China Opens New Market

01.11.11 Planck Space Telescope Discovers Enormous Space Structures

01.09.11 The Keepers is now in Chinese

01.05.11 Crystal Visions 2012 Project update

11/21/10 New Reality Transmission and Crystal Visions 2012 Coincide

11.03.10 Tribute to Zecharia Sitchin

10.22.10 Level-Two Illumination Achieved in Crystal Visions 2012 Project

09.22.10 The Manifestation of the 5th World Begins

06.05.10 Experience Contact Initiates Global Contact with Off-Planet Intelligence

05.31.10 2010 Crop Circle Season Begins

05.21.10 Artificial Life Created in Laboratory

04.16.10 More Missing Links Found

03.29.10 Gene therapy makes mice potentially immortal

02.21.10 Bloom Box Fuel Cell Breakthrough

01.29.10 Last Rites for the American Way of Governance

12.28.09 U.S. Military Liaising with ETs

11.24.09 Martian Life Proven by Scientific Community

11.09.09 Vatican Conference Focuses on ET Life

11.04.09 Close Encounters of the 4th Kind

11.03.09 V Series Heralds Renewed Interest in ET Visitors

10.09.09 Solar Photovoltaic Breakthrough

09.09.09 Japanese First Lady Claims UFO Visit to Venus

08.08.09 AFLAC CEO Turns Down Bonus, Saves 500 Jobs

07.21.09 Wal-Mart To Bring Production-Method Information to Customers

07.15.09 Major Breakthrough in Desalination Technology

07.08.09 Whales Watching Us

06.22.09 Neda of Iran, Technology and the New Revolution

06.14.09 Alloy of off-planet origin found in Argentina

06.12.09 Clear Daylight UFO Sequence from Colombia

06.09.09 Uruguay Declassifes UFO Documentation

06.04.09 American President Addresses the Muslim World With Respect

05.31.09 Star Kids gather in Sacramento

05.21.09 Missing Link May Have Been Found

02.27.09 Personal Debt to GDP Ratio: 1929 All Over Again

01.20.09 Obama's Inaugural Address

01.01.09 Architects of a New Dawn

12.23.08 Former Canadian Minister of Defence, Paul Hellyer, Says US Uses ET Technology

11.28.08 2008 Hurricane Season Sets Six New Records

11.14.08 Pope Announces the Reality of Extraterrestrials

11.04.08 The Obama Election Milestone

10.31.08 Michael Jackson's Earth Song Video: Must See

10.25.08 The Collapse of an Ideology: The Crack in the 4th World Paradigm

10.24.08 Playing for Change: Into the World Village Through Music

08.15.08 Dead Zones Exponentially Increasing Off Populated Coasts

08.12.08 "Perfect Storm" Killing Earth's Frogs

08.28.08 Dr. Edgar Mitchell, Astronaut, Confirms Aliens and Coverup

05.16.08 Britain Releases UFO files

02.16.08 Peterson Foundation to Focus Awareness on Serious Issues

01.16.08 2007 the second warmest year on record

01.15.08 Enormous UFO seen by Dozens in Texas

10.17.07 Open Letter From Muslim Clergy to Religious Leaders

08.17.07 Arctic Ice Disappearing

07.14.07 Appropriate Technology in Africa: The peanut sheller

04.29.07 Nearby Habitable Planet Discovered

03.23.07 France Releases UFO files

03.06.07 Report on the Transition to the 5th World, by Don Ware

03.05.07 Former Canadian Prime Minister Connects ET Technology and Global Warming

02.26.07 TXU Buyout in Texas May Tip the Balance to "Green is Good"

02.19.07 Most Prestigious Science Group Says Humans Cause Global Warming

02.15.07 January 2007 was the hottest January ever on Earth

02.03.07 World's Best Scientists Say Humans Cause Global Warming

01.09.07 2006 Hottest Year on Record in U.S.

01.08.07 Researchers find ET DNA in Human Genomes

12.13.06 Ancient Species of White River Dolphin Species Now Extinct

09.26.06 NAS Reports Earth Hottest in Thousands of Years

09.20.06 2006 Summer Hottest Since 1936

06.12.06 Polar bear cannibalism may be due to nutritional stress

05.17.06 April 2006 Warmest April on Record in U.S.

05.09.06 American Hacker in UK To Be Extradited for Seeking UFO Info

05.04.06 Trade Winds Weaken Due to Global Warming

03.05.06 Scientists claim free non-polluting energy

02.15.06 Joey Cheek Demonstates 5th World Behavior at Olympics

02.08.06 Sweden Commits to Non-Oil Future

02.07.06 January 2006 Warmest on Record in U.S. and Australia

02.06.06 Former Prominent Conservative Has Epiphany, Seeks Turth and Justice

02.03.06 Leading Climate Scientists Warn White House on Global Warming

01.20.06 Women's Peace Petition Goes Global

01.20.06 Solar Guerillas Pledge to Install Renewable Energy Into National Grid

01.05.06 China to Diversify Out of U.S. Dollars

01.03.06 Petition Urges U.N. to Begin Decade of Study of Ethical ET Civilizations

01.01.06 International Call for Departments of Peace

12.01.05 30% Weakening of Gulf Stream Detected

11.24.05 Former Canadian Minister Of Defense Asks Parliament To Hold Hearings On Relations With ETs

11.21.05 New Study Confirms Effectiveness of Homeopathy

10.17.05 Economic Downturn Begins

10.13.05 Antarctic Ozone Hole Grows, Ice Softens, Swallowing Ice Cats

10.10.05 Arctic Melting Leads to Economic and Political Opportunity

10.07.05 Catarina, the Other Hurricane: Has the Age of Chaos Begun?

09.16.05 Global Warming Past Tipping Point?

09.16.05 80% of Americans Say Park Your SUV

09.03.05 On Katrina, New Orleans, and the 5th World

5W Postings on Milestones... Milestone