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03.23.14 Michael Tellinger Connects Sitchin to a Proposal for a Better World

03.19.13 The History of ET Involvement on Earth

11.16.12 Rove: “I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore”

10.07.12 Aliens and the Creation of Human Life on Earth: The Evidence

09.18.12 Evidence of Jesus Having a Wife

09.06.12 New documentary to assert Mayan ET Contact

07.05.12 Six Historical Figures Share the Jesus Story

05.30.12 Pyramid Khufu Dates Back to 9200 BCE

05.15.12 Six Myths About the Founding of America

05.11.12 Mayan Calendar Room Resets Calendar End Date

04.19.12 The Aztec Incident Documentary on Web and TV

04.15.12 Banking History Timeline

03.02.12 300-Year-Old Suburban Food Forest

01.31.12 Human History Movie: A Connection to the 5th World Fund Energy Focus Process

01.13.12 Five Unelectable Founding Fathers

12.15.11 Meat Cache Pushes Human Arrival in America Back 30,000 Years

11.04.11 Minoans Traded with Native Americans, May Have Been Atlantis

05.25.11 Ancient Turkish Temple Predates Stonehenge by 7,000 Years

05.05.11 Indigo Child With Full Recall Rewrite History of Creation

02.16.11 More Pre-10,000 BC Civilizations Discovered Around the Globe

04.15.10 Bosnian Pyramids Older, Larger than Giza

01.28.11 Human Emigration from Africa Much Earlier Than Presupposed

10.27.10 Our Grandmothers Gave Us A Great Gift - Dont Waste it

07.10.10 Humans Lived in England 250,000 years ago

06.26.10 17,000-year-old Bolivian Ruins rewrite New World History

06.15.10 How the Michelson-Morley Experiment Failed: Ether May Yet Exist

06.04.10 British Empire Would Not Have Existed, Were it not for its Drug Trade

03.11.10 Indian Cave Paintings Depict UFOs and Aliens

02.19.10 Morgellons: Not a Delusion

12.30.09 A Direct Translation of the Lord's Prayer from Aramaic to English

11.03.09 Aspartame/Nutrasweet Dangers Were Hidden from Public

10.01.09 Human Fossil Remains Pushed Back to 4.4 Million Years Ago

09.12.09 National Geographic Funds Exploration of Underwater Pyramids off Cuba

07.31.09 Bin Laden Worked for US Until 9/11

07.22.09 Retired General: Pentagon was Not Hit by a Plane

06.09.09 TARP Was a Bernanke Cover for CitiGroup Insolvency

06.04.09 Brazil Releasees 600 pages of documentation on UFO sightings in 1970s

05.22.09 High Explosives Found in Dust from 911 Attack: Why?

05.21.09 Missing Link May Have Been Found

05.01.09 Some Dinosaurs Survived the Mass Extinction for Half a Million Years

02.27.09 Oldest Human Footprints Found in Kenya

12.18.08 Bernard Madoff Was Identified as a Fraud as Early as 1999

10.31.08 Neil Armstrong Filmed Ancient Structure on the Moon in 1969

10.31.08 How The US Presidential Elections Were Stolen in 2000 and 2004

10.25.08 Excerpts from Declassified British UFO Files

10.25.08 How Terrorism and Illegal immigration Prevented Chinese Domination of the World of the 15th Century

10.18.08 The Collapse of a 300-Year Ponzi Scheme

09.19.08 Understanding the Financial Collapse

08.14.08 Medieval Peasants Had More Free Time Than We Do

05.10.08 Alfre Woodard Reads Sojourner Truth

03.25.08 Slavery By Another Name

01.07.08 Top CIA Officials Admit al Quaeda was a Hoax

02/02/05 The Misunderstood 1918 Aspirin Pandemic

11/18/05 The Bird Flu Pandemic Myth

04.23.05 Paola Harris Interviews Betsy McDonald

01.01.2002 Matthew confirms 9/11 Deceipt

05.08.01 Ancient Yarn Shows Europeans in Canada by 1000 A.D.

10.01.00 The Red-Haired Mummies of China

01.01.1998 The Origins of the Voyagers: Anna Hayes/Ashayana Deane's first experience

01.01.1998 Confirming Anna Hayes's first experience: Howard Egeln was there too

03.08.1986 The Ancient Forests of Antarctica

11.01.1944 FDR Outlines the Economic Bill of Rights

03.05.1942 Gen. George C. Marshall to FDR on Off-Planet Wreckage

5W Postings on New History... New History