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11.22.12 People are Good

11.09.12 The WaySeer Manifesto

10.05.12 The Poverty of Success

09.12.12 Yelling Fire in the World Theatre

09.05.12 Success and the Paralympics

08.21.12 Global Boycott of GMO Offenders

06.13.12 Benjamin Frithjof on Reimagining Work

06.23.12 The Real Ending to Twilight

06.23.12 Compassionate Smoking Zones

05.11.12 Ernest Callenbach's last thoughts

03.08.12 No Free Lunch: Hydro Dam Destroys Brazilian Native Homelands

03.07.12 Stop Joseph Kony

03.06.12 Fraudulent Images of Lunar Structures

02.23.12 The Endgame of an Era

02.11.12 Nuclear Power Rises Like a Zombie, 34 Years Dead

01.20.12 UK PM Proposes Sensitive, Cooperative Capitalism

01.16.12 Human Error: Japanese Youth Take on Nuclear Power

01.13.12 Implications of the Alien Presence: A Video Interview with Dr. Brian Crissey

01.11.12 Twelve Myths on 2012

10.18.11 A History Lesson on a $20 Bill

09.11.11 Church and Science: The Great Pendulum Shift

04.01.11 Animated Swirls

04.01.11 Elevens in 2011

03.31.11 Planetary Healing Tools Available

03.29.11 A Japanese Monk Asks for Our Prayers for Japan

02.18.11 Earth Energy Grids, Orbs and Crop Circles

02.03.11 Interviews with Shirlie Battie

12.03.10 Global Meditations Coincide

10.28.10 The Choice

09.03.10 Happier Together

07.25.10 A Fair Abortion Policy

07.12.10 Americans Obsess Over LeBron While Nation Fails

06.15.10 Valedictorian Against School

06.15.10 Profitable War is the Enemy

05.31.10 The Joy of Reunion

05.07.10 Helen Littrell Drops Pursuit of the Truth

05.05.10 Yuroc: Why Wing Nuts Get Heard

02.28.10 Yuroc: The Bloom Box and Nuclear Energy

02.16.10 UFOs and ETs on Planet Earth

12.31.09 Enoch on the Norway Spirals

12.29.09 Move Your Money Into Local Banks

11.07.09 The Job Vampires of Wall Street

08.09.09 Health Care Reform: A Win-Win Proposal

06.18.09 Phoenix Rising Crop Circle Interpretation

05.15.09 The Dangers of Believing the End Comes 12/21/2012

05.11.09 2012: A Y2k For the New Age

01.21.09 Phoenix: Build Global Inter-Faith Institute in Gaza

01.01.09 Recommendations to President-Elect Obama

12.24.08 Building Businesses for the 5th World

10.25.08 Latent Racism in the US

08.24.08 Chamberlain: We Cannot Drill Our Way Out of the Energy Crisis

02.10.08 Yuroc: Position on Intelligent Design vs. Evolution

01.27.08 Yuroc: Position on Global Warming: It is a Real Red Herring

01.26.08 Yuroc: Why Democracy Is No Answer In Many Parts of the World

12.17.06 Yuroc: The 7-Point, 6-Year Plan for Transitioning to the 5th World from the 4th

11.20.05 Yuroc: Jesus was a Radical Liberal

11.10.05 Hard Science and the Collapse of the World Trade Center

10.19.05 Arthur C. Clarke: We have discovered life on Mars

09.03.05 Yuroc: On Katrina, New Orleans and the 5th World

09.01.05 Yuroc: Abandon New Orleans

08.07.05 Information, Misinformation, Disinformation, and the Limits of Human Discrimination

05.27.05 Yuroc: The Clearwater Thesis: Why Aliens Do Not Land on the White House Lawn

04.07.02 Fascist Israel: An Ex-Patriot Jew's Perspective After Years in Israel

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