5W Postings on Wisdom... Wisdom


01.12.13 Clifford Stone on Truth of Abductions

07.15.13 Zimmerman: The Untold Story

04.05.13 Earth from Space: Why We Care

03.06.13 A Higher Conscious Conversation

01.01.13 5th World Journal Takes Advertising

10.11.12 Fallen Leaves: A Poem by Yuroc of the 5th World

09.11.12 Pachakuti: The New Dawn

08.16.12 Symptoms of Ascension

08.03.12 A World Without Fear, by Carlos Santana

03.27.12 Lightworkers

06.21.12 Still Water Meditation

04.24.12 Pleiadian Meditation

04.04.12 African Kids Demonstrate Cooperation

03.06.12 Imagine a Better World

01.22.12 Discernment

01.18.12 Mountain Gorillas Visit

01.16.12 Believe

10.09.11 Bee Whispering

08.04.11 Playing For Change: Music is My Ammunition

08.03.11 The Green Thing

07.22.11 Saving Valentina: A Whale Rescue You Will Always Remember

07.15.11 Musical Rapture: A Gift For Healing Humanity

06.26.11 She's Alive: Why We Do What We Do

06.11.11 Gratitude: Open your heart and let it flow

06.09.11 New Global Meditation Glyph Received in England

05.26.11 Gimme Shelter, by Playing for Change

04.10.11 Dear Woman: Men Apologize to Women

04.01.11 A Prayer About Suffering

03.31.11 Masaru Emoto's Prayer for the Water of Japan

11.01.10 How Aliens See Our Culture

11.20.10 The Matthew Books: A Script for Manifesting the 5th World

10.06.10 Sirian Elder Encourages the Manifestation

09.23.10 What's Wrong with Our Food System

09.21.10 Peace Day Meditation

06.15.10 Valedictorian Against School

06.05.10 Urgent Message from Chief Arvol Looking Horse

06.05.10 A Window Of Healing Opportunity for Earth

06.05.10 Reversing the Hopelessness Mindset

03.30.10 Native Knowings: Wisdom Keys for 2012 and Beyond by Steven McFadden

03.07.10 Tying It All Together

02.24.10 You Are God: How You Manifest Your Own Universe

02.24.10 Maris on Fear

01.01.10 A Prayer for the Earth

600 B.C. Buddha: Do Not Believe

02.20.10 People Come Into Your Life For a Reason

11.04.07 Message from the Pleiadeans

12.07.09 The Orangutan and the Hound

09.29.09 Oneness with an Elephant Seal

09.18.09 The Meaning of Christmas

timeless Emergence

06.21.09 Meditation for the Cetaceans

06.19.09 A Tribute to All Lightworkers

06.08.09 Kindred Spirits by Jesse Wolf Hardin: Chapter One Excerpt

06.02.09 The Wounded Healer

06.01.09 You Are An Adult Child of the Universe

04.05.09 I Rescued a Human Today

04.03.09 UFOLKS and USFOLKS, a Poem

02.27.09 The Three Reasons for Crop Circles

02.27.09 Wise Music to Soothe Your Soul

02.27.09 That Bad Feeling

02.24.09 The Obama Code

02.05.09 Guidance: Making it Through to the 5th World

02.01.09 On the Alien Nature of Cats

01.19.09 Inauguration Poem

01.01.09 Introducing Jessica Schab

12.31.08 Architects of a New Dawn

11.28.08 The Global Financial Crisis From a Spiritual Perspective

11.24.08 Severn Cullis-Suzuki Speaks Wisdom Beyond her Years

11.07.08 Deepak Chopra Begins Global Initiative for Nonviolence

11.08.08 Wisdom From the Grandmothers for a Time of Change

10.31.08 Ervin Lazlo's Simple Guidleines to Get Us to the 5th World

03.19.08 A More Perfect Union: Obama on Race

02.02.08 Barack Obama the Walk-In for Change

01.17.08 Bonhoeffer on Reality

4.6.07 Kid Meteor: The Sudden Passing of a Young Man

12.21.06 Plan 7654: A 7-point 6-Year Plan for Transition to the 5th World from the 4th

12.19.06 24 Ways You Can Prevent Global Warming

10.11.06 Encouraging Divine Government

10.11.06 Nine Powerful Affirmations to Assist in Global Transformation

06.16.06 Seeds for a Geo-Green Party: Neither Left nor Right, but Forward!

06.01.06 Chinese Wisdom: The Cracked Pot

03.31.06 Heru Speaks...On the Higher Self

03.10.06 Heru Speaks...On Twin Flames

03.01.06 From Warrior to Anti-War Activist: A Native American Woman Speaks Out

02.02.06 You Are the Gifted One, a Poem to the Earth

12.18.05 Healing Through Death

12.06.05 Wisdom in Humor: Gold, Frankincense, and More

12.04.05 Four Agreements

11.20.05 Instructions for Life

11.09.05 Hopi Elders Explain Role of Indigo Children

10.24.05 Awakening: A Personal Approach to Dealing with a Changing World

10.12.05 Native American Code of Ethics

10.05.05 On Paradigm Shifts

09.16.05 Birthing the 5th World

09.06.05 Star Elders Speak on Katrina and the Shift of the Ages

09.04.05 Kryon on What to Do Now

09.04.05 Dr. Masaru Emoto on Katrina, the Tsunami, and the Power of Water

08.31.05 Communication with the Elemental Spirit of Katrina

05.15.05 Arcturian Earth Energy Balancing Message

05.11.02 A Zeta Teacher to a Child, Concerning Harry Potter

1997 A Dream

5W Postings on Wisdom... Wisdom