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03.23.14 Proof We're Not Alone: the Movie, Part 2 Right-Brain Perspective

02.25.14 Proof We're Not Alone: the Movie, Part 1: Left-Brain Perspective

02.13.14 Proof We're Not Alone: Four Proven Cosmic-Energy Essences

04.11.13 Scientists Find ET DNA in Human Genome

12.09.12 Reincarnation Proof


04.01.13 New Book Expects Francis I to Announce Position on ETs

12.12.12 Messages From the Star Nations, as given to Judy Satori

11.30.12 Global Ice Melting 6x Faster than Predicted


04.28.14 GeoBiology and Crime: A Better Way?

04.10.14 When Weird is the New Normal

02.11.14 Cosmos Notes: It Could Have Been More Courageous

03.25.13 Genetic Roulette: Documentary on GMO foods

03.07.13 Must-See 90-min video: Resonance


07.26.14 Admiral Byrd's Diary Reveals the Warning from Advanced Inner-World residents

03.23.14 Michael Tellinger Connects Sitchin to a Proposal for a Better World

03.19.13 The History of ET Involvement on Earth

10.07.12 Aliens and the Creation of Human Life on Earth: The Evidence

05.11.12 Mayan Calendar Room Resets Calendar End Date


01.12.13 Clifford Stone on Truth of Abductions

07.15.13 Zimmerman: The Untold Story

04.05.13 Earth from Space: Why We Care

10.30.12 The Sandy Face of Change

07.15.11 Musical Rapture: A Gift For Healing Humanity


11.22.12 People are Good

11.09.12 The WaySeer Manifesto

11.03.12 Tesla Water

10.05.12 The Poverty of Success

09.12.12 Yelling Fire in the World Theatre


03.11.14 Dining Out With Non-Human Intelligence

01.31.14 iPad Humor from Germany

01.08.13 World Economic Collapse Explained in 3 Minutes

12.10.12 Mystery of the Mayan Calendar Finally Revealed



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