The Clearwater Thesis 5.27.05

Why Alien Craft Do Not Land on the White House Lawn


Advanced alien races watch the Earth, cultivating it and protecting it. They value their long-term observations more than anything they could obtain by forcing their presence upon us. Indisputable evidence would "dirty the watrer" in the pond and foreclose future observation.

The "Clearwater Thesis" declares that wise off-planet "cosmic cultivators" want to help the Earth evolve in a good way, but they choose not to "muddy the water" by forcing us to react to their presence. If they make their presence undeniable, chaotic reactions would result, and further observation of this independently evolving planet would lose much of its value. From this perspective, crop circles, or star glyphs as Bear Cloud calls them, may serve as cosmic fertilizer for those select humans who are open to spiritual growth. Others can continue to believe that all crop circles are just stupid human field art if they wish. Thus expect no landing on the White House lawn, nor any indisputably extraterrestrial star glyph.

Chris Leask writes in confirmation 6/10/2005:

"I have had some limited contact with a group of ETs and was told the same. I asked them why they haven't made their presence more known, and they said that Earth society is going through a big transition right now, and that if they were to make their presence consciously known, it would have an adverse affect on that transition. Instead of society looking at itself and evolving, it would concentrate on the ETs and lose the opportunity to grow. This transition is a change from a materially based society [4th World] to a psycho-spiritually based one [5th World]. If we become psychically dependant on the ETs' presence, then we will not make that transition properly. After the transition, they will make their presence known."


Yuroc spoke on this topic at the Vermont Crop Circle Conference:

• Oct 28-30, 2005 (Plainfield, VT) Goddard College;

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