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Relating Crop Circles to Earth Energies and Ancient Sites

Hugh Newman interview on Coast to Coast

Subtle Earth Energies Emanate from Ancient Sites

Explorer and 'megalithomaniac' Hugh Newman works with Earth grids and ancient sites, and new discoveries reveal subtle energies emanating from megaliths such as the pyramids of Giza, Stonehenge and Cusco. He has studied a great Earth energy current that runs across Southern England called the Michael & Mary Energy Line. "Somehow the ancients could have been harnessing this global Earth energy on a grand scale," utilizing stone circles, mounds, and earthworks all over the planet, he said. There was a major civilization pre-history that used these invisible Earth grids, he added.

Newman noted that crop circles or formations actually began several hundred years ago and could be coming from the Earth itself. Sites might have been encoded with messages from thousands of years ago that are now being released by the megaliths, through the energy lines, and into the crop fields themselves, he theorized.

The site at Giza, Egypt appears to be central to the Earth grids from a geodetic perspective, and most of the sites around the planet align to Giza, Newman stated. Being near Earth energies or ley lines can have a positive or negative effect on a person, depending on what is happening on the line-- different energy signatures can be traveling on the ley line, he explained.

"The evidence clearly points to UFOs or ultradimensional beings making these crop cirlces. I wonder why they are steering people away from the obvious?"

You Tube Video: Crop Circles, Orbs and UFOs No evidence that this video was ever digitized. (Not a hoax.)


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