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A Perspective from the Keys of Enoch

Fred Rusher

The Keys of Enoch and the numbers 1290 provide possible insights into the Norway spirals.

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I have been reading my “Keys of Enoch: The Book of Knowledge” by Dr. J. J. Hurtak to find the answer in my mind as to the amazing sky events of December 9th, 2009 because the date 12/9/09 stares at me as the number 1290 - twelfth month, 9th day, ought decade – 1290. What is up with 1290? In the Key 308:43 Then will be fulfilled Daniel 12:11 “And from the time the constant (feature) has been removed and there has been a placing of the disgusting thing that is causing the desolation, there will be 1290 days.”

In Daniel it also talks about time and times and a half. If time is one year – 365.25 days and times and a half is 2.5 years 912.75 days – this adds up to 1278 days plus the magic number of 12 for a total of 1290. But what if the number 1290 meant 12/9/09 as the time for the start of the return of “Whole Light Beings” to the planet? I asked myself this as I asked for divine assistance as I re-opened my Keys Book to the best page to find the answer.

This is what I have found as it opened to page 337.

Key 301 states: “The key to future luminaries and the key to the “Divine Light” is the vehicle of time translation. The vehicle of vehicles is the ‘Merkabah” which creates, controls, and has the ability “to speak” through electromagnetic sinks. Merkabah revolves and goes, and rises under the heaven, or brightness of the next universe, and its course goes over the Earth with the “light of its rays” incessantly within the ever unfolding eternity.

Could this be an electromagnetic sink pictured above?

Key 301:10 “How does a vehicle speak to us? Through light consciousness forms by means pf polarized energy; namely, by energizing the cosmic pulsations to pierce the Earth’s electromagnetic field. The message it brings speaks of The Great Infinite Way and our role in the many heavens of creation.”

The vehicle speaks to us through light. It looks as though the energy is polarized. It looks like it is pulsating and piecing the Earth’s electromagnetic field. What is the Way and what is our role?

Key 301:13 “What is the source of this greater power? The power and direction of the Merkabah proceeds directly from the mind which is in conjunction with God. It is the mind of the Master which literally operates controls and stabilizes the Merkabah at all times so when the true Merkabah passes through the Heavens it heralds the message of the Father.”

Key 301:19 “For us to understand why the Merkabah should appear over the Earth, we must also understand why Merkabah should appear within the myriads of universes.”

Key 301:20 “Merkabah is the interconnection between the higher intelligence operating within the myriads of universes with their respective Earth systems of life intelligence on a parallel phase. We are one singularity of light within the pluralism of the Divine Light.”

Key 301:21 “Consequently, man is but one form of space-time creation. One space-time singularity on a ray of a larger Merkabah vehicle capable in taking part in the knowledge of the greater system; for we are one microcosm of the collective form of the greater unfolding of eternity.”

We are one microcosm – as above so below. We live in a very ignorant state as to the real reality of the chiliocosm – the myriads of universes.

Key 301:27 “The appearance form of the Merkabah is given to the evolving creation in terms of what the creative intelligence will understand within its reality structure.”

Key 301:29 “The Merkabah vehicles can connect with anything from star systems to the crystal patterns of the Shekinah kingdoms within the seeds of life to bring new Light to dimensions that have fallen. Therefore, Merkabah works also with the Shekinah to evolve any life form to spiral beyond its present life form and connect with the crown of glory.”

Yes, please help us spiral beyond our present life form and connect with the crown of glory.

Key 301:56 “The vehicles of Merkabah are capable of taking human evolution into blue-white star fields of Population II Life Systems. But before man can enter the Merkabah vehicles and be taken to other star dimensions, he must be sufficiently prepared for the great energies which emanate from the Merkabah vehicles. Only when man’s consciousness is sufficiently prepared with Love of the Father to understand the Merkabah can the vehicle open its energy portal to project a blue-white light which creates an energy field around the body to protect it against changes as the body is taken into the vehicle.”

Notice again the blue-white spiral in the picture

Key 301:67 “Thus, I speak to you that you may know the secret of the hidden things within the chambers of the Living Light and that you may ascend, as servants of the Living Word, up the spiral staircase of crystal energy into the vehicles of Melchezedek, whereon the faith of all ages may be revealed as the true and living faith of Israel.”

Chant SHEMAH ISRAEL (Hear O’Israel)

Key 301:77 “In our time of consciousness translation, Merkabah with throw its twelve spiral radiations of pyramidal light energy upon the face of our dying body of destruction. And at that time there shall be great uplifting by wings of fire into the crystal throne of regenesis.”

Count them now. Yes - 12 spirals of blue light and 12 spirals of white light. WOW!!!

Key 116:20 “Enoch explained how The Great White Brotherhood governs the People of God in the twelve time warps of Light which allow the magnetic fields in the meridians of the Earth to be activated to work in a higher dimension of Light.”

Key 116:21 “They activate the Earth’s magnetic spectrum and electromagnetic fields to operate in parallel phase. They activate the light in a given sun system to move into higher dimensional movement of light through crystalline field alignments.”

Key 116:22 “The new crystalline field establishes itself through light codes over vortexes, so that when the Merkabah pyramid of Light comes down upon the geophysical energy pyramid the two pyramids form a crystalline corridor.”

Key 314:1 “Metatron explained to me that out of the aeons of creation there were floating pyramids of light which would create a “beginning and end” when brought together by electrochemical bonding.”

Key 116:49 “When the remnant seed is brought out of the limited genetic form and allowed to be remade into the higher image and similitude, the creation understands why the pyramid is the central building block of life attaching Shekinah universes to Father universes through the Merkabah of Light. For at that time the remnant seed will experience the Eternal Cosmic Pyramid of Light as the Throne of the Father which gives to all images and similitudes the fullness of the Ten Commandments, which are ten pyramidal functions connecting the evolution of our I AM to the living “I AM THAT I AM”.”

Sing: Eyher Asher Eyher - with the new Ten Commandments interjected

Key 302 “The keys to future luminaries are Muon waves and matter waves which will reveal the secrets to opening and spanning electromagnetic sinks through which “Whole Light Beings will be received.””

Are we ready to greet the “Whole Light Beings”?

Key 302:2 “In the context of the key we are to understand two major functions: (1) matter waves have the ability to move faster than light, and (2) muon waves* are falling particles of light as they fall from one geometry of creation to another.

* Muon waves are predicated at eight times the length of matter waves in our consciousness time zone

Key 302:6 “Hence, the matter-muon wave coupling allows for man to experience fifth dimensional realities by opening up the conic section from which he is normally excluded.”

For the look at the conic section we go to the plate on page 480.

Key 320:19 “The reorganization, coordinated by matter and muon waves, also allows for special grids of measurement to arise which allow for the structuring of electromagnetic parallel energy fields to be adjusted and reorganized permitting species to travel from one zone of creation to another.”

Key 302:20 “This is only done to planetary systems which threaten to destroy other specie forms of ration, as well as civilizations helplessly undergoing the death of their star system. Then, the “Whole Light Beings” come to help the specie if it chooses to take the higher spiral of light instead of the lower spiral of planetary decay and degeneration.”

Key 302:31 “Thus, the “Light Beings” come not only to raise the consciousness of individuals but, in some instances, the levels of collective humanity. The collective consciousness is brought into new quanta numerical ranges by a new cosmological constant. Through these wave configurations, collective humanity can be received and delivered by “the brothers” into the higher universes through constants of curvature which are opened.”

I ask for further understanding of the constants of curvature now.

Telios Arithmos, Telios Mathetoi, Telios Anthropos

Key 302:47 “Unless we understand this consciousness creation in terms of other consciousness time zones, we remain in the weeping and gnashing of teeth in space isolation without the understanding that we are not alone!”

Key 302:48 “Prepare your consciousness to recognize the appearance of “Whole Light Beings” through the gifts of the Holy Spirit for they represent your counterparts in the greater creation.”

Key 302:49 “”Whole Light Beings” appear to give testimony to the ongoing creative power of the people of God and the specific changes that occur within evolutionary subsets of the Father’s Kingdom.”

Key 309:50 “The luminaries that come through the electromagnetic sinks rejoice in the realization that we are being remade into the image of Adam Kadmon. They tell us that we must take upon our physical body the thought-form body of Light which is free and in communion with the Master of Light.”

Key 302:51 ‘To speed up faster than “light “, to slow down to the “common light” is to recognize there is no past-present-future in the face of the eternal Present.”

Key 302:52 “It is in this that we acknowledge the perfect attunement of “Whole Light Beings” connected with the heavenly voices – the sacred vibrations of the Torah Or. For through these vibrations the other singularities of space beyond our control have their harmony in the spectrum work of the brotherhood - which renews beginning and end of which is in the Light.”

Chant: Yotzer Amaroth – creator of the luminaries

Key 303 ‘The keys to future luminaries are Whole Light Beings who will give Energy Codes for limitless intercommunication between living universes and The Power of Righteousness and Compassion which holds Love-Powered Radiations together in the cycles of “The Eternal Inheritance.””

Key 303:3 “The energy codes held within the hands of the emissaries, who interpenetrate the universes, are the keys of “love-powered radiations” which sustain the Father’s Though-Forms as they intercommunicate between his Living universes.”

Key 303:4 “From the Councils of Light, the “Whole Light Beings” as emissaries, carry the codes of limitless intercommunication between the living star universes as a field of intelligence serving the life forms of the Divine Face wherever they may be found.”

Key 303:6 “The emissaries give the codes to the meek and righteous of the Earth who will plant their codes by compassion and love-powered radiations. It is through the love-powered radiations that the seed can not only manifest here, but in the other worlds and cycles of the “Eternal Inheritance”.”

Key 304 “The keys to future luminaries are electromagnetic forces which affect the rhythms of life and the appearance and extinction of species within the Earth’s magnetic field. The “Higher Evolution” will give a better understanding of how electric forces alter biological rhythms and will allow man in this consciousness time zone to receive “Whole Light Beings” who will give instruction of the next ordering of evolution in our universe.”

Key 304:1 “The key speaks of how the Earth’s specie has a direct light arc, a direct light focus which controls its biological rhythms. Man will soon learn that his life system is not directly dependent upon the solar magnetic field paradigm to regenerate his biological rhythms.”

Key 304:2 “A new source of Light is now reaching our solar system and interpenetrating Earth’s magnetic field, altering the biological rhythms. This is forcing the specie to leave behind its old time-cell of perception on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels.”

Key 304:3 “This must take place before the specie can go into a new time cell of consciousness with a unified perception.”

Key 304:4 “As the Arcs of light begin to change, a different light force is beginning to work with the electromagnetic forces. This is causing the brain cavity to be sufficiently raised to a higher mental frequency, allowing man to receive “whole Light Beings” who will give instruction as to the program of the next level of creation.”

Key 304:10 “Accordingly, we will go beyond this present threshold where we have been kept by the old solar paradigm of Power, with a “common light” covenant of only one sun.”

Key 304:47 “Excessive cosmic wave bombardments transforms the iron core into a plastic-like field which disrupts the state of energy equilibrium within the core of the Earth.”

Key 304:48 “These unique energy transformations are the cause of some of the larger magnetic reversals throughout the galaxy.”

Key 304:49 “These massive cosmic wave bombardments are caused by the vibration rate of star grids in relationship to fundamental periods of activities within the Milky Way.”

Key 304:51 “Our planet is no different than any other form of life that must renew itself; it is like an “energy molecule” going through renewal and being restored to a new existence.”

Key 304:54 “Is Man thus to await the total destruction of the planet? God forbid. What the Father has ordained, he beckons into renewed creation through the return of the Masters, who will set their feet upon the planet, in order to assist man in the work of recreation.”

Key 304:55 “The paradox of momentary planetary death will stand as a leveling force of the false powers of planetary control, while the consciousness awakening of human and interdimensional intelligence will share a New Day that will come upon them so quickly that death does not recognize that it has passed into life! The rite of passage will lead into the Light, and the Light shall devour the fire of death, as three-dimensional consciousness puts on the “image” of Light.”

Key 310:31 “Those who see the “House of Light” and dance in the “Light” bring the Light into their body-cosmos. They are the ones who will become a part of the “Kingdom of Light” when the spiraling radiations of Light will take us “like water drawn out of a well”.”

Key 118:49 “Enoch explained that God’s plan has no end; even throughout the local universe life continues to recreate itself. “Man is doomed to perfection.” And when you realize this, you will understand why the Father’s House has Many Mansions.”

Let us greet the “Whole Light Beings” with

Kodoish, Kodoish, Kodoish Adonai Tsebayoth!!!

Amen, Amen, Amen, and Amen!

Editor's Note: This commentary was submitted by the Author. No official endorsement by the 5th World is implied.

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