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Break-Through Imagery or Fakes?


Lunar Structure

New imagery suggests that the Chinese have photographed ancient, non-natural structures on the Moon, from their Chang-e 2 Lunar Orbiter. Perhaps. Discernment: Why, in a place where there is no atmospheric pressure, would an advanced civilization build anything but an open storage shed in the form of a rectangular solid, a form that has difficulty keeping pressurized gasses inside? If the Chinese are so advanced, why didn't they photograph it in color and hi-resolution?


Context: Lunar imagery of large rectangular area has been intentionally covered. By whom? NASA? Google? Why? What don't they want us to know?

New lunar imagery of possible structures: What is the source? Consider this comment from diegotrystero:

"It's not a picture taken by the chinese Chang'e-2 lunar probe launched in 2010. It's a picture taken by the NASA Lunar Orbiter 3 in 1967, it is the 'Frame 3085' in the "Lunar Orbiter Photo Gallery". But in the original there are no buildings, only mountains and rocks. So someone took that old picture, add some fake buildings with Photoshop, add the voice of Karl Wolfe from "Disclosure" conference and... voilà, a shocking? document from the Chinese Chang'e lunar probe! A fake, only another fake."


Images Compared

Left: Frame 3085, NASA Lunar Orbiter Photo Gallery.

Right: "structures" allegedly photographed by Chinese Change-e 2 Lunar Orbiter.


Be very cautious. We would all love to see proof of ancient civilizations that long predate our own. We know the proof is out there, and that it will be revealed when the time is right. But there are many people in positions of power that resist the conclusion that the USA is not God's highest crowning achievement in the universe.

Such people will be testing us for gullibility, so when the time comes that proof of benevolent off-planet intelligence is leaking out of the coverup bag, these professional coverup artists can manufacture evidence that will convince many of us that aliens are evil and are intent on invading us. In this case, those who have fallen for the bait will naturally turn to the power brokers to save us from the alien menace, thus solidifying their diminishing grasp on power. Is this latest "Chinese" video just a test of our gullibility? I suspect so.

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