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Something We Can All Agree On


Careful consideration reveals that there is a lot of protest against a proposal that seems not to have been proposed, so we propose it. Then we can all agree to vote it down in a bipartisan way, so we can get back to debating the proposals that are actually on the table.

I will be the first to admit that this whole health-care debate confuses me, and perhaps you are confused, too. But after careful consideration, I may have figured it out. Bear with me, and I will try to explain it to you simply, and then we can all solve this problem in a good way.

A good starting point might be to seek out the loudest self-professed patriots and see what they think is best for America. In no time at all it becomes clear that these would be the unelected spokesmen of the Unsilent Minority -- Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Bill O'Reilly. For brevity, I will refer to them as the Triumvirate. Their greatest nightmare is not the success of Barack Obama, but rather the reinstitution of the fairness doctrine, which, until Ronald Reagan let it lapse, required that anyone who profits from broadcasting across our publicly owned airwaves be required to allow equal time for opposing points of view. Now that's scary!

The Triumvirate is on record in favor of the failure of the duly elected President of the U.S. This is now considered patriotic, whereas a few short months ago, the Triumvirate considered the same position to be unpatriotic, if not actually Communistic. Similarly, the Triumvirate now encourages people to disrupt town-hall meetings and shout down those who are trying to discuss health-care reform in a civilzed way. This silencing of opposing opinions is now considered patriotic, although a few short months ago, the same activities, when carried out in opposition to the undeclared, illegal war against the sovereign nation of Iraq, which had no connection to al Quaeda or 9/11, were seen to be unpatriotic. The Tirumvirate is also on record against assisting the recovery of the U.S. economy by borrowing a trillion dollars from our grandchildren, whereas a few short months ago, the Triumvirate considered George W. Bush's borrowing of a trillion dollars from our grandchildren to fund the unnecessary war on Iraq to be a patriotic thing, and certainly nothing worthy of alarming the public about.

So to be patriotic today, we should work towards the failure of the President, shout down all reasonable discussion of health-care reform, and encourage the onset of the Second Great Depression. Since failure of America is now patriotic, we should applaud and encourage job losses, home foreclosures, bankruptcies of corporations, addictions, obesity, flu epidemics, drug wars and lack of adequate health care. All this is deemed good for failure and thus good for the American way.

So how can we achieve this patriotic goal? The key might be to ensure that Obama fails to get health-care reform passed in his first year in office, as that is deemed as equivalent to Presidential failure in a big way. It would be his Waterloo, and all the disgruntled people who voted against Change in the last election could celebrate the return to business as usual, such as 50 million uninsured Americans using Emergency Rooms and driving up health-care costs for everyone else.

So perhaps it would be good to listen to these loud people at the town hall meetings, the ones with the Republican talking-point sheets in their hands, and find out which option they are opposing, so we can all join them in opposing that option, so as to ensure the failure of Obama and America in a patriotic way.

So what are they all shouting about? They want to vote down the Obama Plan for Socialized Medicine, the one that rations health care by having invalids stand in long lines, the one in which our dear grandmothers get no service because they are too old to be worthy. I looked it up, and that's when I figured it all out. There is no Obama Plan for Socialized Medicine. There are several conflicting plans proposed by the Congress, but no Obama Plan for Socialized Medicine. He is, after all, the President, the Executive. He does not make legislation. That is the job of Congress. It's all in the Constitution.

Obama wants Amerian citizens to have health-care coverage in a way that does not add to the deficit. He wants people to be able to keep their coverage if they like it. He wants folks to be able to keep their insurance if they lose their job. He wants the U.S. to move up from 40th-best health care in the world, so we can move ahead of, say, Costa Rica. This is all very Communistic.

So how can we achieve this patriotic goal of ensuring the continued profitability of Big Insurance, Big Pharma and Big Medicine, where health care is rationed by the ability to pay? Clearly, we have to decisively vote down in a bipartisan manner the Obama Plan for Socialized Medicine.

The only problem? It does not exist. The solution? Propose it. Make it simple and easy to understand. Not 1200 pages. Just one.

So here is the proposal: Let our politicians formally propose to remove the age restriction on Medicare. Let every American citizen have access to Medicare. Bingo. Universal health care. An effective, one-payer system, already in place, one that uses only 3% of its income for overhead, compared to some 30% for private insurance companies. Big Insurance, Big Pharma and Big Medicine will shell out billions of dollars to defeat this threat to the American way, thus reducing unemployment. The Triumvirate will erupt in rage at the plan and will no doubt froth at the mouth. All town hall meetings will disintegrate into bloody fistfights, and the uninsured injured will have to go to emergency rooms at our expense. It will be great! Then we can all agree to vote it down. Then Obama will fail by definition, America will fail, the Second Great Depression can roll in, and we can all celebrate our patriotic victory.

So talk to your Senators and Congresspersons. Ask them to propose to remove the age restriction on Medicare and put it up for a vote. It's simple. Really.

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