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Why Wingnuts Get Heard


When nothing makes sense, leaders who make no sense seem safe.

Nothing makes sense anymore, so I 'll start tidying things up so we can all see clearer. We've been a democratic republic since the Boston Tea Party, so it's hard to oppose democrats, republicans, or tea partiers. They're all good. But when they're all so patriotic, it's hard to sort them out, so I'll recast them.

For starters, we have Obama's Party of Change -- the POC. It's good that there's only one, or they would be the POCs, and that would be bad. The POC wants to change things and has already changed some things, like averting the second Great Depression, making health insurance companies actually cover sick people, putting Al-Quaeda on the run, reducing the nuclear threat, and letting folks who love each other visit their hospitalized partners.

The trouble with change, though, is that pretty soon folks want to change the changes. Now Obama in one year hasn't fixed every problem that took eight years to create, so impatient folks want to bring back those who caused the problems, but that makes no sense. Every month employment gets better, but there are 15 million still waiting. Housing starts are up, home sales are up, home prices are up, the Dow is up, consumer confidence is up, GM's back, and the bailouts are getting paid back. But 58% think we're going in the wrong direction. What direction would they prefer these trends to go? It makes no sense.

Another player is the largely leaderless Party of No -- the PON -- who say No to everything that the Obama proposes, even if it was their idea to start with. The PON needs the POC to propose changes they can oppose. Without the POC putting up ideas, the PON has nothing to oppose, so they have an identity crisis. Their identity used to be about family values, but when their fundraisers spent money on simulated lesbian-bondage sex, the principle of "No" was extended to include morals, which makes no sense.

And we have Keith and Rachel's Party of Liberal -- the POL -- who shamelessly ridicule whatever the PON says. When Olbermann says Fox News is worse than Al-Quaeda, he hurts everyone. Obama is a decent fellow, but he's no superman, and to paper over his shortcomings or put him on a pedestal makes no sense. Humans fall off pedestals.

Then we have Sarah Palin's Party of Mad -- the POM -- who are just mad. They get a lot of media, but when you discount those who hate government health care but love Medicare, their numbers dwindle. Some think the POM just wants lower taxes, but the Florida POM got mad because the POC wouldn't raise taxes to fully fund the space program. Palin scoffs at the global scientific consensus on climate change but rides on the science of oil drilling that built Alaska into something beyond an icy wasteland. She sneers at Obamacare but regularly took her family into Canada for socialized health care, which makes no sense.

Then we have Glen Beck's Party of Fear -- the POF -- but because he has to be "fair and balanced" all the time on Fox, he can't be partisan. But he always finds more to fear -- Obama, the POC, liberals, gays, the UN, science, Muslims, his own shadow, and anyone who seeks to improve the lot of the poor, as 233 verses of the Bible guide us to do. He tells us that social justice means fascism or communism but doesn't say which, and these are two very different things. He tells us to flee churches that show compassion for the poor, like his own Morman church, which makes no sense.

The Boy Scouts of America make no sense when they get convicted of child molestation. Televangelists make no sense when they fleece their sheep and troll red-light districts for willing sinners. The Pope makes no sense when he covers up priestly sexual predation of boys. We used to expect Christians to follow Jesus, who said don't kill, love one another, and blessed are the peacemakers. But now some so-called Christians form heavily armed militias to kill our law officers and soldiers, as if our beloved nation were the enemy, and that makes no sense. And some pro-lifers so favor life so much that they kill doctors, and that makes no sense.

Not long ago good houses always rose in value, but now one in four mortgages is underwater. Not long ago a "security" was what you bought to feel secure about the future, but now the SEC is suing Goldman-Sachs for knowingly selling investors mortgage-backed securities that were intended to fail, so they could short-sell the American dream and pocket billions, which they did. And then they gave themselves enormous bonuses, which makes no sense. And blaming Obama for the loss of the American dream makes no sense either. And the SEC executives, the supposed cops of Wall Street, are being paid 100 grand a year to watch porn 8 hours a day, and that makes no sense.

So why do people listen to wingnuts like Palin, Beck, Olbermann and Maddow? It may be that they are hilarious, charismatic entertainers, and when nothing makes sense, public figures who speak nonsense seem somehow familiar or predictable, maybe even believable or mainstream. But to elect any of them to actually implement their nonsensical ideas would be more than something to fear. It would be a threat to national security.

So why does nothing make sense? It is an early warning sign of an impending paradigm shift. The old ways of thinking do not fit the needs anymore, and no new paradigm has been established yet to make sense out of the mess. We at the 5th World are building that new paradigm, one of sustainable economies, respect for the Earth, Cosmic awareness, peace, love and harmony. It is the only Way.

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