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Judy Carroll is the human form of a Zeta named Alarca who has reincarnated on Earth as an Australian woman who has had 50 years of regular personal interaction with her old friends. In her first book, Looking Through the Eyes of Love, Alarca writes of her life on Earth from the perspective of a Visitor from a distant place. This is an astonishing book, rich with accurate information about the Zeta Greys, why they ar here, what their mission is, and what to expect in the future. Well written in an easy-to-read fictional form, this engrossing book is hard to put down. Here we present an edited extraction of a portion of this book that deals with the reasons for crop circles. Enjoy.
The first reason for Crop Circles is Communication.The crop circles are a message from us to the people of Earth to let you all know that you are not alone. They provide physical signs to open Earthling minds up to other possibilities.... The scientists of Earth have tried to communicate with ETs by sending radio waves into outer space. The Crop Circles are our answer! They are meant to assist Earthlings to come to the understanding that there are greater forces out there, beyond self, and to remind human beings that they are not gods who can tamper with Nature. Chilbolton
The Chilbolton Code Formation
MayanMathematical Crop CirclePi

This is the reason why some of them are created in the form of a complex mathematical formula; so Earthlings would realize these signs come from an intelligent species rather than simply being the haphazard workings of a mindless but so far undiscovered form of energy.

[The third formation represents Pi to 10 digits, e.g. See more.]

The second reason for Crop Circles is Education. Many of them are pictograms of other solar systems and galaxies. There is so much that Earthlings do not know about Time and Space, and we are most happy to share this knowledge with you, if you want it, that is, and will use it in a constructive way, for peaceful purposes. Unfortunately, so far your track record is not good! PictogramSolar System
The HUMAN LADDER is a path or cycle of human evolution through the Universe. It is a series of ascending levels or layers of expanding Mind/Conscious Awareness through which ALL HUMAN-TYPE BEINGS pass, gradually moving upwards in their soul growth to increasingly higher vibrations.
Human Ladder diagramHuman Ladder
One of the Crop Circles is a miniaturized representation of the Human Ladder! [Editor's Note: The Human Ladder, as explained elsewhere in this book, is the hierarchy of human spiritual evolution.] We depicted it with only six levels rather than ten, to amke it a little simpler to create, but the form is very similar.... Our people come as Caretakers and Teachers to the Earthling race. We align ourselves with the Natural Forces and try, in our own way, to teach humans tp have respect for these Forces. In fact, you willnotice that mny who have encounters with us develop a strong desire to return to a healthy, natural way of life, free of man-made technology, especially that which tampers with or harms Nature.
The third reason for the Crop Circles is Symbolism. Some of them contain special symbols, rather like Reiki symbols. These are desgined to activate additional energy points in the etheric field of the planet, to allow for the higher frequency and greater amounts of Universal Energy that are being drawn in as Planet Earth steps up Her frequency to the second level of the Human Ladder. Earth Reiki SymbolReiki
The Crop Circles, like Reiki symbols, also affect the Energy System of the human body, which is closely linked to the endocrine system. This in turn is the key to activating additional strands of DNA, which until now have remained dormant. Level Two humans operate with four strands of DNA.
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