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The 5th World Journal Now Accepts Limited Advertising


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For 20 years The 5th World Journal has been documenting the transition of the decaying 4th World into the illuminated and sustainable 5th World of love, balance, and spiritual strength.

Our effort has been a service to the planet, at our cost, with no expectation that people should provide us money to give them what they need to make this transition. After all, we are all One. What benefits you benefits us.

Now we have passed through the eye of the needle. The 5th World is here and needs your help in sustaining this new world.

We have a new logo, derived from a late crop formation that appeared on our 20th anniversary. We considered changing our name to The 6th World Journal, but marketing gurus said we should make use of the 20 years of customer familiarity with the 5th World. That's OK with us.

We would appreciate it if you could advertise with us.

It is very reasonable: $75 per banner ad per category per issue. These are the categories, including the two new ones:




New History




Inspiration (new)

Action (new)

Banner size is 468 by 114 pixels.

Email us.

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