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An excerpt from "Looking Through Eyes of Love"

Judy Carroll

Those of us who love cats know they are really aliens. Here's more detail.


I carried on a friendly acquaintance with all the bushland creatures, but my very special friend was Greypuss, a large, smoky-grey cat with a thick, soft coat trimmed in silver tones, and eyes like deep pools of liquid gold.

Greypuss was my protector, my ever-faithful companion, and the willing receptacle of my most intimate thoughts and secrets.

Whilst the ins and outs of my growing human body were strange and unfamiliar to me, conversing with animals was not, and until I went to school and came to understand more about other humans, I assumed everyone could do this.


Just as ordinary and familiar to me was the energy field I could see around all living creatures, and the life forces that flowed between them.

One morning, with nothing better to do, I sought out the company of Greypuss to ask her some deep and meaningful questions. She was a wise old cat who never failed to get me back on track with a few words of good advice when they were needed, but today it was not so much advice I was after, but rather answers to things that puzzled me.

After searching the garden, I finally found her in a patch of winter sunlight, grooming her fine coat with the usual sense of thoroughness, concentration and precision that she always devoted to this particular task.

Charlie's energyVinnie Aura

"Greypuss," I asked, squatting down beside her on the grass, "why is it that others cannot converse with animals and see the colors around all living things? Can't everybody do that?"

"They can," child, they can indeed," she purred, giving the very end of a long, sleek, silver-tipped tail a quick and final flick with a pink and roughened tongue. "It is just that they don't bother to develop these abilities. You may have noticed how most humans prefer to spend their days in idle chatter; chatter about the neighbors, chatter about the weather, chatter about next year's holiday or last night's dinner; the tongues never stop flapping! Now if they would learn to be more like cats, keeping their tongues busy in a more constructive and cleansing way that would in turn enable them to meditate at the same time, there is no end to what they would be capable of perceiving and understanding.

"You see, child," she went on patiently, "if one wishes to progress spiritually in life, then one must learn Silence, and the art of Listening. Too many humans indulge in endless chatter, desperately trying to fill the empty void within, putting their point across and broadcasting their personal thoughts and ideas to the world in general, who on the whole aren't interested anyway, being distracted completely by their own thoughts, worries and ideas.

"It is only by cultivating Peace, Calmness and Stillness and so allowing the quiet voice within to be heard, that any progress can be made or wisdom attained. Talking endlessly is easy; it is the art of Listening that is more difficult to aquire. Remember always, my child, words are cheap and plentiful, but it is the Silence that is like rare, pure gold!

"Why do you think we were venerated in ancient Egypt, and actively encouraged to make our homes within the temple precincts? It was because cats are a physical manifestation of the Art of Meditation. This is the reason why we have come to dwell amongst the Humans of Earth: to teach them to reach within through Silence, Peace and Relaxation. We embody this vey concept, and are a living example for them to follow. This understanding is the only way they will ever get to perceive the still, small voice within, and it is our special Gift to Mankind. Those humans who do not like cats are often the very ones who cannot bring themselves to look deeply within."
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