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Creating an Unintended Future

Gabriel Garcia Marques, as interpreted by Carlos Mora

Our expectations create our own reality. Let us be careful about what we expect to happen.

There was a village of about 100 people.  One Saturday morning an old woman got up with a stressful feeling that something bad was going to happen in the town that day.  Her son noticed her distress  and asked her what the problem was.  She told him about her bad feeling.  Her son left to go to town. He loved playing billiards. He was playing and missed an easy play. The other guys were making fun of him, and he told them he was worried about his mother's bad feeling.  One of the guys went home and told his mother about the event, and she said that those bad feelings from an old woman should be considered seriously.
The lady went to the local market to buy two pounds of meat, but told  the owner about the "bad feelings" of her neighbor, and decided to buy two extra pounds of meat.  A few minutes later, a new customer arrived asking for three pounds of meat, but after telling her the story, the owner recommended that she take three extra pounds, just in case.  After three hours all the meat was sold and the rumor had spread all over the town. 
At 3:00 p.m., all people got together in a soccer field to expect a tragedy. After several minutes they saw a bird that they had never seen before and they got scared. Then a cloud blocked the sun, and they now were sure something was going to happen.  Then a neighbor raised his voice, announcing he was leaving the town. Soon thereafter, many others followed him. When they were leaving, they decided to set the entire town on fire to prevent future tragedies.  When the old lady was on her way out of town, she said to her son: "You see, I told you something bad was going to happen today! fire

an informative story from
Gabriel Garcia Marques, Nobel Laureate in Literature

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