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Put on your wings and fly

Serapis, via Helene Kaye


Now is the time to take off your old coat and reveal the True You! It is time to share your love and speak your truth. You have tried on many ‘coats’ to see what fits, but now the energy is ready for taking your coat off. Look within; trust yourself and your feelings. Listen to your gut feeling and act upon it. Believe in your own power and claim your power.

Humans of Earth have been disempowered for way too long. Now is the time to stretch out your arms, open your heart, clear your throat and speak your truth. Many souls are ready for change, many are ready to hear your words of Love,Oneness and Connection to ‘All’.

It’s time we dissipate the fear in the hearts of humans of Earth and move forward in Oneness. This can be measured to the tide coming in and finding its own level. Step out of the waters of emotion and sit on the bank high above. See and feel how the perspective of life is so different and expansive from up here. Feel the breeze of Empowerment and the warmth of your Guides. Trust in your connection to self and Source.

It is time to put on your wings and fly. Know it, feel it, do it! With a leap of faith and a spark of trust your wings will spread wide. Now it is up to you to fly and to share your Love within your world. You are an empowered, loving, intelligent, beautiful, caring, creative soul. Abundance awaits you in many forms. All you need to do is Believe.

In love and Oneness

Serapis and Helene

source: personal email

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